Adult obesity causes and precautions

Adult Obesity Causes and Precautions

Obesity is a pandemic that is slowly gripping every part of the globe. It is a complex health issue that brings with it a lot of health diseases and problems, like cancer, heart-related issues, and diabetes, and so on.

An obese person deals with a condition in which they have extra fat in their body. The excessive amount of fat is a result of a combination of factors. From hereditary to certain diseases to unhealthy lifestyles including no physical activity, and eating too much junk food, all can result in obesity.

Some of these factors, like hereditary, might not be in our control, but proper care, diet, and exercise is. Following a routine that includes diet and exercise can help you alleviate these symptoms.

  • In 2017, 4.7 billion deaths were due to obesity
  • A census taken in 2016 revealed that more than 1.9 billion people were overweight, while 650 million people were found obese in the same year.
  • In 2016, it was found that as many as 41 million preschool kids were obese. Children with this much weight have a high chance of getting heart problems in their youth.

Obesity not only leads to poor physical health and serious disease, but it can cause mental health problems too. People who are overweight often deal with depression and anxiety or eating disorders. Depression can lead to being overweight and vice versa.

Don’t fret though, with a proper and balanced diet, and including moderate physical activity in your daily routine, you can beat obesity and improve your health.

In this article, we will learn the cause of obesity and precautions that you can take to manage it.

Here are the causes of obesity

Your genetics, metabolism, and hormones do play a role in increasing your weight. But most often than not, the cause of obesity is consuming more calories than burning them. Most people eat food that is high in calories and is oily and spicy. This and eating high-processed food, refined sugar, and junk food can lead to weight gain.

1. Family influences

The genes that you get from your parents and forefathers are one of the factors that can make you obese. The inheritance of genes from your family affects the distribution and accumulation of fat in your body.

Your genes decide how your body burns fat and stores energy, and so do the eating habits of your parents. Most people who inherit obesity genes from their families also inherit eating patterns and habits.

It is not mandatory though those children who have obese or overweight parents are obsessed too. If they maintain a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly, they can maintain a healthy weight.

2. Lifestyle and eating habits

Healthy Eating Habits Of Famous Successful People
Healthy diet or food habits of successful people

A person’s eating habits and lifestyle choices can also affect your body weight. Here are some of those choices:

  • Lifestyle choices: if you are inactive in your daily life, or you consume more calories than what you burn, you will certainly gain weight. People who love to eat food high in calories and oil or junk food, and don’t indulge in much physical activity are at high risk of getting obese.
  • If you are someone who binges while watching TV or phone, you are also at risk of getting fat.
  • If your diet contains mostly fries or oily food, and doesn’t include vegetables and fruits, your weight will increase. Also, people who tend to eat more than their body demands can get overweight too. It also includes drinking high caloric beverages daily or a lot like shakes, energy drinks, and so on.

3. Eating disorders

Have healthy lifestyle with proper diet and fitness
Tips to have a healthy lifestyle with the right diet and fitness.

Some people suffer from eating disorders like bulimia or binge eating. People suffering from bulimia do purge the food or keep the calorie intake in mind. But people suffering from binge-eating disorders don’t.

They typically eat a large amount of food in short periods which makes them overweight or prone to obesity. They don’t check calorie intake and often eat to fulfil an emotional void.

4. Diseases and medications

People who are facing serious health conditions are prescribed heavy medication. Both things can also increase a person’s weight. Diseases like Prader-Willi Syndrome, Cushing syndrome, arthritis can lead to weight gain.

Also, steroids, or antidepressants, or anti-seizure medicine too can increase your weight.

5. Other factors

  • When you are pregnant, it leads to weight gain. It becomes difficult for some women to lose that weight after the baby is delivered. It can lead to obesity.
  • Sleeping too little or too much can also lead to weight gain. It changes your hormones which lead to cravings of high-processed food leading to weight gain.
  • Stress is also one of the biggest factors that increase weight amongst people.

You don’t have to become obese if you suffer from any of these causes. With these prevention methods, you can keep your weight in check.

Precautions of obesity

The precautionary methods that we are listing below can not only make obese people healthy. But it can also make an unhealthy person get better, and healthy people can be fit.

1. Include physical activity in your daily routine

Obesity treatment - Add Fitness in your daily routine
Make sure to add fitness to your daily routine.

Any form of physical activity is important to keep your weight in check. If you are at a moderate or healthy weight, make sure you exercise 60 minutes or more to remain fit.

If you are overweight or obese, you need to perform an intense cardio workout and other physical activity to lose weight. Physical activities include exercise, yoga, or swimming, walking, dancing, or even jogging.

2. Portion control

Eating healthy food is not enough; you need to perform portion control, especially if obesity is in your genes. Even if you want to eat sweets or high carbs food, control its portion size.

Consuming fewer calories and focusing on burning them is important for weight control.

3. Follow a balanced diet

Make sure to eat three regular meals a day. Limit your snacking or snack on healthy items. Your plate should have food that is balanced with minerals, vitamins, proteins, fibre, and good carbohydrates.

It is okay to enjoy your favourite high-calorie items once in a while, but make a conscious choice to eat healthy food daily.

4. Consistency is the key

Follow a diet and make a lifestyle change. Make exercise or yoga a part of your daily routine, and eat a healthy diet daily. If you are consistent with your diet and exercise, you won’t gain weight. You can also manage a diet planner.

5. Remain stress-free

Ways to reduce stress and anxiety
How to reduce stress and anxiety.

As we know stress can cause weight gain as it makes you eat more, it is best to meditate or practice something that eases your stress. Write a journal to relieve stress and monitor your weight. Also, avoid situations that can trigger your stress and lead to binge-eating.

6. Healthy snacking

If you love to snack while watching TV, reach out for healthy snacks like nuts or yoghurt. Clear your fridge of unhealthy snacks, especially energy drinks.

Health issues

Not controlling your weight can lead to these severe health issues:

  • Heart diseases due to high cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Diabetes type 2
  • It increases your chances of getting cancer
  • Obesity leads to digestive problems
  • Sleep apnea
  • Irregular periods or infertility and ED in men
  • It can cause depression, sexual issues, and anxiety about weight
  • Body pain
  • Limited mobility

Obesity is becoming a global threat; fortunately, people now know the risks. Thus, they are ensuring that they lead a more healthy life by being active and eating right. It’s time you change your daily regime too.

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