Couponing 101: Different Types of Coupon Codes You Should Know

Online shopping coupon codes.

The best way to make the most of discount coupons, or multiple coupons, is to know how they work. Various companies provide different types of coupon codes that carry different perks. Knowledge of when and how to redeem a coupon is important if you are to make huge savings.

Types of Coupon Codes

Total Cost Discount Coupons

This type of coupon grants a discount over the total price of items bought. For instance, if the coupon offers a $10 discount, this amount will be slashed off the total amount you spend at a store.

The catch here is that you have to spend a certain minimum amount for the coupon code to be activated. Only use this coupon if you are sure you need to buy products in bulk. At the same time, you have to be wary about overspending to earn the discount coupon.

Buy One Get One Free Coupons

Here the customer is expected to buy an item then get a second similar item absolutely free. You could buy a jumbo pack of baby nappies then get a second pack absolutely free. This is a great option to get more for less. However, ensure you are getting an item you would actually use. It would help if you also tried to minimize clutter at home.

Buy One Get One at Half Price Coupons

Once you purchase a product, this coupon allows you to get a second similar product at half price. It is also a great way to save money since you are not buying both items at the full retail price. Ensure you are redeeming this coupon only on items you absolutely need.

Buy Many Get One Free Coupons

Some stores will give a coupon discount for buying items in bulk. Food marts and grocery stores use this option a lot when they want to move lots of products. It is not uncommon to see electronic stores using the same discount coupon as well. As a consumer, this coupon is best spent on items you absolutely need and use daily in the house, like food.

Members Coupons

This type of discount coupon is offered to people who are active members of a group or club. Most member coupons are sent directly to your mail and maybe in the form of a discounted shopping voucher. The catch here is that you have to be a member of a group that provides such coupons. Also, you have to be careful about overspending with such coupons.

Free Item on Purchase Coupons

This coupon awards a customer a free item after purchasing at a store. The free item does not have to be a similar product but will be of a lesser price to the product bought. Online coupon websites often feature such coupon codes from different online vendors.

Free Item Coupon

This is one of the best discount coupons you can be awarded. It awards a product absolutely free with no purchase obligations asked of the buyer. Companies would normally use this type of coupon when promoting a new product on the market. Ensure you pick this coupon if the free item is something you can use.

Free Shipping Coupon

Some online merchant stores offer a discount coupon that awards the customer free shipping on goods bought. Just like the total discount coupon, you will have to purchase a minimum amount of goods for the coupon code to apply. A great way of earning this coupon is by combining your purchase with a friend or family. This will grant both of you free shipment on items bought.

Percentage Discount on Purchase Coupons

This coupon calculates the discount price on a percentage basis. The online vendor may give a 10% discount coupon on the total amount of goods bought for the total amount of goods bought. This can be a great way to buy in bulk but ensure the total cost you pay does not exceed what you pay if you bought all the items on sale.

Rebate Coupons

Rebate coupons mandate you to send the receipt or coupon code to the seller for them to give you a discount. This coupon is normally applied when buying large items like electronics. The buyer makes the purchase at full price then the items are shipped to them. If you are lucky to find a rebate coupon inside, you must send it right away for the seller to reimburse you a certain amount of the purchase price.


Discount coupon codes can earn you great savings if you know how to use them. Research more about them and find out how you can qualify for them.

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