Sellzone review: The truth that every Amazon seller must know

Sellzone review

Amazon is one of the world’s most famous & largest e-commerce stores. It offers an excellent opportunity for sellers to market & sells their products to global customers online. There are 2.4 million active sellers on Amazon as of March 2022!

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But there lies a problem! Amazon offers a massive marketplace for retailers, but it is highly competitive too. As mentioned, there are 2.4 million active sellers & hence, you need to show your A-game to ensure your listings are on the top! So how do you do that?

Enter Sellzone! This Amazon PPC optimizer tool is rapidly gaining popularity as the best tool to boost Amazon sales.

In this detailed review, I will test Sellzone’s essential features. Is Sellzone worth all the hype? Or is it just another poor-performing tool?

Let’s find out!

What is Sellzone?

Sellzone (previously known as Seller) is an Amazon PPC optimizer tool that is used to optimize PPC ads on Amazon.

It’s used to generate high traffic on Amazon with minimal spending on ads. It helps you identify high-traffic generating keywords on Amazon.

It offers Split testing functionality to test what exactly your customers like the most. You can also perform functions like reverse ASIN analysis, product research, content quality checks & keyword research.

It’s a set of 7 tools specifically designed to help Amazon sellers boost their revenue. All these tools can help sellers stay ahead of their competitors in terms of sales & Revenue.

Now let’s take a look at all of its 7 tools one by one.

Best Features of Sellzone

Sellzone review
Features of Sellzone

Keyword wizard

If you want to dominate a particular niche or a product category, this tool is designed for you! Using it efficiently can improve your products’ visibility.

It’s powered by Semrush Keyword Magic & which helps you identify high volume, low competition keywords.

Once you log in to their account, you’ll see the dashboard, as shown in the figure below.

sellzone review
sellzone wizard

Here, click on the Keyword Wizard tool. Once you open the tool, all you have to do is enter the keyword you want to analyze. The Sellzone will present to you a list of relevant keywords. You can use these keywords to create relevant content.

Apart from the content, you also get the number of competitors, keyword search volume & Relevance.

You can use all this data to choose the right keyword. It’s generally recommended to use the keyword with high search volume & less competition.

Traffic Insight

When it comes to traffic on your listing, it’s important to analyze different channels that are driving traffic to your website. Having this information can really help you optimize & scale up your revenue & traffic.

E.g. here I searched for a Roku Streaming stick on Amazon, copied its URL & pasted it in the search block.

sellzone review
sellzone traffic insight
sellzone review
traffic insight of Sellzone

As you can see in the above image, Traffic Insight shows me everything, Reach by Channel, Top Keywords by traffic, traffic via referrals, Amazon & Google’s Organic traffic & Traffic via shopping ads. Such data from your competitor can be of great help.

It can help you understand from where they are generating traffic & you can do the same!

E.g., if they are getting traffic externally via some article or blog, you too can deploy the same strategy & grow your sales. This feature is truly remarkable & useful.

Listing Quality checks

Sellers often mistake forgetting a product after listing it on Amazon & keep waiting for buyers. But that’s not how it works.

Sellers need to evaluate their listings to ensure there are no errors constantly. And I understand doing it manually is too complex & cumbersome. But hey, Sellzone has got you covered!

You can easily identify all the errors with your content, whether you are following Amazon’s guidelines or not & is there anything incomplete in your listing? E.g. I once again used the Roku Streaming stick to check its Listing Quality Score.

The Listing Quality Score is measured from 0 to 10. 10 means excellent & 0 means poor.

sellzone review
listing quality check

As you can see, the score is 7.5 & hence it is Decent. There are some changes that the Seller can make to attract more buyers.

You can also check out the Amazon-style guide for better insight. In short, this tool helps you optimize your listing quality to ensure your product reaches potential customers easily.

Amazon Listing Alerts

This is another great feature that can help prevent your listing’s sales drop. There are often issues like the Buy Box is not optimized, or an issue related to the search result. These changes can impact your product’s sales. Thankfully Amazon Listing Alerts is here to protect your listing.

You can add any number of products to this list. Whenever it detects any change in the product price, suppressed listing, or anything else, you’ll get an instant notification. You can get notifications via e-mail or SMS, or both.

You can also choose some specific parameters that you want to track to avoid unnecessary notifications. This tool is extremely helpful in keeping an eye on your competitor’s pricing & keep up with them.

Split Testing

The oldest & absolutely free feature of Sellzone that still works like a charm! There are often times when sellers are confused about a specific parameter of their listing.

They want to test whether the existing image or description gets more attention or if something new can drive more traffic.

The easy way to do so is by doing split testing. Sellzone’s split testing offers you this feature & it’s very useful.

But for this, you’ll need a seller ID & MWS Auth Token. Once you log in using these credentials, you can perform A/B testing for a particular listing.

You can modify the image, pricing, description, or title of the already listed product. Select any parameter you want to test & Sellzone will automatically change those details on Amazon.

It will also record sales & traffic to give you an insight into whether the second iteration is performing better than the first one or not.

You can run the test for a specific time & compare the results. I found this feature very useful & effective.

Amazon Product Research tool

When you start selling on Amazon, it’s very important to identify the products that sell well on Amazon. Otherwise, you will invest heavily in something that doesn’t sell.

Many Amazon sellers face this issue & ultimately, they give up. Thankfully, Sellzone is here to help. Using this tool, you can easily identify the products in any highly saleable category.

This tool combines multiple factors like an FBA calculator, product demand data & others to identify the best-selling products for you.

In the image below, I decided to identify a product in the “Electronic Category”. Then I entered the keyword, mobile in this case & then selected a price range.

sellzone review
product research

As you can see, I got a list of 50 products in the specified category with specific keywords. And if you want to perform an advanced search, there is an option for that, too, as you can see below. Here you can filter the products based on reviews & ratings too.

sellzone review
product research

PPC optimizer

You can not become a successful seller on Amazon without investing in paid ads. But managing these PPC campaigns manually is a headache.

There are a lot of parameters that you have to constantly analyze & maintain.

PPC optimizer is a perfect solution for this problem. Using a PPC optimizer is like putting your PPC campaigns in self-driving mode. It automatically streamlines all the PPC campaigns & optimizes them for the best results.

With a PPC optimizer, you can run one campaign for a single product for free. It automatically identifies the best-suited keywords for your PPC campaigns & adds them to your ad for better reach. It also helps in building semantic core easily.

All these features make PPC Optimize one of the best tools from Sellzone. You won’t have to spend extra money on underperforming PPC campaigns with the Sellzone. The best part, you’ll get the best ROI on your investment in Paid ads.

These seven tools make Sellzone a must-have Amazon listing optimizer tool for every Amazon seller. Each tool is designed to optimize your listing & boost your sales.

Sellzone Customer support

Sellzone is powere is by Semrush. So it’s evident that their customer support is top-notch. No other Amazon optimizer tool comes close to Sellzone.

You can reach out to their customer support team via e-mail. But if you feel e-mails are too slow & you want a quick response, there is an option to reach out to them via WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

They will quickly respond to your queries & will offer all the necessary support. Apart from this, Semrush also offers an online knowledge base.

You can utilize it to understand how the Sellzone works optimally. Last but not least, there is a feedback button, too, if you want to offer some suggestions to Semrush.

You can easily reach out to some team members for your queries.

Sellzone Pricing

Sellzone is probably one of the most affordable Amazon listing optimizer tools. It comes with three payment plans. The first one is a free plan. Here too, you get many useful features like unlimited Product Research & split testing.

The Growth Plan will cost you $50/month, where you will get all the features of the free plan & then some additional features.

The Pro Plan will set you back for $85 per month, but then it’s the full-service plan. You get a lot of additional benefits & hence, it is worth it.

You can check out the detailed pricing structure here.

sellzone review
sellzone pricing

Now let’s check out some pros &cons of Sellzone

Sellzone review
Pros of Sellzone


  • The only con I found was that it’s available in the United States only. I would love to see it in other regions too.


After this thorough on-hand review, I can say that Sellzone is one of the best Amazon listing optimizer tools you can have. It will solve all your listing problems & will help your sales on Amazon grow exponentially. Sellzone is worth your money.

I hope this Sellzone review has offered you much-needed clarity on the Sellzone. If you want to learn about more such tools, please visit my website here.


What are Sellzone alternatives?

Sellzone alternatives include Seller snap, Repricer Express, & Aura. These tools are also a good choice if you are looking for Sellerzone alternatives.

Do I need an Amazon account to test the split testing feature?

Yes, you need an Amazing account for split testing on any listing.

Is Sellzone the best Amazon listing optimizer tool available?

When compared to other tools & pricing, it’s the best choice. Moreover, it’s powered by SEMrush, so it’s very reliable.

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