7 Ways Your Business Can Adopt Automation Today

Interactive voice response business automation

With the rapid progress of technology, businesses resort to ways to automate their operations, which is true for every sector. From mobile phone makers to insurance entities, every company uses automation to offer enhanced customer service to cut down operational costs and eliminate errors related to human operations.

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Now, automation can be deployed in business in numerous ways. Technologies like live chat and IVR systems are typically used by the majority of companies for this.

How IVR helps in automating business operations

It is not without enough reason that so many businesses are switching to IVR systems across the world. Using IVR (Interactive Voice Response) solutions brings a multitude of benefits to any business. It aids in lowering running costs, eliminating errors, saving time, and improving the relationship with the brand’s customers.

Listed below are the ways IVR software can be used to automate various business operations:

Basic query resolution

The IVR systems can be used to resolve basic queries raised by customers. This can be handy when the agents are talking with others. The IVR system covers the additional callers. The agents eventually have to deal with fewer callers per day. The queries can be related to services or products or policies of the company regarding refunds, delivery or replacement, etc.

Promotional offers

Businesses resort to any means to promote their services and products nowadays. They use social media platforms, use printed media, and websites for promotional needs. However, the IVR system can also be used for this purpose.

The modern solutions are really customizable, and the menu can be tweaked to omit or include new options. One menu button can be kept exclusively for promotions. This will let the interested callers learn about the promotions even when they cannot speak to an agent. This can be used along with typical promotional measures, for sure.

Basic troubleshooting

The customer support agents are there to resolve the queries and grievances of the customers. However, not all customers like talking to agents to resolve basic issues. Tech-savvy customers like to troubleshoot issues online by using knowledgebase. This section can be integrated with the IVR system. They can use the menu options in IVR to find answers to basic solutions on their own.

Automated case escalation

Sometimes, a section of your brand customers may not be happy with the resolution provided. They may want to escalate the case to a higher level. If such callers do not find any agent accessible, they can very well use the IVR system to escalate the case. They will have to follow the IVR menu prompt and provide the ticket or ref number. This is time-saving and more reassuring for the customers.

Automated account information and details access

The IVR systems can be tweaked to provide the callers with account information and related details without human intervention. This can be especially useful for the customers of banks and financial entities.

Even nonfinancial entities offer rewards schemes and points to their customers for their orders and purchases. The callers can find out accumulated points, cash balance, and such information just by using the brand’s IVR system using their mobile at any time. This can be handy for people who live really hectic lives and spend a lot of time outdoors.

Automated details updating

The details of the customers of a company can change over the years. They may relocate to new places, change names, discard older credit or debit cards, etc. Their phone numbers or email ids can also change over time.

These changes have to be updated in the company database. It is definitely possible to use email or talk with a support agent to update such details. However, customers can also utilize IVR systems to update their details without relying on any third person.

Automated policy/plan change

There are thousands of companies that offer policies and plans for their customers. These include insurance companies, media service providers, ISPs, VPN service providers, and even cable TV companies. Customers may want to change their existing plans for various reasons.

Rather than emailing the company or calling up the support agents for plan alteration, the customers can use the IVR setup and follow the prompts to change the existing service plan fast, without any hassle. The IVR setup can also be tweaked to confirm the plan changes by sending them automated emails or mobile messages afterward.

Using automation through an IVR system not only reduces the workload on the agents and brings down operational costs and complications, but it also lends a personal and high-tech image to your venture! Customers tend to think of a company with IVR-based automated operations as a sophisticated and reliable entity.

Picking the right IVR solution for business automation needs

While deploying an IVR system for the automation of operations helps a company immensely, picking the right software is also of utmost importance. As a matter of fact, all IVR solutions do not come with an equal level of flexibility and automation features.

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You should check out the IVR systems available carefully and compare their pricing and feature. It is possible to try out such systems before you churn out the licensing fee. You may also check out the online review sites for feedback from the user of such software applications.

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