Energized for the Business Day Ahead: Travel Fitness Tips

Business - Travel Fitness Tips

If you run out of juice halfway through a business trip, you might be travelling wrong. If your fitness routine takes a vacation every time you pack a suitcase, you may benefit from what we’re about to tell you.

In the interest of happy and fit business travellers everywhere, we are pleased to present a few tricks and tips you can use to stay energized the next time you travel for business.

Plan ahead for fitness

Set a goal to remain active when you travel, and stick to it. Before you leave home, find out if your local gym has a location in your destination. Visit their website to see a list of classes and workout schedules to find out which fit best into your travel itinerary. If your gym offers national membership, you may be able to work out during your business trip for no cost at all, notes ShareCare magazine.

Book lodging in a hotel that provides an on-site fitness centre. Again, a website will probably tell you everything you need to know about fitness centre hours and available exercise equipment. If you wish to take a run in your business destination, ask the concierge at the JW Marriott Hill Country Resort or wherever you are staying for directions to the best tracks and jogging paths.

Take-along portable fitness tools

As you are packing for your biz trip, tuck a flexible workout band into your luggage. It won’t take any room and will give you a way to improve strength as you travel, advises Smart Meetings magazine.

A jump rope is another very small, effective exercise gear you can tote along as you travel. With a few small exercise accessories, you can work out in your hotel room and stay fit no matter how extended your business trip is. Don’t forget to take your running shoes, as well.

Fabulous food choices

When people travel, they often overeat. Avoid this fitness-wrecking problem by taking healthful snacks such as unsalted nuts, dried fruit, whole-grain cereal bars, and trail mix. Munch these instead of fattening airline snacks, and you will boost your travel fitness exponentially.

Restaurants are a fact of life when travelling on business or pleasure. Ask for salads with dressing on the side, and trade soda for water. Instead of mayo on a sandwich, opt for fat-free mustard, instead. Order meats grilled, broiled, or baked instead of fried, and skip the breadbasket that’s sure to be provided before your meal.

When you go for coffee with a business associate, enjoy a mug or two of black coffee. Whatever you do, avoid pricey coffee drinks such as mocha caramel or anything named frappuccino.

On the flight, limit your alcohol consumption and drink plenty of water. Get out of your seat and walk the aisle every hour or so, and you’re sure to feel much better when you land.

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