Reasons why Flutter is the Best Technology Solution for Start-ups

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If you look at the statistics of mobile apps and their usage, the figures are staggering! For instance, in the year 2019 alone, there were $204 billion mobile app downloads worldwide.

And the worldwide mobile app revenues in 2019 were $462 Billion. (Source)

While these figures are tempting for any business, there are certain other figures that enterprises must look at. Like, according to Gartner, only 0.001% of mobile apps were commercially successful in the year 2018, and that the reasons for app failure break-up show that, 19% of apps fail due to weak Product Core and 13% fail due to incorrect launch time. (Source)

Thus, it is evident that although the Mobile App market is lucrative and ensures quicker success with minimal resources, there are fair chances that the app that Start-ups are planning might not attain the financial success that they have estimated. In such a competitive market, enterprises that are looking forward towards a tech start-up through a mobile application they must ensure the following things:

  • Start-up requires a team
  • Cost-effective business approach
  • Faster go to market strategy
  • Proper financial planning for development, deployment and marketing
  • Optimum code reusability for future scalability
  • Budget for software updates and innovation

Also, while the mobile apps are the cornerstone of cognitive technologies, they must also be able to be compatible with relatively smart devices. In this age of cut-throat competition, mobile app start-ups face the challenge of extreme customer expectations such as periodic innovation and relativity of product.

Such is the need for innovation that if the product is not upgraded according to the market demands, then today’s revolution can become tomorrow’s obsolete.

In such competitive mobile app market, the decision that can create a major impact on the success of a mobile app is the choice of technology for the development of the mobile app.

Start-ups must opt for a technology solution that not only ensures cost-effective development but also ensures optimum scalability and code reusability. The technology solution itself must be constantly evolving with the latest market trends.

In such demanding times, the technology that has been trending in the Mobile App Development market is Flutter. To understand why Flutter has been trending amongst Start-ups for mobile app development, we are providing the Flutter 101 for enterprises and giving them validation for choosing Flutter Technology Solution for Mobile App Development:

What is Flutter?

Flutter is Google’s prodigy mobile UI framework that functions in single codebase and it empowers developers to create high-quality interfaces and designing of User Experiences.

The platform has been known for its native applications and for its faster development. The platform itself has the following tagline, “Beautiful Native Application in Record Time”.

Why Flutter?

Open Source with the dedicated team:

Flutter is an Open Source portable UI toolkit for developers. But that does not mean that the platform is not updated periodically. Flutter platform has a dedicated team of developers who are updating the platform constantly for the market.

Native Experiences:

In this world of tough competition, personalisation has become the need of the hour. To attract users, enterprises are catering to personalised experiences to customers based on the platform.

Both the iOS and Android platforms have different functionalities and UI requirements and with flutter, enterprises can create native UI with a single codebase!

Aspects like scrolling, navigation, icons and fonts and be created with native experience using Flutter. Also, these aspects of development help enterprises in creating native experiences in minimal cost and time, leading to the faster go-to market.

Faster reload times help in continuous development:

As discussed earlier, enterprises will have to constantly update their application in order to keep the mobile application relevant for the users. When such is the case, it is essential that the cost of the application is kept in check and that updates are rolled out with optimum utilisation of time and resources.

When enterprises opt for Flutter technology solution for mobile app UI, developers can deploy changes in Sub-second reload times without losing the emulators, simulators, and hardware.

Apart from that, Flutter also facilitates developers to test and view the most recent code changes without risking away the current state of the application as Flutter saves the current state of the application in the background and if the change is not suitable, then the app can be reversed to its previous state easily without losing any data.

Varied ready-to-use widgets:

Google’s Flutter claims that it has the biggest widget library in the world. Thus, not only can developers create UI quickly using this library, but they can also customise the whole widget to make them suitable for your brand logo and image and create a uniform experience for your users.

Apart from that, there are also wide ranges of ready-to-use Animations available along with internationalised Flutter Libraries that enable the developers to make the application compatible with industrial market and culture of the users who are going to access the application by developing the application according to the language, text and preferred layout of the specific geographic location.

Code Reusability (Single Codebase):

Every enterprise wishes to have the maximum reach of their digital platform, especially if the product is for the open market. While the Start-up culture suggests that the product is launched with MVP (Minimum Viable Product) first, it is also essential that enterprises plan for the future and opt for technology solution that are scalable.

Because of this, Flutter Technology Solution is widely accepted by Start-ups! For instance, due to its code reusability capabilities, developers can use the single codebase of mobile application and use it to develop the Web as well as the embedded application of the digital platform.

One-stop solution:

Too many cooks spoil the broth. When developers use multiple platforms for different purposes, there are possibilities of chaos. Because of this reason, Flutter serves as a one stop solution for developers and the technology platform can be used for development, deployment and also for rendering changes.

So, when you opt for Flutter, here are the operational benefits that ensure that enterprises get quality with affordability:

Operational Benefits of using Flutter:

  • Faster go to market and initiators benefit from quick and effective development and deployment.
  • Code Reusability and fast development approach leads to the minimal cost of development
  • A dedicated team of Flutter and the wide-range use of platform ensure continuous evolution and minimises the risk of technology becoming obsolete.

Thus, when Start-ups opt for Flutter Technology Solution for UI development, they choose agility, quality, and variety with affordability. Because of these features, even the Technology giants like Alibaba, Google, and Tencent opt for Flutter Technology Solution for their start-up mobile app development projects.

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