FlexClip Review: Is it the right tool for Video Creators?

flexclip review

If you are a vlogger, Influencer, or YouTube channel owner, you clearly understand the potential of an attractive video. But creating them is no common feat, at least a few years back!

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There was a time when you needed a dedicated system & tools to create phenomenal videos.

But not anymore! The job has become super easy with the introduction of online video editing tools like FlexClip. These tools help beginners create fantastic videos for branding, marketing and promotions.

But how good this FlexClip really is? In this detailed FlexClip review, I’ll show you how this video editing tool works, what are its best features & what are its Pros & Cons. I’ll also share FlexClip pricing & will tell you whether there are any promotional offers.

This honest FlexClip review is something that you must read before you start using this tool.

Let’s get started.

What is FlexClip?

Let’s begin this FlexClip review by understanding what this tool really is.

FlexClip is an online video-editing & publishing tool designed for beginners and pros alike. FlexClip is something that’s very simple, easy to use & yet delivers phenomenal results.

From video editing, altering fonts, adding shapes, utilizing stock media, uploading your own media, to adding your custom watermark, you can do anything with FlexClip.

FlexClip has more than 3 million users worldwide! And out of these 3 million, 400,000 are paid users. These stats are enough to show the popularity of FlexClip. Its enormous library, super easy video editor & royalty-free music, makes it one of the most utilized Free Video Editing tool.

Getting Started with FlexClip

The best thing about FlexClip that I came across during my review is its very easy from the get-go. And they offer a free account too. This free account is an excellent option for someone who is getting started or wants to test the features of FlexClip.

To get started, just visit their website & sign-up for free! You are good to go. Your free account is ready for use.

How to use FlexClip to create videos?

When you log in to your FlexClip account, you will observe that the layout is somewhat similar to Canva. Such a simple & intuitive UI ensures even a beginner can use this software effectively.

image 6
FlexClip Projects

On the left side, you can see the Menu where you can access various tabs. In the “My Project” tab, you can see all the projects you have created till now. A free account offers 12 projects right now.

The next tab is “My Templates.” Here you can access multiple free video templates available with FlexClip. Then there is a tab for “Stock Video,” where you can surf thousands of stock videos for your project.

The Premium account gives you access to additional features like “Cloud Storage” & multiple fonts. And if you want to start from Scratch, FlexClip has that option too. You can click on the big Orange Button, “Start From Scratch,” at the top of the Menu.

How to create videos using a template with FlexClip?

If you are new to video creation & editing, templates are the obvious choice to get started. And FlexClip has many to offer. You can access all these templates from the home page itself. As shown in the figure below, templates from various categories like LIFESTYLE, PROMO & SALES, MOST POPULAR, SLIDESHOW, ADS, EDUCATION & TRAINING, CORPORATE, SPORTS AND FITNESS.

image 7
Flexclip Templates

A free tool with so many templates is hard to believe, but it is what it is!

Step1: Choose the template

You can select any templates based on the industry, service or product you want to advertise. As shown in the image below, I tried my hands on a video for a construction company.

image 8
FlexClip Construction Company Template

Step 2: Choose the mode of editing

Click on the “Customize” button & you will be redirected to the video editor. Here you will get two options for editing, Timeline mode & Storyboard mode.

If you are well-versed in video editing & want to personalize the video to its core, you can go with Timeline mode. But if you want to keep things simple & get done with the task quickly, Storyboard mode is suitable. I chose the latter one.

Step 3: Customize the template

Once you are in the video editor, you will see many tools you can use to customize the video. You can add your media; you can add & alter Text or add or remove music. If you want to add some elements to the video template, Flexclip offers that functionality too.

image 9
FlexClip Video Editor

At the bottom, you can see each slide. FlexClip allows you to edit each slide separately. Apart from standard editing features, FlexClip offers an option to change your video background too.

Finally, the development team hasn’t forgotten the “Branding” part! You can add your logo, tagline or any other element that showcases your brand.

Step 4: Preview the video

Once you are done with editing & customizing the video, it’s time to look at how well you have fared! At the top right corner, you will find the “Preview” button. By clicking here, you can take a peek at the final preview. If needed, you can go back and make the necessary changes.

Step 5: Export the video

Once the video is ready & you have made sure there is nothing more to edit, it’s time to export the video. At the top-right corner, you will see the “Export” button. FlexClip offers you two options for the file you are about to download.

image 10
FlexClip Video Export Format Options

Either you can download the standard “Video” format or the “GIF” format. GIFs are a good choice if you need a smaller size. The otherwise standard video format is excellent.

You can access only 480p quality video if you use the free account. For higher-resolution videos, you will have to upgrade to either the “Basic” plan (780p) or the “Plus” plan (1080p).

Once you select the required format & click on Export, the FlexClip process the file & it will be available for download. You can copy the video link directly or share it on YouTube, DropBox, or Google Drive.

image 11
Flexclip Share Video

How to make a video from Scratch using FlexClip?

Now, this is the realm of professional video editors! But beginners, fret not; FlexClip isn’t that complex after all. Even creating videos from Scratch is easy. Let me show you how.

Step 1: Open the Video Maker

On the home page, click “Start from Scratch,” & FlexClip will take you to the video editor similar to the one we just used for templates. The only difference here is that you can create everything on your own.

Step 2: Start creating the video.

As you can see, there is a 3-second slide at the bottom of the editor. You can add as many slides as you like. Each slide can be customized with your own texts, images, elements, or videos. You can choose them from FlexClip’s vast library or upload your own.

image 12
FlexClip Video Editing

Step 3: Add Music

FlexClip’s massive music & royalty-free library offers you a great many options. You can choose the music that suits your brand. If you want, you can upload your track too.

image 13
Flexclip Review

Apart from this, you can add multiple overlays to make your video look more attractive.

Step 4: Preview & Download

The Preview & Download process & options here are the same as they were in the templates. You can choose the format & video quality while exporting the file.

See? It’s pretty simple to create even customized videos from Scratch using FlexClip. All you need is a bit of effort.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best features in this review.

What are the best FlexClip features?

flexclip 3
What are the best FlexClip features?

During my review, I came across multiple features that I liked. These features are generally available for paid & expensive video editing software. Having them for free was a pleasant surprise. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • Simple & Efficient Video Maker: Whether you are new to video editing or have been doing it for years, FlexClip will keep you happy! You can create template videos or videos from Scratch using the simple Video Maker. With features like drag-and-drop & one-click control, you can effortlessly control hundreds of functions. You can alter orientation, frame speed, lightning & much more using Flexclip.
  • Efficient Video Converter: Creating the right-sized & right-resolution video is vital for better reach. Your video should be accessible to all devices. Using FlexClip video converter, you can select a personalized video size that fits different devices. You can also convert it into any format of your liking.
  • Rich Template Library: One remarkable thing I observed was its Rich Template Library. No matter your business, you will always find templates for your industry niche.
  • Advanced Non-linear Editing: If you are a pro, you will love this feature. Using Timeline based editing, you can add motion graphics, video choreography and built-in transition effect. These features will help you create stunning videos.
  • Massive Video Library: There are thousands of videos available in the FlexClip video library. You name it, and they have got it! You can choose from business videos, personal videos, Social Media videos, marketing videos, music videos & much more.
  • Free Plan: Now imagine a tool that offers all these features & most of them are free to use! Yes, the Free Plan of FlexClip gives you access to many excellent features that a beginner might need.

In a nutshell, FlexClip is that fantastic tool that every video editor craves! During this review, I understood why almost 3 Million people are using it. All advanced features & simple UI places FlexClip in the league of big boys.

What is the FlexClip pricing structure?

 Apart from the free plan, FlexClip offers three paid plans, viz.

  • Basic ($1.79/mo)
  • Plus ($2.99/mo)
  • Business (5.99/month)
image 14
FlexClip Pricing

The paid plans have a lot of additional features that will help you create truly amazing videos. You can check out the detailed FlexClip pricing.

What are FlexClip Alternatives?

flexclip 2
FlexClip Alternatives

Here is the list of some potential FlexClip Alternatives:

  • Console
  • Icons8
  • Screening
  • Invideo
  • Clipdrop
  • Transparent Background Maker
  • Elai.io
  • Tella 1.0
  • Screen Recorder
  • Giphy

FlexClip Pros & Cons

No tool is without some limitations, no matter how good it is. Here is the list of some FlexClip Pros & Cons that I found during my review:


  • Simple & Easy UI
  • Royalty-free Music & Video Library
  • It’s a web-based tool that can be accessed from anywhere
  • Can create video from Scratch
  • Offers Free plan
  • Paid plans are pretty affordable


  • Features in the free plan are limited (understandable)
  • Some editing features could have been better

FlexClip Coupon Code

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My Final Verdict on FlexClip review: Should you use FlexClip?

FlexClip is a fantastic video editing tool with all the necessary features you will ever need. Its simple design and easy UI make it a great choice, especially for beginners. The best part is, it has a free plan too.

So if you are looking for a free video editing tool that’s on par with the expensive ones, FlexClip is a perfect choice. Give it a try & you won’t be disappointed.

Parting Remarks

I hope this detailed FlexClip review will be of great help to you. I have personally tested this tool & have found it helpful. For many such tool reviews, you can visit my website here. And if you need a review on any other tool, drop a comment & I will try my best to come up with its review.

Till then, happy reading!


Is FlexClip a good video editing tool?

Yes, it’s a beautiful tool with a lot of features.

Does FlexClip offer a free plan?

Yes, they have a free plan, but with limited features.

Can I create videos from Scratch using FlexClip?

Yes, you can. Or you can use ready-made templates too.

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