Tips and Tricks to Get More Sales and Traffic on Your eCommerce Store

Tips to increase eCommerce store sales

eCommerce stores are gaining importance in the prevailing online-driven era.

It is a challenge for any digital entrepreneur to use strategies to drive more sales and traffic on their eCommerce store, made with the help of eCommerce platforms. It just requires a thorough study, righteous planning, complete testing, and making the best choice.

Listed below are a few tips and tricks to get more sales and traffic on your eCommerce store:

1. Put Instagram to work

The popularity of Instagram is increasing day by day. Make use of it, and exploit it. Create your store’s account on Instagram. Start using it on a daily basis. Add content, photos, stories, newsletters, videos, etc. regularly.

Keep track of leads and customers who use Instagram on a daily basis. Follow, like, and comment on their posts.

2. Facebook ads work superbly

Facebook ads are a good choice as it does not involve much monetary requirement. You have to pay only for the cost per click, in many cases. There are various acquisition strategies that help you land at very a low cost of content and collection pages. Post pictures, videos, emojis, etc. Make it a habit to add new and impressive advertisements for your product regularly, especially for the top-selling items.

3. SEO is fruitful

Investing in SEO can help you fetch good results in the long run. There are certain SEO like Shopify, WooCommerce, etc. that will help you to be a leader among your competitors. Always look for highly used SEO keywords and utilize them. So that you do not lose any prospective customers to your competitor.

Make your website appear quickly and on the top, to refrain your competitors to take away your customers. Add good and easy blogs to your website. You can hire experienced professionals for this task. Give importance to earning good quality inbound links which will be useful to your customers.

4. Rack up reviews

Impressing the customer is your ultimate goal. Once they are impressed, it will add up to sales. Give importance to grabbing more and more customer reviews. It has become a common practice to look for an online review of the product before buying it.

So, keep the practice of generating reviews on your priority list. Add feedback forms online and encourage your customers to post positive reviews. Each review is precious, as it will add to your goodwill. It will induce other prospective customers to buy from you.

In case of any negative review, accept it with a sportsman spirit. Try to talk to your customers and solve their grievances.

5. Offers and discounts attract

For any prospective buyer, the word “discount” or “sale” is a big motivation to convert into an actual buyer. So do not forget to utilize this.

Come up with new and interesting offers. Post it online. Many times it happens, that a person is checking discounted items, and they bang into non-discounted items on the page. If you are lucky enough they might buy from these full-priced items, increasing your sale.

6. An email will always help you

Email is by far the easiest method to connect to your customers. It will help you in cracking deals with new customers and also reselling to the old ones. Keep sending emails on a daily basis. This will help your customers get reminded about you and they will also feel that they are valuable to you. And this will ultimately make you their preferred choice, whenever next time they plan to buy a product.

You can also introduce the customer loyalty program and sent an email about it to your customers. There are many customer loyalty program software that will help you in this process.

7. Be mobile-friendly

You cannot deny the fact that eCommerce has gained pace only after the evolution of the mobile era. Always keep this in your mind and kick off accordingly.

Optimize yourself to be easily available on mobile. Check how your designs open and appear on mobile. Introduce easy payment plans which can be easily carried on on mobile.

8. Track conversion rates

Keep track of the behavioral pattern of your customers. Check what induces them to buy your product. Pay attention to why they are leaving your eCommerce store without buying from it.

Collect and analyze data of your site for the same. Compare the conversion rate, and make changes in your store, if required.

I hope the above tips will be helpful to you. Remember there is no defined particular strategy that is a sure shot for your type of business. It depends on the prevailing market conditions and many other factors. So, the method of applying and analyzing works best.

Remember, for a few stores, a combination of the above-mentioned strategies can do wonders.

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