Exciting WordPress Web Development Trends to Chase in 2020

WordPress web design and development trends

Whenever wondering about the best content management system for your website development business needs, the WordPress web development systems appear as a real king.

Well, all the latest WordPress web development trends are giving big hope to everyone. These updates are giving all the expectations for the best UX, and this’s seldom, which is driving people with excitement. The overall change in the life of society is extreme, and this is specifically a bliss given to the people from the latest web development area.

In this post, we’ve come across the WordPress Web Design Trends of 2020, which’s indeed mind-blowing. This advanced era of development will indeed help many businesses to automate facilities and programming.


Well, the great thing here would be you are already familiar with the mainstream of WordPress trends for the year 2020. Now it will be easier to know how to create a WordPress website.

In the past few years, WordPress web development services have evolved firmly. And, it has grown more engaging visuals to bring prominent clients. It has been observed from the present stats that WordPress is the most common usable and recommended content management system.

Since the evolution of the WordPress web platform, it has been ruling now for most of the sites online.

The potential and functionalities of this platform have led to the point where 34% of websites presently are practicing WordPress online. More so, it has been getting a market share of 60.9%; which clearly depicts its positive effects.

In order to keep the site on the top spot and ahead of your competition, you must follow the below mentioned innovative Web Development Trends 2020.

Trend No. 1 – Motion UI

With Motion UI (User Interface), web developers get the liberty to add some great graphics and motions into it and use some great design and interfaces. By the use of such an application, organizations get the ability to increase their number of customers, followers and also make navigation easy for your site to cope up with trends in the right way.

One robust application gets better than the other one when there’s effective website compliance. This compliance includes the proper integration of icons, fonts, colors, space, and motions. Well, Motion UI is an extremely valuable element of web development trends since a motion trend is itself a significant trend. The best here is, it helps bring all the digital products into existence.

Whenever you get this element integrated into your design, it becomes one of the most substantial aspects which let your brand speak its story.

Trend No. 2 – Push Notifications From Websites

Push notifications are something which is just like most websites; however, the most important work is to integrate this “push notifications” feature into the design. Primarily, push notifications are a way through which you get all the information concerned with your website.

Be it the notification of content or any changes made in the design layout; everything is got covered under this section. Through this trend, the interaction time among visitors and sites content gets decreased.

Trend No. 3 – AR (Augment Reality) & VR (Virtual Reality) Technology

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
Innovation in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Applications.

These two are the most promising trends to follow up with for building business websites. WordPress completely authorizes Virtual Reality content, along with 360-degree videos and images.

The applications of VR are getting people talking about it everywhere. In fact, it has set the internet on fire and is expected to be gaining more popularity in 2020.

PRO TIP: VR and AR are the best options to go forward with for video and photo-based websites.

Trend No. 4 – Development In Micro Interaction Integrated UX Designs

Micro-interactions are popular trends in web development services. This has taken very many efforts to come to the place where it is presently. This is going to be the trend that is probably going to be used by a lot of people in 2020.

Such features enabled on the website, let the user have more communication with the website. More so, it functions as the most reliable means of attaining more leads and engagement on the site.

Trend No. 5 – Artificial Intelligence

Implementations of Artificial Intelligence in Shaping a Better Tomorrow
Artificial Intelligence’s Contribution for Our Better Tomorrow

Artificial intelligence provides a completely different outlook on the web development process. Many large-scale businesses and small-scale businesses have been impacted by AI and have come across the influence of artificial intelligence in WordPress Web Development Trends.

Recently, one research has affirmed that by the end of this year, the Web Design area will experience an increase of 70% & by 2020 or 2021. This increase will be going to grow by 30%.

Normally, large-scale businesses spend considerable revenue on AI. The AI made many things automated and helped businesses analyze a user’s behavior through their previous searches and activities. Artificial Intelligence has led to the evolution of robots, which has actually made everyone reach ahead. It takes lots of effort and time to build sites, whereas AI lets a business create the website itself.

Trend No. 6 – E-Commerce

Well, E-commerce is one of the inescapable terms on WordPress websites. This is one of the striking trends which is going to be pretty much useful in the future. WooCommerce is one e-commerce plugin that has made the job of execution much easier for experts.

By integrating advanced WordPress themes, users can build a reliable and robust e-commerce system. A few E-commerce trends like personalized shopping, subscription-based service, and mobile shopping are currently in the trend, and hopefully, it will remain the same in 2020.

Trend No. 7 – Voice Search Optimization

Businessman holding vocal search system
Businessman holding voice search system

This is one of the most vital elements of the Search Engine Optimization process. A recent survey has depicted that 75% of people prefer going with the voice assistant rather than typing themselves on the search engine.

The usage of voice assistance services is probably going to increase in the upcoming time. Siri and Alexa are the two most common examples of voice-based assistants. This way, every size business can gain customer engagement with its targeted audience.

Consequently, these assistants have altered communication, and this voice search optimization would surely grow customer relationship management in the forthcoming time.


Here are a few latest WordPress web development trends in 2020 that we all are looking forward to. These would really help businesses stay ahead of one another and boost their development in this tech-savvy world.

Designers never sleep” is an expression that comes aptly in today’s time. When we’ve to be prominent in the trade and be at the top, web designers need to cope with the latest technologies and development that we desire to make our job easy.

Future of WordPress Web Development in 2020 gives us a sense of how to improve and how fabulous our web world will be.

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