Don’t Fall Victim to Phone System Hacking

How To Stop Device Hacks

Hacking is an everyday affair now. With so many technological innovations and tools available easily, you cannot expect a hacking-free world unless you have the latest security parameters working for you. Phone system hacking can hit very hard as people exchange confidential information over the phone. You may lose money, valuable information, or anything that can be retrieved from the information you exchange.


If someone illegally hacks into a telephone network and plays with the system, he is called a phreak. It is a common practice nowadays. If there is any loophole in your phone network, phreaking is expected.

Do you wish to have a business, where you get the number of clients and customers engaged in traffic, giving the best deal for you? Then, you must surely look for some options which can carry you away on your path, targeted very rightly.

But, above all, you must dwell on the right phone numbers which can make your business known to your customers easily; it’s like a kid’s stuff to play, yet giving deep thinking before you choose out is important.

Who is at Risk?

Phreaking can affect anyone who depends on the phone system for everyday communication. You can suffer from unnecessary consequences of phreaking if the security of your local phone network is fragile.

Phone numbers are the right choices that can make the customers reach you. It should turn out to be fancy, easily remember-able, very likely to link you with the positive aspects of the business, which you deal with.

Above all, you must note down the pros and cons, while choosing a number. Also, you must find the option where you reach a good deal, which allows you to get the business as you keep thinking upon.

What are the Outcomes?

Phone phreaking has a greater outcome than it seems with a normal perspective. An entire telephone network can be hacked and used in favor of the hacker. He can use the phone network for making calls to international numbers. There are many critical consequences of these unsolicited calls. The theft of information is another harmful side of phone phreaking.

How does it Happen?

Phone phreaking can happen due to security loopholes. Most of the loopholes go undetected as the setup of a phone network is done in a uniform way. Hackers know this very well.

They use these loopholes in their favor and the practice of phreaking starts this way. This is a dual benefit, of course. Being a non-geographical number, your business can get wide benefits, where you yourself engage in the marketing of your business.

There is also an option where you can receive the revenue based upon per minute waiting in the queue, through which you can get benefited. This geographical number can never charge more from the customer’s perspective, which is a high benefit to you in fact.

Getting the benefits is what a customer looks for, but also paying less whilst waiting in the queue is their target. To deal with this, you can get a phone number to support your business in a smoother manner.

How can You Stop It?

There are many ways to stop phreaking. As the phreaking experts use security loopholes, you can use anti-phreaking security techniques as an answer to this problem.

Some of the effective ways to stop phreaking are; network barring, software updates, upgrades to existing equipment, and regular system maintenance. You can also use the latest anti-phreaking software as most of them work smartly dealing with this issue.

What to Do If You are Affected?

Well, now that you are caught in the trap, you need to stay calm and act smartly. The first objective should be detecting the source of the problem. Maybe, one of your employees or a past employee has done it. You need to identify the purpose of phreaking your phone network.

In the meantime, you must not waste any time in calling up the technicians. They are the best persons to handle such situations. You can also build a phreaking rescue team out of your in-house technical employees.

About the Author: Michelle Patterson has been learning and writing for the Phone America Blog. She loves sharing information with the world so that small businesses and business owners could take advantage of these technologies.

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