What is the estimated cost to hire an app developer?

What is the cost to hire an app developer?

Do you have great mobile app ideas in mind? Then, it’s time to develop an application that helps you make tons of money and become popular like one of those most used applications. So, what’s next?

You have to hire mobile app developers who know and understand your business goals with ease. But chances are the cost to hire mobile app developers might vary. So how do we know how much the mobile app development company costs to hire developers?

Well, it depends on your project budget, the mobile app features, and functionality you want to add are the primary concern.

Whether you’re looking to add a native operating system or using cross-platform software, looking to start the application from scratch or want to add new integration, all you need is the right skill set for your project. Let’s understand a few of the cost factors to consider and how to calculate the app development cost.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire an App Developer?

Based on the Clutch, the average cost of hiring app development is between $25 to $49 per hour. The stats also show that on average a complete mobile app development project would cost around $1000 to $49000 based on the requirements.

Mobile app development cost - Clutch Review
Mobile app development cost – Clutch Review

Here’s, how the app developer price is calculated

Choose a software development company that has a deep understanding of the process and how the price of the app developer is calculated. 

For instance, here’s how you calculate the development cost for developing a basic mobile application,

  • Firstly define requirements by outlining the features and functionality.
  • Next, estimate the development time by breaking down the project into smaller tasks. For example, user interface design takes 40 hours, backend development setup takes 60 hours, iOS app development time takes 80 hours, Android app development takes 80 hours, and testing and debugging takes 40 hours, which in total is 300 hours. 
  • The third step is to determine the developer’s rate which varies widely based on factors like location, experience, and company size. If we assume the hourly rate as $50 then here’s how it can be calculated.
  • Total cost = Development time * Hourly rate
  • Total cost = 300 hours * $50 = $15000

Note: This is just the basic example while the actual cost will depend on factors like design requirements, complexity, and other additional features.

Factors affecting the cost of hiring an app developer!

To understand the factors play an important role in understanding the estimated cost of choosing the best app developers. Here are a few reasons that affect the cost of hiring app developers.

  • Experience: This is one of the most important factors to consider when selecting the right mobile app developer is their experience. It’s one of the general rules that more experienced developers may charge more but they also deliver better quality and consistency along with maintaining excellent communication. 
  • Complexity: If you’re looking to get an estimated cost to hire an Android app developer or a React native app developer, the factors to consider are the same. But when we talk about complexity as a factor then it’s highly essential to understand the requirement in depth. More complex applications lead to more development time and more experience gives higher costs for developers.
  • Tech Stack: The tech stack refers to a programming language, toolkits, frameworks, and other technologies that are used in app development. As we know every developer specializes in their tech stack combination so you need to select the popular ones that offer the best service and are budget-friendly.
  • Location: Now that you have selected the best tech stack, it’s time to take a big step to hire a developer for your location as the cost of hiring a developer or consultant differs around the world. The reason behind varying costs for different locations is the standard of living local currency, demand, and more.
  • Skill sets: Skills do affect the total price and whether you’re figuring out the cost to hire iOS developers or even the cost to hire NodeJS developers. In such cases, businesses need to look at how the rate works. Basic frontend development would cost $20 to $50/hr while advanced frontend development costs $35 to $75/hr. Whereas machine learning or blockchain development would cost between $60 to $150/hr. 
  • Application type: Today the market is filled with various forms of mobile app development and to cover everything from an on-demand application is a bit tough. Also, when you hire mobile app developers the cost will highly depend on the application type as different types require different skills and technologies. 

What are the few hidden factors that could affect the cost of hiring an app developer?

Apart from the factors we have discussed above, there are a few more hidden factors that can cost you extra when hiring mobile app developers. Let’s understand which are those factors.

Onboarding expenses

There are chances that when you hire an expert, they come with additional onboarding expenses. As the new developer that you hired for your project might require training for your project. Additionally, this might take your time to make them understand your project’s specific requirements, coding standards, and team dynamics. Also, you can get an expert who requires no training and this can save you from this expense. 

Team integration or collaboration tools

We know that effective collaboration is necessary and it often requires specialized tools for managing tasks, continuous improvement, and communication. No doubt there would be free tools as well that offer features at low cost. In addition, it might cost extra to integrate a new developer into your team’s workflow. This can be one of the hidden factors to consider when hiring an app developer. 

Equipment and software licenses

Next, you need to provide the team with the necessary software and hardware to get your job done. Moreover, it includes computers, smartphones for application testing, and other specialized tools necessary for development. On the other hand, it also costs licensing fees for environment development and a few other tools.


To conclude one needs to choose the right mobile app development company that gives the right cost and saves you from daunting tasks. From the above blog post, we came to know that the cost to hire mobile app developers varies widely based on factors including experience, location, skills, and more.

But if we talk about the estimated rates range from $20 to $150 per hour, with total cost influenced by the collaboration model and project scope. Therefore, the best approach is to do proper planning, research, and set a budget based on your needs.

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