Best Smart TVs In India, worth Buying in 2019

Best Smart TVs In India

Smart TV is basically a mixture between a Television and a computer. A smart TV enables you to connect to the internet. It’s also allowed you to access a web-based interface, such as Android. You can download and use applications like Netflix, YouTube, etc.

It sounds appealing, isn’t it? A smart TV is an upgraded and advanced type of regular TV. You can do so many important things with it.

Buying a TV has become a painful task today. You have to examine many aspects before entering at the right decision. And nowadays when you go to the showroom for purchasing a TV, you just end up with lots of confusion n your mind because there is a plethora of TVs on display.

In this article, we will tell you a few ideas to buy the best Smart TVs in India.

Sony Bravia KLV-32W672F

The best feature of this TV is that it is Full HD. Every image displayed on the screen ensures the maximum impression. This TV comes with HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology that assures to the representation of every single detail from the brightest and darkest areas of any image and offers it a dynamic feel. The X-Reality Pro Picture Engine assures to filter out immoderate sounds from the picture by increasing its clarity.

Sony called best not only for their clarity, but you get the most acute Bass experience with the built-in sub-woofer that makes watching TV more enjoyable. The X Protection Pro Aspect on your Sony Bravia protects you from lightning, dust, electrical surges, and humidity.

This TV comes with technology + clear audio that segregates dialogues from music with a high level of clarity. This TV displays information in various Indian languages. Choose your convenient language, and the TV conveys the information to you in your chosen language.


This LG TV has 32 inches of screen size. It’s HD Ready and has a 1366*768 screen resolution. This TV has 2 USB ports and 3 HDMI ports with 20 watts sound output and a 60-hertz refresh rate. In case you don’t know what is refresh rate is, then let me tell you a quick guide.

The refresh rate is the number of frames that the TV can display every second. Company can mislead you about it, it’s not a very important aspect, and it doesn’t surely tell you how perfect a TV is. You also get a 1-year warranty with the TC set and an extra 1 Year on the panel. The TV weighs is 4 Kg only.

Sony KLV-32W672E

This TV is HD Ready. Well, full HDs start from the size of 32 inches and the difference between full HD and HD Ready is completely minimal in the size. But still, some additional pixels do offer an edge. This TV has HDR which is one of the finest technologies that makes a sufficient difference in picture quality.

Sony is the 1 st brand to present HDR in this size and the perfect TV that we could get is Sony KLV-32W672E. This TV also has the best sound system with a sub-woofer which reduces the need for an outer sound bar, which makes it an appealing buy.

LG 32LJ573D

This LG TV has 32 inches of screen size. It’s HD Ready and has a 1399*768 screen resolution. It has 1 USB port and 2 HDMI ports. 20 watts of audio sound output with wall mountable function. You can request to LG call center for the installation or you can do it yourself.

You can get their contact from their website. This LG TV has a very attractive color quality. The color displays the actual colors of the image. With an IPS display that displays an image that is exactly similar to the actual image.

Hopefully, we clear the confusion regarding TVs with this article, if you wish to buy a Smart TV. And, if you set up your mind to buy a TV, then just use Tata Cliq Offers to get amazing discount offers.

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