DesignCap – Free Online Poster Design Tool

DesignCap is a free poster making tool that helps users create stunning posters in minutes online, no registration or installation needed. All the whole design processes are done on the web. It offers a large number of templates for posters and flyers.

You are free to choose different backgrounds, text, textures, pictures, etc. according to your needs. It’s quit convenient and fast.

DesignCap Overview

DesignCap provides hundreds of amazing templates so that users can choose different templates according to their own needs, and then modify the text, images and other elements in the template. Besides it preset a lot of art words, clipart images, backgrounds, etc. When you finish your poster, you can save it locally or print it out directly.

Make a poster in 3 easy steps

1. Choose a template

Go through the hundreds of templates in DesignCap, users can choose different templates according to different design needs to start a different design journey. There are many different types of templates, such as advertising posters, promotional posters, wedding posters, event posters, holiday posters, sports posters, etc. Let’s take travel poster as an example.

DesignCap - Templates
DesignCap – Templates

2. Add elements and make adjustments

Once a template is selected, users can upload their own images to the poster or search some desired image online since DesignCap is integrated with Pixabay. Besides, you can choose to add text, and all types of clipart images from the many preset ones or just use its stocked clipart images online. The last but not the least is backgrounds. You are free to add color, pattern or image as poster background.

After adding elements you desired, you need to modify the parameters of the elements to perfectly fit the page layout of the poster. To make it better, djust the size, color, position, rotation, alignment effect, etc.

3. Save and print

After everything looks great in the canvas, save your poster with the image format(PNG or JPG), size and name you want. You can save it to your local computer, share it to your social media or just print it directly in the app. But you may want to save it as project file in case reediting is needed. It also works with DesignCap.

Final thoughts

DesignCap is a very interesting poster maker for anyone who want to make a poster for free and amaze their friends. It’s easy, resourceful, flexible, but it can export high resolution image files for no cent. So why don’t you have a try? Go ahead to check it: .

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