Why you Should Migrate your Online store to Shopify

Advantages of migrating ecommerce store to shopify

It’s mandatory to create a user-friendly website for your e-commerce business, but what’s more important is to select the eCommerce platform. If the platform is appropriate, it becomes measurably easier to create, manage, and maintain an online store.

While some platforms have been around for a long time, many new ones have recently emerged in today’s time with upgraded features needed. Therefore, spending time understanding what your business needs from the platform on which you choose to build your site is important.

But e-commerce has now seen the light of new developments to revitalize it. More and more online businesses are awakening to the shortcomings of other eCommerce platforms, and the benefits of choosing a SaaS platform such as Shopify. With fewer technicalities and features that are more manageable, who would not want their business to have an easy-to-operate platform?

In this article, Let us look at the reasons that you should know before you make the leap to migrate to Shopify.

1. Hosting and Managing

You get specially designed hosting and managed services with Shopify. It will host your online store with a rock-solid architecture and will manage it for you the way you want it to be managed.

Migrating to Shopify means you never have to worry about adding too many products to your website or the volume of traffic. Shopify provides its users with added benefits by accommodating massive traffic during peak sales and no slow-down periods.

2. Customisation

It’s natural that from time to time you may want to adjust your eCommerce website’s behavior and look. But at the same time, no shop owner can afford to take this customization for plenty of time.

Shopify enables you to customize as much as you can. Because that happens to be one of a website-building platform’s basic requirements.

The editor is all intuitive and with just a few clicks you can make your eCommerce website look the way you want.

3. Scalability

Scalability is one of the biggest concerns of Enterprise-level businesses. During sales, each online store encounters peak traffic and their revenue hits the roof. In such circumstances, the platform on which you choose to build your site becomes the backbone of your fall. You have to be confident that it will always serve you very well and will never let you down during peak times in particular.

Shopify has the ability to manage high-value businesses, and the merchant’s demands may vary. Scaling, however, has no constraints with Shopify. It is much easier to accomplish. Shopify offers unparalleled scalability and extensive APIs with its team of knowledgeable developers and programmers.

4. No Hidden Costs

Shopify clearly indicates on the site it’s pricing, while other platforms don’t. With plans starting at $29 / month, you won’t have to break the bank to start your business. You’ll get an idea of the money you’re going to spend on your online store. Within months, you’ll have an assumption of how many transactions you’re going to process to work out what your monthly fees are.

Many platforms require ongoing development. Whether it’s patching a security bug or making general site changes, over time this all adds up and can become burdensome. Therefore, merchants consider migrating to save money on development costs and hosting.

5. SEO Friendly

If you are considering migration of your online store, Shopify will provide you with integrated SEO tools such as the ability to customize Heading tags, meta tags, sitemap.xml, robots.txt files, canonical URLs, social media integration, and run promotions by offering coupon codes.

Moving to Shopify means that there will be many changes in your product URLs. You want to make sure your old URLs are mapped to your new URLs by 301 redirects. This will allow customers to click on their old URLs and will be redirected to Shopify’s new URL.

Google will eventually re-index your new website and replace your old URLs in the search results for Google. So you need not be worried about SEO. The SEO settings panel is much cleaner than other platforms.

6. Integration with other platforms

Shopify is renowned for its extensive marketplace of applications and is easily integrated with other platforms. The marketplace offers more than 1,500 apps that Shopify has checked and verified, so you know they can be trusted to make it easier to run your online stores.

Shopify merchants enjoy a much larger volume of API calls. This allows multiple integration operations to work together without being afraid to hit API limits.

7. Payment options

Shopify also helps to reduce friction and improve conversions by providing your customers with more ways to pay. You can also offer countless other payment options to customers to make checking out easier for them, including PayPal, Amazon Payments, ApplePay, Google Pay, Cryptocurrency, and many others.

Customers can save their shipping, credit card, and other billing information to make checkout much easier.

8. Security

Shopify secured hosting and account information is very serious. They have invested considerable time and money in obtaining their PCI Level 1 certification. Your online store, shopping cart, and hosting cover this industry-leading security.

So, when your customers watch the green lock icon, they are more confident that they can go ahead with the check-out procedure.

9. Themes Diversity

Shopify has a marketplace where you can choose from more than 120 themes that allow you to customize your online store. Many of these themes are free of charge.

While you have the option to easily adapt the custom theme to the online store with Shopify, it not only provides you with the ability to customize code but if you need you can even modify it to your liking as well.

10. Technical Support

Many large brands take over Shopify’s services and thus it becomes essential to respond closely to such customers’ needs. Shopify assists customers with a dedicated account manager in such a situation. In addition, Shopify developers ensure 24* 7 support for any site-related issues.

The Bottom Line

The above reasons for Migrating to Shopify can guide you in understanding the advantages of the platform and ensuring that you make the right decision. Shopify migration is a great opportunity to boost business processes and sales.

Shopify might be a better eCommerce solution for your business if you are looking for an easy-to-use cloud-based hosting solution. Shopify offers satisfaction, great value, and efficiency for all your online stores. Migrate your Online store to Shopify.

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