How education has the power to impact your future success?

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My only childhood memory from my school days is working on my mathematics homework until late night and waking up early to run back to school.

School is a time where you learn a lot about life and people. It is in school that you learn how to tackle problems, whether it is math problems or physics equations. We had to do it.

If you remember your school days, you’ll realize that education is far more than knowledge gain. Education gives us the perspective of life. The opinions we build over time are due to our education.

People still debate over education is the only medium of gaining knowledge, while some assume that education is merely a process of obtaining information about the world. While experience is something different. It is also true that information cannot be converted into education without knowledge.

Undoubtedly, education can help us in interpreting the world better. It is not limited to textbooks. It’s also about life lessons. School education might land you a sound collage, but it is self-education that will make you a fortune.

That’s the fundamental difference between humans and animals. Humans are born dumb, while animals are born smart. Have you seen how a chick runs away when he sees an eagle or a bird? It’s build-in information. Humans, on the other hand, are evolving beings. They learn by imitating others. They learn by following the footsteps of the surrounding people.

Let’s look at some of the significant advantages that education can give us that can create a better future.

1. Education Gives Awareness

Do you think Newton would’ve suggested the law of gravity but by sitting all day under a tree? Not at all. Sitting under a tree was relaxing the mind. It was awareness. The work was already done before sitting under a tree. We live in a world where consciousness is the only medium of survival.

Whether it is taking a client onboard, getting married, or shifting to a new home, if you know enough information, you’ll be well aware of making the right decision. An educated mind will reason and calculate the outcome before taking any action.

Awareness Meter Gauge
Awareness Min and Max Meter Gauge. Image source: Medium

2. Separate Right from Wrong

In childhood days, the private elementary schools in bay area were the places where kids used to learn things about life. I was fascinated about how gaining knowledge about something changes our perspective about it, and then it gives us the ability to separate right from wrong.

It is education that can help us know the world and people in a far better way than anything else.

3. It Builds Progress

The world of today is quite competitive. If you don’t evolve, do professional development today, you’ll be left behind by everyone else. When you educate yourself, it helps you grow a little further. The technology of today can help you educate yourself and open up new opportunities with no geographical boundary at all.

John F. Kennedy - Quote on Education
Our progress as a nation can be no swifter than our progress in education. The human mind is our fundamental resource. John F. Kennedy

4. A Healthy Lifestyle

Have you ever seen a poor person with a healthy lifestyle? Of course, not. Educated people adopt better lifestyles and live far longer than uneducated and poor people.

A research by OECD concluded that educated people of age 30 live eight years longer than uneducated people who haven’t even completed their secondary education.

Evolution is the primary source of survival for humans. And if you are educated, you can surely adopt the lifestyle of others and live a healthy, happy, and longer life.

Individual productivity curve by level of education education or no education
Individual productivity curve by the level of education or no education. Image source: Research Gate

5. Educated people are productive

It is a well-established fact that the more degree you have in a field, the better ways you can follow to make systems more efficient. This entails that there is a deep connection between being educated and being productive. In a world with fearsome competition, being educated means you’ll be able to find smart ways to solve big problems, and in the end, that is what matters.

6. Helps us Mingle Better with Neighbors

Education has helped students to mingle with other students from neighboring countries. This has opened a whole lot of opportunities for everyone. In this regard, digital education played a vital role. For instance, now, a professor in America can easily teach and inspire students in Afghanistan or anywhere across the world just by using technology as a medium.

7. Offers Empowerment

It is with an education that you can turn your weakness into a strength. When you are well aware of yourself, you can easily take steps to overcome the weakness and become dominant. Education helped people make better decisions in life, and via social media, they can connect with experts from all across the globe, making the students feel more empowered and mobile.

Tips to be a successful entrepreneur
How to be a successful entrepreneur.

In the End

In school, I didn’t even realize what education did to me. It was in later years of life that I realized that schooling kept me going when nothing else was working in my life.

In life, you’ll get stuck a lot. At times there will be problems which look impossible to solve. But as Marie Forleo puts brilliantly in her book, Everything Is Figureoutable. We now know that everything in this world is solvable.

Sure, you might not be able to solve a problem instantly. But, if you take some time, do the research, ask people around, you’ll be able to devise a solution for every and any problem in this world.

Consider education as a bamboo tree. Initially, it takes three years to take care of the tree. When you are just about to lose hope, the tree starts growing rapidly, and from then onwards, there is no going back.

Similarly, when you begin your education, it might seem that it will not give you any benefit. But as you age, you’ll realize that education has made a promising impact on your future life.

Everything you make demands to learn, and it is learning that makes your life worth living, even when nothing seems to be working out.

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