7 Actionable Tips to Optimize Your E-Commerce Platform

eCommerce Optimization Guide

This is the global era of digital marketing, where everything takes place on digital platforms. Most businesses operate on e-commerce platforms.

Coming up with e-commerce optimization techniques could be very challenging. Every e-commerce store in the world wants to gain more traffic, generate sales, and adds value to a brand.

Optimization is a lot more than taking part in SEO and is not easy. There are several tips and ideas on how e-commerce businesses generate effective results.

Trying to figure out ways to take your business to the next level?

Here are a few tips and guidelines to help you to optimize your e-commerce store.

Create Content

Content is vital for your business. How else would you deliver the message to your audience?
You must come up with content strategies for your website.

Creative content always adds to the success of an organization. It promotes both the promotional and informational objectives of an organization.

Create unique, simple, and relevant content on your e-commerce website to ensure its accessibility to customers. Your content must be crisp and of high quality, to compel visitors to make a purchase.

Consider content marketing as an option, and make sure that your content is in line with the goals of your business. Content marketing is one of the best ways to attract customers, and produce interactive content.

How to Create Interactive Content?

Brainstorm ideas to give your customers or visitors new information on your website. Never, rely on generic information because it is available everywhere. Come up with something unique to generate traffic.

Many organizations have different goals for creating content. The graph below shows that organizations aim mostly toward brand awareness and customer acquisition.

Organizational Goals for Content Marketing
Organizational Goals for Content Marketing – Source Oracle Blog

Social Media Presence

There are many ways to optimize your e-commerce business, and one of the greatest ways is through social media. Social media platforms are the most effective way to reach your audience.

It is very easy for businesses to establish and maintain communication with customers. Your business increases engagement with the audience and boosts traffic with the help of social media.

Social media gained a lot of recognition because it brings people with various interests together, and allows e-commerce businesses to build a large customer base across the world. It assists your business in growing by strengthening the brand.

There are several things that need to be taken into consideration. Your followers don’t want to be flooded with posts and content, do not annoy or bore your followers. Share different visuals and videos to keep them interested.

According to the Pew research center, many people visit social media platforms several times a day. The graph below shows the percentages of visits on each social media platform in the USA.

A majority of Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram users visit these platforms on a daily basis.
A majority of Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram users visit these platforms on a daily basis.

Image Source: Social Media for Business by Hootsuite

Personalized Promotional Email Campaigns

Email Personalization
Email Personalization

Image source: Email personalization by MarketingCharts

These days most people prefer personalized products and services, and personalized emails improve email engagement rates as shown in the chart. You can use personalized emails by creating segments of your customers, based on similar criteria. For example segment your customers on the basis of gender, customer response to part email engagement campaigns, or post-purchase behavior.

Based on segmentation, use different strategies to target your audience. For instance, to engage customers who do not respond positively to email campaigns, you might consider attaching special promotional offers along with your content. Emails are one of the most effective and cheapest mediums to target a large audience.

PPC Campaigns

PPC campaigns are effective for your e-commerce platform as they bridge the gap between your products and customers. If you want to attract a specific audience, PPC is very beneficial as it turns your visitors into buyers.

When using a PPC Campaign, consider two factors. The ad is essential as it reaches the audience effectively. Create appealing content and keywords for customers to build up the interest of visitors. The landing website linked to the PPC ad should develop the attention of visitors. It should be designed according to what your business offer, it should be mobile-friendly, and must have engaging content.

Emphasize on SEO

SEO is a driving force for your e-commerce platform. SEO optimizes your website to attract organic traffic from search engines. It is important for your business to put efforts into SEO operations as this improves the ranking of your website on frequently used search engines like Google and Yahoo.

However, it is not easy to meet SEO standards. You need to put authentic, relevant, and reliable content on your website, to fulfill and meet the SEO standards. To create a user-friendly experience for customers, seek professional help and hire an SEO agency.

As SEO is a measurable, repeatable process, it can not only earn good revenues for your e-commerce platform but also increase your sales.

Obtain Product Reviews

Product reviews are very important for businesses, they ultimately play a major role to boost the sales of your e-commerce platform. Online product reviews provide you with the required corrective feedback. Before they purchase a product they may also go through customer reviews. So customer reviews play a key role to attract new customers as well.

If the reviews are from genuine users of the product, then based on the number count of your reviews, your product might also show up in searches for relevant products.

Emails can play a key role to obtain product reviews, and sending customers follow-up emails after their purchase to inquire about the quality of the product.

Another way to make sure that your customer gets back to you is to resolve any complaints, queries, and negative feedback. This way, you can get valuable information about how customers view your online platform.

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Why make a website mobile-friendly?
Why make a website mobile-friendly? – Source Google

Customers mostly use mobile phones to view, purchase and pay for any online transactions, it is important to have a mobile-friendly website.

The same content and information are displayed on all devices, no matter which device your customers use. But the way the information is displayed is different, depending on the screen size of the device.

You can expand your button size, small buttons are hard to deal with from mobile phones. This is to save your customers from getting frustrated every time they need to click on something.

Take some time to test your website from your own mobile phone to make sure it is easy to use and works properly, make changes, and fix all errors for your viewers.

Make sure that the information is feasible to find. Think about the most pertinent information or content that customers might look for especially when using their cell phones, and display that information in an obvious way that makes it easy for customers to spot.

If you’re unsure about your e-commerce website’s layout you can visit sites like eBay, to get a general idea of how it should appeal to visitors.

It is important for the success of any business to use smart and aggressive techniques to optimize your platform. Keep in mind that your website is a virtual store, an online representation of your business. Therefore, using different ideas and strategies not only helps expand your business but also helps to earn greater revenues by increasing customer loyalty and brand equity.

Image source: Freepik Premium

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