8 Ways to Gather Customer Feedback

Ways to Obtain Customer Feedback

Data and analytics are crucial for your business’s success because they give you insight into your customer wants and how satisfied they are with your products. It gives you valuable information on important aspects such as improving services, introducing changes, and boosting customer satisfaction.

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In today’s world, pretty much everything runs on real-time processes. This includes your customers. Getting real-time customer feedback can enable you to set goals and make improvements immediately, if necessary.

The ideal way to get customer feedback is straight from the source: the people investing in your products and services. There are multiple ways to obtain customer feedback, but what is just as important is what you will do with this information.

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Why does your business need customer feedback?

No matter how big or small your business, customer satisfaction is everything. People who have had mild to pleasant experiences rarely bother writing reviews or sharing feedback. The people who are most likely to share feedback are those who have had bad experiences.

If your brand does not meet expectations, your consumers are more likely to discontinue doing business with you than take the time to share feedback. This is a fatal price to pay, especially when you are left with no knowledge base on what went wrong.

Besides losing this customer, you should understand that a disgruntled person will almost always share their experience and views with their peers, friends, or family members. With the use of social media at an all-time high, negative feedback often goes viral, and this can spell doom for your brand’s credibility.

With quality customer feedback, you can use this information to boost customer loyalty. Your consumers are people, and they must know you care about them. Asking them for their feedback keeps them engaged and gives them a sense of importance.

Some companies struggle with getting their customers to share feedback on their experiences. It is important to constantly look for new ways to keep your customers engaged and cooperative with feedback.

Gathering quality customer feedback

There are several effective ways to collect customer feedback, so here are the eight best ways to gather your consumers’ feedback.

1. Customer surveys

It is not very easy to craft a useful and effective customer survey, but they are accommodating. While generating a survey for customer feedback, make sure your approach is sensitive and customized to specific consumer groups.

There are many tools available to help you create surveys, but you must be careful while choosing the right questions. The goal of these surveys is to get responses from people who actively use your website or business.

2. Emails are still effective

While millennials and younger generations think of emails as an outdated form of communication, they are valuable and effective in gathering candid feedback. One of the biggest reasons customers do not leave feedback is that they believe businesses do not care for their opinions. Sending customers personalized emails will result in replies more often than not. Emails are also a great way to manage and organize customer feedback.

3. Talk to them directly

Directly reaching out to people for their feedback is also a great way to find out how they feel about your services. While emails and surveys can seem impersonal, a phone call is a fantastic approach to gathering customer feedback.

People are more inclined to be responsive when asked a question directly than reading one on a screen. You can always ignore a feedback request on your computer, but it becomes more personal when someone calls you. This encourages them to be responsive and more honest with their opinions and experiences.

4. Provide support via live chat

A survey has stated that almost 50 percent of consumers were grateful that websites have a live chat. These live chat platforms are effective in addressing various issues, answering questions, and offering guidance. Chat support can also is a great way to interact with a customer in real-time.

5. The power of social media

A majority of today’s population is well-versed and active on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. While maintaining a social media presence is vital for your brand’s marketing, it also offers effective avenues to gather customer feedback. Many social media websites offer polls or surveys, so you get results in real-time. With social media, you also get to interact with your customers quickly and effortlessly.

6. Create online communities

Creating communities or forums on a social network on your website is a good way to collect customer feedback. While the implementation is easy, it requires full-time monitoring. In these communities, you can start discussions, create polls, and interact with members effortlessly. This can help improve relationships with your customers and boost user engagement.

7. Check for feedback on competitor sites

Your competitor’s website can serve as a treasure chest if you know exactly what to look for. Monitor feedback left by customers on other websites to understand the reasons behind their dissatisfaction and poor experiences. This way, you can learn how to improve your own services to be better than your competitors.

8. Measure the performance of your customer service

Once a complaint ticket has been closed, send the customer a survey via email or call them to determine if they were satisfied with customer service. Make sure the survey contains very few questions or a simple scale rating of their experience. These ratings are a great way to understand valuable trends.

Once you have collected enough customer feedback, implement this data into improving your services and support. Customer satisfaction is a vital metric in ensuring your business is ahead of the game.

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