Chatbot Intelligence – The Self Evolving AI that Serves Customers Across Several Industries

Artificial Intelligence

Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence, the two interconnected buzzwords are the talk of tech giants Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, venture capitalists, and global brands connecting that interact with millions of customers on a daily basis.

While IoT is breaking the dependencies over human intervention connecting “Things” (smart devices, appliances, manufacturing bots, industrial units) together over a secured network, AI is taking superhuman strides to make the whole world AI-driven.

What’s the matter behind AI?

AI – Artificial Intelligence is the development of a computer system that can perform tasks like understanding speech or text input or visuals, processing, and adaptive decision making as a human brain does. It is like enabling human-like interaction through AI-powered bots.

Artificial Intelligence – Trivia, Types of AI and transitions

AI is all over the internet in recent times for the mutational advancements that have happened but the real fact is, the concept has been in existence for a long.

A classic example could be IBM’s Deep Blue chess computer that competes with humans by thinking and strategizing moves by understanding opponent’s moves.

In today’s world, we interact with Artificial Intelligence in the form of Google Translate, Apple’s Siri, and more.

Based on the purpose the intelligence is built for, AI can be put into 3 categories. Narrow intelligence, General intelligence, and Superintelligence.

Narrow intelligence is meant for a single task like answering calls, playing chess, navigate routes, and cannot be used for other purposes. While general intelligence is a human-like thinking capacity and superhuman, as the name suggests, is beyond human capabilities.

The narrow intelligence phase is what AI started with and now the transition is happening towards general and superintelligence.

Factors that catalyze Chatbot development

Big names like Facebook, Amazon, Google have deployed chatbots for their prime tasks. Facebook’s M, Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri, Google’s Translate, Google Assistant, and more are the chatbots that are making millions of conversations, query handling possible across several platforms possible 24 / 7.

Apart from these biggies, a countless number of brands use chatbots for their customer service. According to a study, there are around 34,000 chatbots in action in the year 2016 and the number is exponentially increasing every day.

What are the factors that have made this chatbot revolution possible?

Improved connectivity standards, availability of data, and smart algorithms are the factors enabling smarter and more focused chatbot development.

The role of machine learning in AI

Machine learning is the soul of Artificial Intelligence. Machine learning is the one that makes AI self-evolving and emerges smarter with every conversation it has.

Machine learning helps an artificial intelligence instilled chatbot to continuously learn, act and improve responses with existing and new data.

Machine learning helps chatbots to come up with proactive suggestions that help in up-selling or spend more time on your application.

Industry-wise use cases of AI-powered chatbots

E-Commerce happens to be an early adopter of chatbots. With cutthroat competition, customer experience management becomes all the more challenging even for frontrunners in the eCommerce domain. AI-powered chatbots can save the time and effort spent on handling customers.

Personalized product suggestions, personal shopping assistant, FAQs, delivery tracking, up-selling & cross Selling are some of the use cases in eCommerce.

Call Centers, enterprises, healthcare, media, finance, hospitality, travel, and manufacturing are some of the other industries which will soon have chatbots taking care of their customer interaction part.

How to develop chatbots?

For sure, chatbot development is tricky. Chatbots need to be business-specific and purpose-driven. Going for professional players in the business will guarantee you perfect chatbot development.

ContusBot Chatbot
ContusBot Chatbot

Contus is a SMAC-powered digital transformation company that can help. With expertise in mobile, web, and cloud domains for over 9 years, ContusBot comes along with pros like natural human language, multilingual capabilities, and integration with several platforms.

ContusBot handles customer experience across platforms like websites, Android, iOS, Alexa, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Slack, and more.

Guest author: Veeraeswari Saravanan works as a Digital Marketing Executive at Contus. Her core interests lie in content creation related to technology, mobile + web applications, cloud technology, and eCommerce. She likes munching on tech trends, follows emerging players in mobility, and loves debating in Q & A websites.

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