Motorcycle Accidents: Causes and How to Prevent Them

Motorcycle accident

A motorcyclist has the right to ride on the road as much as other automobile drivers. But unluckily, they are more prone to accidents than any other automobile driver.

The unfortunate truth is that even at low speeds, a motorcycle driver can undergo a great deal of motorcycle accident injuries, some of which can even result in death.

Here is a list of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents and how to prevent them.

Other vehicles turning into the motorcycle’s path

Considered one of the most common and most dangerous motorcycle accidents, is when other vehicles, especially trucks or larger cars, fail to register the presence of a motorcycle and turn into their lane, causing the motorcycle to crash and the driver to be badly injured. Out of all the motorcycle accident injuries, perhaps this is the most hazardous one.

In other cases, a vehicle driver might see a motorcycle in the adjacent lane but doesn’t consider it as much as a threat or risk as other vehicle. In this case, the driver will still turn and take the motorcycle by surprise. Another common mistake of drivers is that they believe that motorcycle drivers are more mobile and can fend for themselves.

In order to prevent such accidents, motorcyclists should learn how to spot signs that a vehicle wants to turn. Wear prominent or noticeable clothing, especially while riding at night, so they are easy to spot. For the other drivers, it is prudent that they properly see that the side is clear before turning so as to avoid causing damage to themselves and others around them.

Hitting objects while turning a blind corner

Turning blind corners and hitting gravel or sand is another common cause of motorcycle related accidents. It can cause your bike to swerve and slip, causing multiple injuries, some that can even be very severe. Perhaps the only way to avoid such injuries is to avoid turning blind corners in the first place.

If you have to turn into a street or ride into a new road, make sure you slow your bike and are aware of what is in front of you. Because as mentioned earlier, even at low speeds, a motorcycle driver is in much more danger than other vehicle driver.

You can get struck from the back

As motorcycles can be stopped very suddenly and abruptly, there are chances that the vehicle at the back was not prepared to stop and hence suddenly drive into the motorcycle from the back.

To avoid being hit from the back, you can use the surroundings cars as a sort of shield and avoid getting hit directly from the back. Imagine if the car at the front is stopped, and to avoid the cars coming behind, you, as a motorcycle driver, can wave and move ahead of the first car.

Furthermore, you can also get between two car lanes and avoid a direct collision with the cars behind you.

Locking the front gear

You suddenly got distracted, a deer came in front of you, or a cop and you accidently hit the front brake. Next thing you know you are lying face down on the floor while your bike is still reeling on the opposite side.

To avoid such accidents, try to master your front brake. It is the most difficult to master part of your motorcycle and is certainly more powerful in controlling your bike than your engine.

To avoid these accidents, all together you can do well by investing in a bike with ABS brakes technology. This will come in handy when you need to make emergency stops.

Car door opening

Perhaps you were utilizing the gap between a line of parked cars and a non-moving line of active traffic. As you scoot in, a car door opens and unfortunately you ride direct into it. This is another common cause of accidents and can be avoided easily.

Avoid going into such lanes, as much as tempted as you can be. It is better to be safe than sorry. If you do happen to be in such a situation, try to lose some speed so that the impact isn’t as hard as it should be.

Avoid sudden breaks as well because those too can cause in further accidents and further damage to both you and those around you.

Adverse weather conditions

Bad weather conditions such as rain, high winds or even snow are sure short recipe for motorcycle accidents. First of all, avoid riding in such conditions, especially at night, because the visibility is very low at these times. If you absolutely have to ride, then make sure you ride slowly and avoid sudden lane changes.

Riding under Influence

Perhaps it can’t be said enough, but should be said often. You should avoid drinking and driving. Or even avoid prescription drugs that can inhibit your sense.

Driving a motorcycle makes use of your reflexes much more than any other vehicle, and you need to be fully aware of what you are doing and where you are going. One wrong turn or wrong stop can result in severe consequences.


While you can always try to drive safely and avoid making mistakes you can never be too sure how to avoid the mistakes made by those on the road around you. There are however some things that you can do to avoid such accidents:

  • Wear the appropriate safety gear such as a helmet
  • Avoid having more than 2 people on your bike, and the passenger should be wearing a helmet as well.
  • Try to keep within the speed limit, avoid traffic rule violations
  • Drive safely and make few or no abrupt lane changes
  • Wear clothing that is easily distinguished, especially at night
  • Give your bike regular maintenance checks, such as oil change, etc so that your vehicle is in the best possible shape for riding.
  • Avoid riding in unfavorable weather conditions

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