Fundamentals of Health Administration

Guide to Healthcare Administration

Healthcare administration is a vast field which transcends into different department, areas and hierarchical structures within an organization.

This field is extremely broad, wide, and diverse and deals in areas that ensure smooth and smart operation within an organization regardless of whether it’s a government or privately owned.

Moreover, an individual concentrating on health administration can have a huge impact on all spheres of life. Some of the prominent areas you can concentrate on include compliance, operations, finance, information technology, public health, and many others.

These administrators are assigned various responsibilities and different job roles, including taking initiatives and lead, concerning projects that would benefit the entire community.

Moreover, their scope is not only just limited to wider community-based decisions. Their job profile is also business-related, and they are also extensively in various hierarchical structures within an organization. They are tasked with different job roles and have duties where they have to stay in constant contact with the higher-ups.

Additionally, they are also tasked with the administrative duties of the organization and they oversee many projects and initiatives which the organization might take. Also, they provide general assistance and support in the form of advice to any member who might need them.

A career in this field happens to be extremely lucrative and requires you to not only have medical knowledge as well, but also develop business and administrative related skills.

These skills can be learned at online MHA and that you will be tasked with strategic roles where you have to make critical decisions that would determine not only your success but of those around as well.

So, if you are excited, let’s start:

Knowing what Heath Administration is:

In simple terms, health and medical administration refer to making strategic short- and long-term decisions that align with the healthcare system’s business strategy.

It is an interdisciplinary field that syndicates different disciplines such as business studies, medical sciences, health policy so that financial and human resources functions of an organization can be managed effectively.

Furthermore, healthcare administrators strive towards achieving excellence in patient care and sustainable growth for the business.

This field is rapidly growing at evolving at a fast pace. The sheer size and the exponential growth seen in healthcare have given rise to new challenges and complexities, which means there is new additional demand for health care administrators, and which is set to grow in the foreseeable future.

Given the changing dynamics of the market, healthcare administrators are overseeing everything, be it policymaking, human resources management, or even finance. Although these might be their secondary roles however, their primary goal remains the same, which is to ensure effective and efficient management of health resources and medical facilities.

The healthcare administration, in certain situations, is even tasked with enforcing collaborations and unison between different bodies and teams so that a common goal can be reached.

The demand for healthcare administration professionals is increasing with time and due to an increase in the awareness about the importance of health and maintaining hygiene among people.

The healthcare administrator is mainly responsible for managing a department of physicians in any hospital across the globe.

Importance of Healthcare Administration:

A career in healthcare administration has many advantages for a person who is pursuing a degree in it. Although it is often overlooked by people who are studying medicine and is usually one of the last options for students who want to have a career in medicine.

Some of the reasons why this occurs are simply due to the reason that healthcare administrators work behind the doors, which is why they do not get a fair share of the spotlight. However, the worth of these administrators cannot be questioned since they have a huge influence on the availability of healthcare resources and ensure its quality in any country.

Doing so ensures that they provide an environment where different healthcare providers have the necessary tools to practice their skills both effectively and efficiently. All of these measures result in improving the experience of the patients since they can receive healthcare services in a comfortable environment where they feel safe.

Another thing worth noting is that despite being responsible for the business aspect of healthcare, it does not reduce the focus that they have on providing high quality and effective patient care.

How did healthcare administration evolve?

As far as the field is concerned, it has grown along with the improvement in medical facilities and the growth of hospitals across the country. If we take a look at the history of medical care until the twentieth century, only the poor had to go to hospitals to receive treatment as the rich individuals of the society were treated within their homes.

During these times, there were low opportunities for healthcare administration to develop in such areas as the health of the patients could not be improved as quickly. However, the situation changed rapidly after the implementation of anesthesia and the development of modern surgery converted hospitals into places where patients could receive treatment for their illness.

The number of hospitals and the number of beds rose at an alarming rate during this period.

Current Scenario in Healthcare Administration:

Healthcare administration has gone through a lot of changes over the past century. Numerous changes would not have been imaginable in previous eras. Due to advancements in technology, healthcare has improved considerably with new medicines being developed to treat dangerous diseases.

Hospitals that were just for the poor are now developed into complex facilities with the latest machines available to treat patients. The role of the government has also increased in the healthcare department since ma different reforms are available to help the patient’s payback the costs which they incurred during their treatment.

This has been done by involving third parties such as banks and insurance companies which help the patient to pay for their treatment by taking out loans and paying them back later.

All such steps have changed health administration from what it was before and new changes are being made over time.


Health has become a primary de facto in today’s modernized world. People are putting more and more focus on their hygiene and heath then they ever were and given the rise of the aging population, there has been an exponential increase in the demand for medical facilities and healthcare.

This means more and more resources are being diverted toward healthcare facilities and that it requires more professionals and experts who can manage it effectively. This makes a career in healthcare administration extremely promising and lucrative since it is a vastly growing field which is expected to grow even further in the coming future.

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