Top 10 Influential Web Design and Development Trends that Drive Conversion

Web design and development trends

Have you ever imagined how big the World Wide Web (Internet) is? There are about 1.94 billion websites that are active in 2019 and 4.39 billion internet users.

This should give you a glimpse of how massive the Internet is. For a business that utilizes the true power of the Internet and current technologies, these are all potential customers.

Only having customers is not enough, as technology has progressed so have human beings. Therefore, it is also very important to convert a potential customer by applying various techniques that offer your customers a seamless experience.

We will guide you through all the tech trends massive corporations are using to boost their sales and businesses in 2020:

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Google rolled out this open-source project in 2016 to help accelerate the viewing experience of websites on mobile devices and it is still a rage. It is a framework that helps us build such web applications that take less amount of time to load on different devices other than your desktop.

Well, you ask how that is helpful. Google ranks websites much higher when they are mobile-friendly. If you want more and more people to view your content, we suggest you start applying this framework and see the results for yourself.

Dynamic Websites

The days of static and boring websites are long gone. Now is the new age of dynamic websites that are very responsive and intuitive. Not only dynamic websites are highly efficient but also they are engaging.

The more engaging your website is, the more the customer would like to spend time on it.

Push Notifications

If there is one new technology that anyone can use, regardless of which domain your business is in, that is Push Notifications. Have you ever noticed push notifications coming up from your email and messaging apps, letting you know that you have a new message?

People nowadays have a lot of apps running on their mobile phones and it’s hard to keep track of which apps they have. A study suggests that, on average, a person receives 60 to 70 notifications in a day.


Chatbot technology in business
Importance of Chatbot technology in business.

Let us say that you already have the attention of the customer and your business is booming, but some customers have some issues that need to be addressed. As always, the traditional way like sending out an email or calling a service centre is very slow and requires the user to use some different applications other than yours. Here comes the new Chatbots.

These real-time bots will chat with you and provide you with instant resolution. Chatbots are not limited to solving customer issues, they can also give a demo of the website, book appointments, help users in suggesting new products and the list goes on and on.

You can use your own creativity in chatbots so that customers are happy when they are visiting your business online.

Response Animation Idle Load (RAIL)

Every user has a different definition of speed. So matching up to everyone’s expectations, you need to make your application smooth. You have to understand which parts of your application are used more by your users and focus on and optimize those parts.

It is said that after 100 milliseconds of action, if the user does not receive a response, then it breaks the action response cycle. Anything under that is considered fast. RAIL provides real performance reports by users and gives suggestions on how to optimize the main parts of your application.

Internet of Things (IoT)

You must have been hearing about IoT a lot nowadays. IoT or the Internet Of Things is a network of interrelated machines, animals, people, trees, and everything that can be categorized under “Things”.

The use cases for such a technology are as far as the imagination can take you. Imagine the kind of world we can create when everyone is given a unique id and can be connected to everything else without any human interaction.


If you think that with Bitcoin the Blockchains wave has also gone, then you are wrong. Blockchain is here to stay in 2020 and in many coming years. Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that forms a chain of blocks that have the hash key of the previous block, timestamp, and data about the transaction. The most exciting thing about it is that once a transaction has been made, you cannot change or delete it.

Artificial Intelligence in User Experience and User Interface
Importance of Artificial Intelligence in User Experience and User Interface

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is changing how we live our day-to-day lives. When we train machines so they can predict the outcomes with better accuracy and act upon them, then that is called Artificial Intelligence.

Little by little, humans are automating various aspects of work that are mundane and boring with the use of AI. AI automation is the future.

Motion UI

Who doesn’t like interactive and fantastic graphics when it comes to website designing? Motion UI is in very heavy demand as it captures users’ attention totally with various graphics, charts, hover animations, and much more.

With a little planning and proper implementation of Motion UI, we can bet that your website will stand as a unique product in this competitive market.

VR and AR

As they say, “The future is here”. With Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), human beings have leaped into the future. What has once been considered fantasy in some sci-fi movies is now in our hands thanks to many companies. Companies to utilize every aspect of VR and AR in their products have spent millions of dollars and people are just loving it.

Single Page Application (SPA)

Have you ever noticed how some websites give you a seamless experience where you do not have to reload or load pages to view new content? More and more content just keeps on popping up without the need to wait for new pages to be loaded onto your browser.

This is what we call a Single Page Application. When you eliminate the process of waiting for new data to come to your browser, it takes the user experience to a completely new level.

Wrapping Up

Whoa! That one exhaustive list of all the new technologies and trends will be dominating the market in 2020. In my opinion, this is the best time to be alive for both consumers as well as business owners as there is a win-win situation for both of them.

All the developers out there make the best of these new technologies to make some of the coolest and most trending applications ever.

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