Elementor Review: Is it the best WordPress page builder?

Elementor Review

Websites have become an integral part of any business in the current times. Every business needs a well-designed website to have a compelling online presence.

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There are tons of website-building tools available in the market that web designers used to create astonishing websites.

One such tool is Elementor. Launched in 2016, this easy to use & highly efficient website builder is rapidly gaining immense popularity. With more than 500,000 websites built with the help of Elementor has established itself as a market leader in the short term.

But is Elementor worth all the hype? Is it the right website-building tool? What are the critical features of Elementor?

I have answered all these questions in this Elementor review.

Let’s get going.

What is Elementor?

Eleanor is a web builder that is designed to assist novice website designers. You can create stunning & highly interactive websites using Elementor. When it comes to WordPress Page builder, nothing comes close to Elementor. Elementor is definitely a force to reckon with five million-plus installations across the web.

It’s arguably one of the most simple yet efficient Page builders available right now.

What are the best features of the Elementor?

What are the best features of Elementor min
What are the best features of Elementor?

Elementor comes with a lot of features that make it one of the most preferred website builders. Here is the list of features that I feel are the best.

Elementor Website Builder For WordPress – Build Stunning Websites Free & Easy

Drag & Drop:

When you are using Elementor, you don’t have to be an expert coder. You can design stunning websites using this Drag & Drop Feature. All you have to do is choose a layout & start editing the features you want to change.

You can either create new pages for editing or edit the existing ones. This Drag & Drop feature gives you complete control of the layout. The thing that I liked the most about Elementor is the real-time view of any changes you make. Whenever you edit anything, you can instantly check its effect on the page.

Highly flexible

Unlike other website builders that require you to operate from Laptop or Desktop, Elementor gives you more flexibility. You can make changes or edit the whole website from any handheld gadget like a tablet or Cell-phone too!

Imagine how flexible & convenient it will be to edit your website on the go? This feature really stands out from the rest.

Template Library

If you are looking to build your website quickly without investing much time, Elementor has a solution for this too. Thanks to the Elementor template library, you can pick up any templates that suit your website’s goal & start editing them.

These templates are available in two forms:

  • Pages: These are fully designed, ready-to-use Page templates that you can use directly for your website. All you have to do is select one & start editing the content.
  • Blocks: If you are looking for something more customized, blocks are a suitable choice for you. They are sections of a design that you can pick & add to your website. For e.g., if you want a ready-to-use blog section for your website, you can select it from the library & use it.

Mobile responsive designs

Today almost half of the web traffic comes from Mobile devices. So it is critical that your website looks & works efficiently on Desktops, Laptops, Smartphones & Tablets alike.

When you use Elementor, you can rest assured about one thing; your website will be mobile responsive by default.

And if you want to see what your website’s tablet or mobile version will look like, you can preview it directly from the interface.

Attractive Motion effects

Adding motions effects like parallax can be of great help in making your website more intuitive & attractive. If you want to do the same thing with your website, Elementor is equipped with this feature too.

You can add a wide range of motion effects to various elements of your website. You can also add mouse effects to make the scrolling more intuitive.

Pop-up Builder

Pop-ups are an excellent way to generate instant attraction & take your user to the next level of your funnel. In fact, I feel it is one of the most crucial parts of a marketing campaign.

With Elementor, you can create a highly engaging & variety of pop-ups like Hello Bar, Full-screen Fly-in, or Classic.

The best part? You can add clickable content to these pop-ups to make them look more attractive.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the pros & cons of Elementor.

What is the Elementor pricing structure?

Elementor comes with the 30-day money-back guarantee on all of its plans. Check out the detailed pricing of the Elementor in the below image.

Elementor Review
Elementor Review 2022 Is it really the best WordPress page builder

What are the pros & cons of Elementor?

Elementor Review
Pros & Cons of Elementor

Here are some Elementor Pros & Cons

Pros of Elementor:

  • Simple Interface: Elementor makes website designing extremely easy with its simple interface. With its drag & drop feature, website designing becomes super easy.
  • Live Editing: The biggest concern of designers is how their website will actually look after editing. But with Elementor, you can perform live editing on your websites & see the effects in real-time.
  • Hundreds of Templates: Designing a website from scratch is too time-consuming. When you use Elementor, you get access to hundreds of templates that you can edit quickly for building your website.
  • Responsive designs: A lot of web traffic comes from mobile devices & hence, your website must look and perform perfectly on all devices. Thankfully, every website you build using Elementor is highly responsive to all screens.
  • SEO-friendly: If your website looks stunning but not visible to your audience, it is useless. Thankfully, every website designed using Elementor is SEO-friendly, making finding it on Google easy.
  • Free Trial: The only way you can test anything is by using it. So Elementor offers you a free trial before you invest your hard-earned money in it.

Cons of Elementor:

  • An issue with Third-party plugins: Third-Party Plugins are critical for the efficient performance of your website. Elementor allows third-party plugins, but many users face issues & glitches.
  • Not all-browser friendly: Websites built with Elementor work well on Search Engines like Google, but many users have complained that these websites do not work well on search engines like Firefox & DuckDuckGo.
  • Pricing: I personally feel that the pricing of Elementor is comparatively high. There are better & cheaper options available in the market.

Final Thoughts

Elementor is one of the best website building platforms available right now in the market. Although it does have some drawbacks, its pros easily outweigh the cons. So if you are looking for a simple, easy use & effective website builder, Elementor should be your choice.

I hope this Elementor review will help you make the right decision while selecting the website designing platform.

If you want to learn more about Digital Marketing or SEO, please visit my website here. I am sure you’ll find information that you’ll love.


Do I need coding knowledge to use Elementor?

No, you don’t; you can easily build a website with a drag u0026amp; drop feature. But I believe having basic coding knowledge is helpful.

Does Elementor offer a free trial?

Yes, it does.

Are Elementor websites Mobile optimized?

Yes, all the Elementor websites are mobile responsive

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