Shopify Free Trial: An opportunity to build a technologically advanced online store

How to build your online store

Are you done with your market research and competitor analysis? Do you know what niche to enter and what products to sell?

If so, you are ready to build your online store. Shopify should be your ultimate choice.

There is no denying the fact that Shopify is a technologically advanced platform, so it can help you to build a superior online store. Not only that, it will help you to manage all the tasks and processes that are required to run an eCommerce business the right way.

Perhaps the best way to start with Shopify is to sign up for their Free Trial offer. This will give you the best chance to test the platform and see if it’s for you.

Now, there are a lot of misunderstandings and misinformation out there on the Shopify trial. While it’s a comprehensive and an all-access trial, there are limitations in which you should be aware. It only runs for a certain amount of time and you will not be able to take orders without signing up for a paid plan.

Nonetheless, it will give you the opportunity to see what the platform has to offer and how it can deliver.

There’s a lot of functionality that comes included with Shopify. It’s a complete eCommerce a platform, so it has all the tools and features you will need to showcase products, accept payments and fulfill orders.

Preparing your Shopify trial checklist

Make use of the trial to explore the features offered by Shopify

For some of you, the free trial can be a difficult and time-consuming experience. It can be frustrating, and you can find yourself in the weeds making changes that are not necessarily required.

Instead of ensuring every element is in place, your trial is an ideal time to analyze the platform critically.

The trial is ideal because you get enough time and access to all the main functionality that will help you decide whether you should go for the paid plan or not.

Remember that building a successful online store is about testing and about making it right for your niche and your audience over time. It does not have to be perfect right away. Take your time, be willing to test the functionality, and do not be afraid of restarting over. The trial should be all about exploring the different features offered by Shopify.

You can set up your store during the trial. However, for selling your products, you will need to choose the monthly plan. Most people are keen to make the most of the trial, so let me give you a guideline regarding the features you can try out during the trial.

You can add a few products to your online store. You should also add the product details and check if the details display correctly. Make sure you have excellent images because this is what your customers will look at before placing orders. Other important aspects of the products should be listed, including features, how it works, dimensions and things to consider from a customer perspective.

You can also set up Shopify payments during the trial. If you are the store admin, then it is essential to get familiar with the Settings of the Shopify store so that you do not face any problems with operating your store. You need to make sure you can get paid and payments can be accepted. Without this, you do not have a business!

It will also be a smart idea to visit the Shopify theme store so that you can visualize what your store will look like. Take a look at the options, both free and premium, and make sure you have an idea as to what you want your store to look like. Ultimately, how it performs is the priority. You want it to be optimized for conversions.

You can also explore the Shopify Apps store during this time so that you can find apps that offer value to your store. These provide extra functionality and can help you run and manage your store more effectively. Look out for apps that can boost your sales and automate tasks in your store in particular.

Go through the learning resources

You will come across a treasure chest of learning resources offered by Shopify. During your trial, it will be a smart idea to explore these resources. The benefit of this practice is that you will be more prepared to use the platform effectively.

For example, if you go through the Shopify Academy, then you will notice that it offers online business courses and trainings taught by Industry Leaders. Secondly, Shopify Blog also offers illuminating content.

The good news is that you can even sign up for the paid plan during the trial, and you will not lose your work. Quite the opposite, you’ll be able to use the store you have built to start taking orders from customers.

There is no denying the fact that Shopify is a valuable platform and can help you set up a lucrative eCommerce store.

It’s an intuitive, beginner-friendly platform that has all the features you will ever need. And if you have a specific need or requirement, you’ll be able to find an application or integration that provides you with that functionality.

Make sure that you sign up for the trial right away. The effort is worth it, and you will be happy with the results.

If you do not believe Shopify is for you, you can cancel your trial at any point during the trial period. There are no commitments or obligations, and you will not be charged.

It makes signing up a risk-free and pleasurable experience. Build a store and go from there.

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