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With 3.5 billion people or half the world’s population having access to the Internet, it is no surprise that this medium has emerged as a powerful business driver for many companies across different industries globally.

Custom Web Design and Development: A Smart Business Tactics

The global penetration of online business is growing with the increasing dependency of users who rely on the Internet for everything from shopping and paying utility bills, to seeking information or booking tickets. With such a massive user base it makes total business sense to invest in Custom Web Development Services.

Custom versus templates

Once you have onboarded a web design and development agency to help enhance your web presence, you can then assess whether to go for template-based designs (where the cost is lower, but the impact is lower) or go for customized web design and development.

Our take is that a custom website provides a better ROI over the long run as compared to template-based free websites.

Why is custom web design better?

Here are 10 benefits of a custom website that support this statement:

1. Search engine ranking boost

The custom website has proven to be better for SEO than the free templates. By opting for a custom design, you can easily factor in the on-page optimization strategies and thus boost your search engine rankings.

The more you appear on top rankings, the more will visibility be enjoyed by your brand, and the subsequent revenue generated by this higher visibility will help you outperform your competition effectively.

2. Visually stunning visage

Imagine laying your eyes on fresh and captivating web design. More often than not, it will be a result of a designer starting from a blank canvas rather than opting for pre-built templates that are being adopted by thousands (if not millions) of websites the world over.

The more unique your web design is, the more it will promote a distinct brand recall value among the site visitors.

3. Personalization

With custom design, you can better integrate your corporate values and culture. With this benefit, your brand marketing messages will resonate with your overall digital persona, and present a seamless picture of what you do and how you do it.

With a custom website, you can deeply personalize your marketing messages presented within the website. This leads to better engagement with the site visitors and enables higher conversion.

4. Better security

As a custom website is built exclusively per your business needs, you remain in firm control of the site. With zero dependence on unreliable third-party content management systems, your content too can remain protected in a secure manner, thus increasing the overall reliability of the site.

5. Better sophistication

In today’s times of saturation of competition in the digital space, it is vital to present a sophisticated persona that stays on the mind of site visitors long after they have closed the browser window.

This will not be possible with run-of-the-mill generic free templates as they would look similar to hundreds of other companies using the same template. To provide a sophisticated and elegant look, it is wiser to invest in a good design team that builds a unique web design from scratch and delivers the knockout punch in visual appeal and amazing user experience.

6. Portrays a professional “picture”

Investing in Custom Web Development Services denotes that you are serious about your business and are in the business for the long run. This confidence provides immense positivity in customer sentiments when they visit your website and are allured by the personalized and fresh design presented by your website.

The inimitable look of the site creates a favorable brand impression and goes a long way in converting casual site visitors to engaged sales.

7. On-going support

Choosing custom design services also ensures that the professionals who work on the initial design and development offer continual support. This helps to ensure that the website continues delivering on the stated outcomes for a long time.

When you opt for free templates, there is no guarantee of long-term support. Hence, it becomes a poor business decision, if you are looking to extend the ROI presented by your investment in web design and development.

8. Relevant to changing times

With custom websites, it becomes very easy for you to cope with shifts in trends and user preferences. By editing your website as per current trends you can stay relevant, modern, and meaningful without turning to an obsolete marketing overhead in the long run.

By ensuring that the site can be optimized regularly for changing SEO algorithms, you can continue enjoying search engine rankings too.

9. Limitations galore on free templates

It is important to remember that there are limitations galore associated with free templates. It might happen that mid-way through the design stage, you may realize that you cannot add a particular functionality at all into a chosen free template. This would render the entire design and development exercise useless and add to your cost overheads.

10. Suits your branding

With limitations on the branding possibilities in free templates, these designs may convey conflicting or contradictory impressions in front of your target audience, a surefire way to confuse them and encourage them to abandon your site.

Conversely, in a custom web design, you are in complete charge of what branding, signage, content, color combinations, theme, or logo to use to align with your overall branding philosophy. This makes a custom web design a long-term optimal solution for a serious business owner who wants to leave a noticeable mark online.

These advantages show why your company needs to go for custom web design and development and prefers it over template-based website design.

It is very much evident that companies who want to personalize their marketing need to absolutely adopt Custom Web Development in order to ensure better success for their marketing strategies.

With the help of the customized persona of your brand online, your intended market will be able to relate better and thus assist in improving user engagement significantly.

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