Ultimate Driving Experience Days for People That Love Adrenaline

Car driving experience

If you’re looking for a unique present for someone that loves cars or adrenaline or even both, then track experience days are a great choice.

Most tracks offer two options. The first is to take your own car to drive on the course, which is perfect if your significant other has just installed a new Garret Early Ford Turbocharger and wants to test it out.

The second option is to try the cars that the course supplies, which could be anything from mini coopers to race-ready cars.

Land Rover Drive Experience

A great choice for a bit of a different type of track day is a Land Rover Experience Day. Land Rovers have been hugely popular for years, and many people who would love to own one choose a more practical option instead.

If you’re buying for someone who fancies taking a Land Rover over an off-road course, then this is the option for you. You’ll be able to choose from a few different options such as a taster session, which will last around an hour, a half-day course, or a full-day course.

The longer you have to drive, the more exciting driving you’ll be likely to do. Some of the best off-road experiences are in the countryside, so you could even plan a whole holiday around the experience.

Lotus Experience

Lotus has some for the most popular lightweight sports cars available, and you may have a flash of jealousy if you see one drive fast. For anyone that wants to drive fast, a Lotus experience could be a great present.

With over 400 bhp in the top range models, you’ll be able to really feel what this car was made to do on a track day, which is better than driving them around town stuck at 30 mph, anyway.

Mercedes-Benz World

If you can travel to the Brooklands circuit, then the Mercedes-Benz driving experience is a great choice for a track day. You can get experiences that last anywhere from 30 minutes to three hours, meaning you can really get a feel for the AMG model that’s available to test drive. There are also 4×4 experiences and options for under-17s that don’t even have their license yet.

Porsche Experience Day

Another heavyweight car manufacturer, if you’re buying for someone who dreams of owning a sports car, then this could be the perfect gift. The Porsche Experience Center offers a 90-minute and a 150-minute driving experience option where you’ll be able to test some of the most popular cars they offer. This includes the 718 Cayman, the Porsche Boxster, and their famous 911 sports car.


If none of these quite match what you’re looking for, then check out TrackDays, a company dedicated to creating experience days for car lovers. If you can think of a car, they probably have an experience day for it. From go-karts to tanks, you’ll probably be able to find the track day that best suits your friend or family member.

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