Why creativity is essential to every being

What is creativity and it's benefits

Of the time we look at other people’s creativity and wonder why we can’t do similar things.

Whether it is artwork expressed through painting or the way someone puts words together in literature, we often wish It could be us doing it instead.

Sometimes it’s the creativity through music that we admire but either way, every person has some jealousy when it comes to creativity.

This type of envy is often misplaced since we all have some level of creativity within us. Each person may not have the ability to showcase that creativity in a similar manner but everyone can produce something unique and valuable in their own style.

It’s no doubt that creativity is very important in making each person’s life meaningful. It brings about many benefits that can only be understood after understanding the meaning of creativity.

Creativity – The definition

Creativity is always linked to the use of imagination in coming up with new methods or ideologies but it’s always associated with being an artist.

Such a definition limits creativity and does so much injustice. This is because creativity covers a wider topic and not just the paintings, books, or music it is usually accustomed to.

One good example that shows this is the level of creativity exposed through innovations. Every digital device like smartphones being used today involved some great level of creativity to develop. The development of such devices involves different sectors in which people had to be creative in their own ways.

The creativity shown through writing codes, for instance, is different from that shown in developing the hardware yet they both work together to give smartphones their functionality. From there, it’s clear that creativity can be used anywhere. Every person can do what they know and like to show their creativity.

Is creativity for everyone?

Since creativity is shown in artistic ways and analytical ways, it is for everyone. It is more than something people are born with and can be discovered and nurtured at any point in life.

While young, everyone is always told to explore and make new discoveries. As we get older, however, the definition of creativity becomes limited, and the ability of everyone to express it.

You should, therefore, try to develop your creativity in order to enhance your way of living.

Why is creativity important?

Creativity is important to humans not just on the physical level but also on how we live. It helps people thrive on personal levels as well as professional ones.

The three most important benefits of creativity include:

1. Increased engagement

It’s always essential to keep engaging with the world since it helps keep some conditions like depression at bay.

Creativity drives you to reach out to other people like you and as such gives you a platform to engage more. You end up having better relationships with others especially those that you share some mutual interest with.

By diving you to discover new things, creativity also improves your mental health.

2. Helping with stress relief

By taking part in creative activities, our brain becomes stimulated and we get similar results when we meditate.

Research published in the American Journal of public health supports its findings which showed that creativity can help a person’s mindset.

You should, therefore, try to use other people’s creativity to inspire yourself instead of envying them.

3. Improvement of your skills

Apart from the creation of new ideas, creativity also helps you invent skills that can help you achieve your goals in life.

For instance, through creativity, you can discover new ways of dealing with problems and trying to find solutions which translate to better problem-solving skills. With such skills, you can overcome many challenges and become successful in most if not all your endeavors.

The success results in high confidence levels which gives you the will to keep trying even when you don’t get it right the first time.

Engaging in creativity also improves our patience and open-mindedness. It allows us to analyze situations differently and look at each scenario from a different perspective. This, in turn, improves our ability to think and helps us tackle “significant” challenges head-on.


Creativity is more than art and can be used to improve both our personal and professional lives. We should, therefore, avoid viewing other people’s creativity with jealousy and focus on working on our own. We should also appreciate the creativity shown through artwork and use that to try to find our own even if it’s analytical.

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