5 Problems Faced by Every Startup at the Beginning

Why being your own boss has become greed in young generation? The millennial not at all like to strive, hate to be the slave of someone, and working more than 10 hours a day has not left their cup of tea. These young youth prefers to travel, keep experimenting with new things, and always willing to learn new life-experience that keep them motivated to work towards their goals.

These days, millennials are moving towards startups. Within recent years, more than 250+ startups have been registered by Angel. If we talk about a few of renowned startups like Swiggy and Fassos, they hit to market like Volcano and give an entirely new face to the food industry. Practo, 1mg, Medlife, and much more are doing amazingly great in the health industry. With offering medicines at the doorstep, these startups have set an example for millions of young generation. Today, the tales and stories of startup entrepreneurs and business owners are all over magazines and newspapers.

Hard work behind every startup

We have seen the successful face of every growing startup, but nobody knows what hard work and efforts an entrepreneur made to reach the level of their dreams.  

An entrepreneur needs to go through every other shit to make every other work successful. That’s the reason many people can’t imagine the revolution journey of highest-earning startups.

Let’s reveal the untruth behind every successful startup:

Launching and deriving a successful strategy for the startup is not an easy thing as it sounds. Moreover, not every strategy an entrepreneur will derive is going to be successful. Hence, it’s a risk taken thing. 

Plus, every step is going to challenging; an entrepreneur will not get to see bloom at every corner. An active entrepreneur is always ready to see all the pitfalls and roadblocks.

Down below are the top 5 challenges that a startup gets to face at the very beginning.

Not to worry, these challenges’ won’t stop an entrepreneur to move towards, not even they will decide your startup will fail or rise- it’s a path of the journey, and every successful startup needs to go through them.


And, that’s the biggest hurdle of every startup.

From very starting, funding is one thing from which every entrepreneur scares of- “No Money, No Work.” All startups require is investment, a good investment. Logically, it’s in the hands of the investors whether they want to put their hard-earned money into your business idea or not? Moreover, if they put, can you guaranteed them will your startup succeed, or what if it doesn’t?

An investor needs to go through every tiny detail of a business idea.

The second option- which most the entrepreneurs thought for either take a bank loan or break their future investments.

True, good funding can either make a Brand in one night or can be lost the hope of some wannabe entrepreneur.

Lack of ideas and innovations:

Why a startup idea generally fails? Just because of the lack of new innovations and fewer ideas. An investor always seeks for something new and different in every other startup idea; most startup “knocks offs” of old, more successful ones.

A major feature that makes every startup to grab funding is to put something creative in their startup idea, and it should be undoubtedly different from the startups, which are similar to yours. Many people adore embracing reimagines ways of doing things in spite of completely new and innovative methods.

Infeasible Goals:

It’s always great to have a realistic idea that advantageous your business. Startup an idea without good goals won’t last long even the investor doesn’t ready to put funds them. 

If you are planning to start a business on your own you need to put extra efforts to look out those ideas that can take your startup to the heights of success. 

Additionally, a startup demands proper goal planning, and its future aspects should be clear, giving the right structure and idea. Nobody can stretch an unrealistic thing without settling the goals. For proper consistency, it’s very important to have controlled and elaborative goals planning and attentive objectives for the business.

Power of decision making:

Well, that’s the biggest challenge most of the startups face in business when they have multiple owners (partnerships). 

Though having a business in partnership is great concerning capital funds, when it comes to finalizing an idea or need to discuss something related to business, then problems occur. 

Suppose you are three partners running a business, one of few has come up with a new idea and even ready to implement on the business, but the other two’s are not ready and satisfy with the idea, and from there the conflicts start coming. Either you will be successful in mending those two partners with your idea else you three end up with loss and money issues. 

This generally happens with that business where they are lack of understanding among partners.

Personnel Selections:

No matter how good you are doing at business, later or sooner you need a team to work around you. Find the right team members who are just passionate like you, who are willing to work hard and who see the same goal as you. 

When you get the team who thinks like you, you proliferate, and your business will be profiteering.

There are five challenges that almost all startups face at the beginning. That’s is the reason today, many educational seminars and training are also starting holding to educates people more about entrepreneurship.

Published by Kelvis Thames

Kelvin is an enthusiast traveler, loves to explore hidden places and works as senior content creator at Morning Lazziness. He loves to read and in free time you may find him nurturing the environment.

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