Why You Need To Use YouTube To Grow Your Ecommerce Store

Tips to use YouTube to grow your ecommerce store

They say content is king. If that’s true, then video is the King Midas of content.

Viral content that is popular and shareable is usually in video form these days. When you want to brand yourself and make fans out of customers, video is indispensable.

To carve out a niche for yourself and your eCommerce store, then YouTube should definitely be high on your to-do list.

More and more people are using YouTube as a search engine and not just to look for cute kitten videos. When somebody wants to see a review of a product, they often start their search on YouTube.

Take advantage of that and leverage video and YouTube to build your eCommerce business effectively and quickly. Once you’ve done your homework of reviewing the best eCommerce platforms, set up your site, and pushed it live, get your marketing strategy with YouTube going by following the guide below!

Low hanging fruit

Though the video is not nearly as difficult as many believe, there are enough people that see it as a roadblock and totally ignore it.

This is very good for you. It means there will be a lot less competition for keywords on YouTube than with text content from a blog.

With a higher perceived barrier to entry, you can set yourself up without much effort and become an authority in your market.

Even if you are simply looking to create a brand identity and are not focused so much on conversions, you can use video to start viewers in your funnel. Of course, you can use video for each phase of the funnel and target every part of the buyer’s journey. It works across all of these areas well.

People love unboxing videos

It is a very crazy phenomenon, but people love to watch other people open up boxes with products they are thinking of buying. Maybe it is due to the excitement of watching people open gifts on Christmas. We may never know, but it is a thing.

There are YouTubers out there that have gotten rich simply by making videos of them opening up toys and then assembling them.

Whatever your product is that you are selling, it can benefit from this trend if you upload a series of unboxing videos. Before buying something, people want to see how it looks in somebody’s hands, for instance. It’s a great way to see how big a product is when it is hard to visualize based on inches or centimetres.

Partner with an influencer

Popular YouTubers are far more effective at promoting products successfully than traditional TV ads featuring celebrities. When a viewer can watch a person that they feel best represents them using a product, then they are likely to want to buy it themselves.

You can send an influencer a free product and ask them to use it in one of their videos. You may have to pay them to do so, but in return, you can also have some say in how the product is presented.

You may even be able to set up an affiliate program where they receive commissions for each of the products sold if viewers buy through their link or coupon code.

Google ads are expensive and require a lot of tweaking to finally zero in on a campaign that converts to sales.

YouTube is also in the Google Ads network as it is owned by Google, but they work much differently. People react to video much differently and are more likely to click on an ad or promoted video.

Thumbnails work very well drawing the eye in and look less like an ad than a Google search result.

User generated content

You can ask your customers to make videos of them using the product and get some free content this way. It isn’t just the cost-benefit since you don’t have to make the video yourself, but it adds trust to your videos.

Much like with influencers, people trust other people like them when it comes to a product and will take what they say with more authority, since it is genuine.


Think back on some viral content you have seen on your favourite social media platform. It was likely a video. It is easy to get sucked into a video and stop scrolling. Use this to your advantage and start using YouTube.

Not only is it effective, but it can also be a lot of fun to make videos!

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