What Businesses Can Gain When Using Custom Stand Up Pouches

Custom branding stand up pouches

There are several factors why companies are ditching out the use of rigid packaging and turning to the use of flexible custom stand up pouches to better promote, safeguard, and drive product sales. Stand up pouches serve numerous advantages for both producers and customers, from manufacturing to purchase.

A product’s packaging can really make or break a company’s brand in today’s era. It may look very nice, but if it does not function well, it will cost the business, big time.

Below are some of the benefits of custom stand up pouches that the clients will truly appreciate.

Benefits of Custom Stand Up Pouches

The Graphics

Flexographic package printing is one of the most diverse of all package printing alternatives and can generate amazing high definition graphics for a custom stand up pouches. Flexographic printing provides a broad variety of films with the most accurate ink control and strong lay-down.

Custom stand up pouches can give a brand the finest, most eye-catching graphics on the shelf in mixture with this sophisticated printing technology.

The Structure and the Shape

Stand up pouches can be made in a variation of shapes and sizes. The conventional pouch, which is a round-bottom-gusset bag that folds flat when empty, is the most popular with consumers.

Other alternatives are box bags, K-sealed, quad-sealed with two side gussets and four vertical seals and many more. You can even cut the stand up pouches into custom forms to really stand out on the shelf.

Reduction of Cost

Shifting to a custom stand up pouches and flexible packaging, in particular, is a no-brainer if you want to cut materials costs. Rigid packaging costs three to six times more than that of flexible packaging per unit.

Printed folding boxes cost approximately double as much as flexible packaging. Simply put, it will imply that it will improve your profit margins for your company when you choose to have a custom stand up pouches over a rigid alternative.

Warehousing and Transporting

Custom stand up pouches also give considerable delivery cost savings. You can fit five to ten times the number of units in a single truck using fewer pallets, based on the pouch and the initial packaging solution.

The fuel price per truck is smaller because the packaging is also lighter. More goods can be stocked in lesser space, and moving it around just requires less time and effort.

Very Convenient to Use

Preferring custom stand pouches clearly shows to customers that companies do listen to their needs and can provide them with a product that complements their modern and active lifestyles. These days, it is all about convenience, and if a business is stuck with using ancient containers, it will be really left out from its competitors.

Customers give importance to convenience that is why businesses will be able to add more value to their brand with a custom stand up pouches’ features. Closures to reseal the package will be able to extend a food life and build a good customer experience with the product.

To add the convenience factor of a custom stand up pouch, one can select from press-to-close, zip lock, or hook-to-hook closures. Laser perforation, transparent windows, handles, and spouts can also be an option.

Custom stand up pouches can also be rendered steamable, allowing customers to enjoy the extra comfort of preparing their food in the microwave without removing it from the bag.

The safety of the Product

Custom stand up pouches can make the food stay fresh for a long period of time and provide great control of barriers to safeguard it against the outside elements. During delivery, puncture-resistant films can be used to protect the products, and a number of specialty films can also provide additional protection against moisture, contaminants, UV rays, and more.

Shelf Impact

With a broad range of accessible shapes and sizes and amazing High definition graphic skills, custom stand up pouches on the shelf can simply stand out. The greatest advantage of custom stand up pouches in terms of shelf impact is on how the package’s largest printable surface stands up and faces the client.

This makes it possible for a product to compete in ways that product in lay-down bags and smaller rigid containers cannot.

The Stability of the Product

Custom stand up pouches are environment-friendly products. As a whole, flexible packaging utilizes less equipment and less energy and water to produce, resulting in less volatile organic compounds. Their lighter weight and more compact size, in relation to cost savings, can save on fuel emissions during transport.

Any materials that are not recyclable can take up less area in the landfill compared to the rigid counterparts. Using advanced technology, stand up pouches can also be recyclable or biodegradable without jeopardizing safety and quality.

Custom Stand Up Pouches Styles and Details

The capability to market it efficiently, regardless of the product, is crucial to its progress. Custom stand up pouches stand on a retail shelf vertically and smoothly, allowing the products of a brand to stand apart from the rest.

In order to promote a brand, wide front and back pouch panels are perfect for eye-catching graphics. Custom printing that uses glossy PET with graphics of picture quality stands out and captures the customer’s attention.

Rotogravure is the best quality printing available for pouches. It is a style of printing which prints on the exterior layer of PET.

There are some styles of custom stand up pouches that one can choose from:

  • Round bottom gusset, this is the style wherein the tip of the gusset is soldered to the sides of the supporting walls which give the package to have additional strength and support it needs to stand up.
  • K-Seal Gusset, this style has both sides rise from the bag at angles of 30 degrees. This removes stress on both sides of the package from the seals and adds up the extra volume.
  • Pillow Bottom Gusset, this style has the contents of the product on the shelf directly. It is also perfect for products that weigh up to five pounds. But, unfortunately, this is not a very popular option as this style cannot be made by many manufacturers.

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