7 Reasons to Choose Ruby on Rails for Start-up Web Development

Development, transformation and customisation of web applications mainly depend on the web framework used. With the help of ruby on the rail, the developer finds the best ease in developing best apps without any limitations. With the help of this open web framework, a developer can optimise the programs for sustained productivity.

The best part of this ruby on rail is that it has the capability to complete the mission as expected which may not be possible with others. That’s why it is becoming the best option for various startups.

Looking at the statistics of ruby on rails usage, around 865,472 websites depend on ruby on rails, which include a fleet of websites belonging to various areas.

Ruby on Rails Popular Website Verticals.
Ruby on Rails Popular Website Verticals.

Usage of Ruby on a rail in various start-ups

Various start-ups like Bloomberg, Basecamp, Fiverr, Golden pages, Twitch, Hulu GitHub, Slideshare, Airbnb are using Ruby on a rail and becoming dependent on it owing to its amazing features. Not only these above-mentioned companies but also many more are using this ruby on a rail and the best thing is that it operates a wide range of business operations. For instance, fiverr operates freelance Market, yellow pages operate directory, etc.

Reasons supporting Ruby on Rail for web development

1. Budget flexible

As mentioned above, Ruby on Rail is an open source web platform that means companies can use it for free. This serves very usefully especially for the various start-ups as all the companies may or may not be able to afford the cost. Because other languages are expensive and are not affordable by all the start-up companies.

2. Time to Market (TTM)

There is a lot of confusion in choosing the appropriate language for web application development. Python, Java and RoR have their own characteristics features and RoR stands out in being faster than the other conventional languages. The best part of RoR is that it reduces the development time by 25-50℅. RoR has many modules and plug-ins with the help of which developer can code endless frameworks.

3. Easy learning curve

Reading the codes in RoR is much easier than other languages. This makes it more preferred as it uses English like syntax which is easy to understand. This will! Further, help the developers in saving a lot of time as they didn’t rewrite or create code from the beginning.

4. Easy maintenance and support

Ruby on Rail is the combination of ruby and rail and thus it offers benefits of the two. This amazing combo inspired the development of the RoR community and also there exist a RubyGems hosting services. Owing to these benefits, various start-up web development companies entitles rails as o e of the best-supported framework.

5. Clean codes

Ruby on Rails Clean Coding
Ruby on Rails Clean Coding

RoR helps in tracking the conventional codes making the shift from one developer to another easy. This is possible only because the codes are clean and anybody can understand it easily. This feature is unique to RoR and offers developers to choose it as it is the best option for making any changes in future.

6. High productivity

Ruby in combination with rails is incredible. Such a combination with plethora as third party library accelerates the speed of development of the app. This feature turns out to be very productive.

7. e-commerce friendly

E-commerce is the order of the day and Ruby on Rails with its amazing features like maintaining a strong database, chat apps integration, and such raises e-commerce traffic, making the platform e-commerce friendly.


The above-mentioned reasons support highly that Ruby on Rails development is extremely good for various Web development start-up companies. If you are looking for Ruby on Rails Web Development, then reach us at fugenx.com. FuGenX Technologies, a pioneer among the various ruby on rails development companies offer you the best of the best services.

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