Future Scope of Data Science in India

Future of data science

Data science has been the hottest job of the decade and there is no doubt in the fact that taking up a career as a data scientist is a great decision. There is a huge demand for expert data scientists in the market and the demand number is much higher than available professionals.

So, coming to scope definitely Data Science has wide options and for the near future, it is going to be the same, or maybe the demand can increase more.

Big and top MNCs are constantly looking for well-trained data scientists as these professionals play a very significant role in making decisions that are solution-driven and help in framing initiatives of businesses. This leads to the immense growth of job opportunities for data scientists in India.

What is data science?

Before you get to know more about the data science scope in India, learn more about what data science is. Data science is a superb combination of statistics, programming, mathematics, and design applied to manage the data and get useful insights out of it.

The major three components of data science are organizing data, packaging it, and further delivering it. Complex analytic problems can be easily solved with the help of algorithm development technology in data science.

Role of a data scientist

As the name suggests, data scientists perform data science-related operations. He or she has to perform various types of research on data and analyze it to help the organization in predicting the growth of business and find out useful trends and insights.

Data scientists are the wrangler of big data. With the help of their statistics, programming, and mathematics skills, data scientists can easily work on complex and big data sets, clean them and do further explorations.

Industries using data science

In India, the scope of data science has reached almost all industries. The major ones include banking & finance, telecommunications, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, finance, e-commerce, and automotive, etc. Recent studies show that after the United States of America, India is the second country to hire the most data scientists.

Salary of data scientists in India

The average salary of a skilled data scientist in India is 8 to 10 lakhs per annum. With an increase in years of experience and knowledge, this number keeps on increasing, and for a data scientist with 5 years of experience, the package goes to even 18 to 20 lakhs.

How to make use of the scope of Data Science?

The surveys have stated that almost 85% of major MNCs have already started using the technology and others are moving forward in the same perspective. Therefore the demand is ever-increasing and choosing this as a career can give you new wings.

Here are some of the useful tips that you can adopt if you want to become a data scientist.

1. Take the internship

You cannot underestimate the power of the internship. Taking up an internship in data science-based companies can provide you with real experience as you will be working on real-time projects. Also, you get a good networking platform wherein you will be informed about various data scientist roles in the market. You need to be a graduate of IT in order to take up the internship.

2. Become a certified data scientist

Certification in the course can give you more confidence and also add good things to your resume. For becoming certified in data science, it is good to take up data science training. You can find various good institutes offering data science training in Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, and many other major cities.

These institutes offer courses online as well as offline. You will get to learn all the concepts in depth after taking courses here. There are real-life projects after the course completes so that you can get to know all gaps during the creation of the project.

3. Proficiency in at least one programming language

If you have basic knowledge of at least one language like R or Python then it can be really beneficial for you. You will get an edge over other aspirants during selection for a job and also learning will become easy for you.

The scope of the data science course is very bright in India and in the coming future, it is going to bloom definitely. So it is high time that you become skilled and be ready to set your career in it.

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