How To Transform WEBP Images To JPG Or PNG Format

AnyWebP - convert images to WebP

WebP files are widely used in mobile and web development applications. When users like a photo on a website and try to download it on their computer, the process is straightforward. However, viewing the image on the computer once it’s downloaded isn’t so easy.

WebP files aren’t supported by most platforms, which is due to lacking native support for WebP files. Most image openers will show an error message like “file type not supported”, “invalid file”, “err opening file”, and more.

While most OS have allowed support to WebP files through the latest updates, there are still countless users on this planet who need some sort of third-party tool to convert their beloved WebP images to some universal file format such as jpg or png that is accepted on every platform.

Any WEBP – WebP Converter Online

Any WEBP is one such tool that can change any WebP image to png, jpg, or gif. The use is very straightforward, and the process doesn’t consume much time. Expect to spend a few minutes under normal circumstances.

If you’ve downloaded an entire web gallery from a website in WebP format, you’ll surely be looking for a convenient way to process them and convert them into a JPG file. Don’t worry because no matter if there are hundreds of files, Any WEBP can change them to the desired format in a single batch.

It’s capable of handling hundreds of images at once and still works like a charm. All images could be processed and finish with the WebP to JPG/PNG/ICO or other images to WebP conversion without uploading. Keep your data safe and it is super fast.

How To Transform WEBP To JPG- Simple Steps

Follow these steps to quickly make a WebP file into jpg for free:

  • Open AnyWEBP on your computer
  • Drag and drop all the webp images in the given section. Alternatively, click on the icon, browse the webp files, and add the files.
  • In case if you’ve uploaded some incorrect files, click the “remove all files” button. This will reset the entire process. You need to re-add all the files from scratch.
  • Set the output to the desired format from the list, size to x1, and quality to 1. This restricts images from scaling or losing quality during conversion.
  • Click the “convert all webp” button and the processing will initiate automatically. Wait until everything finishes.
  • Do not close of refresh the window or else the session will be expired.
  • Once the download button becomes visible, click on it and the files will get downloaded on your PC. Cross check whether all the files in the said format are saved on the PC. If no, then download the files again to avoid inconvenience.

More Tools To Transform WebP To PNG

In addition to Any WEBP, there are a few more tools offering similar features, which are covered in this section.


Colorcinch is a photo editing tool that comes with a fast, free, and easy to use online image converter. You can edit your WebP images -crop, resize, enhance, make their colors pop, and convert them into different file formats.

Colorcinch - Photo editor
Colorcinch – Photo editor and image converter.

It’s very simple. All you have to do is:

  • Upload your WebP image to Colorcinch
  • Navigate to the Save menu. Select JPG, PNG, or PDF as your output file format.
  • Hit Save. Voila! You have your converted image.


This is an online web tool that allows quick and efficient conversion. There’s no need to sign up or log in anywhere. It’s free and doesn’t demand you to enter your credit card details. It can handle bulk operations but can take a while depending on the network connection.

iloveimg - Convert WebP to JPG
iloveimg – Convert WebP to JPG

The interface is so simple that there’s no irrelevant content on the website apart from the advertisements. It allows uploading the WebP files from the computer, dropbox, and Google Drive.

Follow these steps and you’ll be able to change all your favorite WebP images to JPG in no time:

  • Visit this iLoveImg on your computer
  • Click on select images to browse the PC and upload all of them to the server. Or else, click on the icons adjacent to it and upload files from your Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • Click on the plus icon to add more files to the batch.
  • Once the uploading part is done, click the big button that says “convert to JPG”. The processing will initiate from here.
  • When the download button becomes visible, click on it to save the converted files at once on your PC.
  • Optionally, you can share about this feature on your social media account through the dedicated buttons on the screen. But this part is totally optional, so don’t let it bother you.


This is the final tool of this article. It’s a free online web app that facilitates converting WebP files to a number of other formats. It supports several image file formats. The conversion is quick with guaranteed results. You can change multiple files in a single batch at once. There are no restrictions on the number of times to use the tool.

ConvertSimple - Convert WebP to JPG
ConvertSimple – Convert WebP to JPG

Moreover, users from all over the world have access to this website. There’s no need to sign up or log in anywhere to get started. Hence, expect quick performance. To learn how to conveniently convert all the WebP images to the desired file format, follow the steps below:

  • Visit ConvertSimple website
  • Click on the “select files to convert” button to browse the PC and upload the files. Or else, drag and drop all the images to this section.
  • Make sure to set the output format from the list. Select JPG if unsure what to do.
  • Then click the convert button. There should be multiple convert buttons visible on the screen. All of them are genuine.
  • If you wish to remove any file from the list, click the cross button in front of it.
  • Wait until the conversion operation is in progress. Do not close or refresh the website at this point.
  • Each image will have a dedicated download button. Click on it to download that particular file. Or else click the “download all” button to save the entire converted batch at once.


By the end of this article, three wonderful web app tools were discussed. All of them offer the same features, while the user experience can differ. If some particular website doesn’t suit you, then don’t hesitate to try out other services.

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