Four Ways to Improve Your Email Conversions

Trends in Email Marketing

One of the most effective forms of increasing customer engagement is through email marketing. Those who say email is dead couldn’t be more wrong.

Email is still one of the most convenient methods for reaching out to your prospects and clients – whether it be for a special deal or to launch new products and services. Still, you need to update how you communicate. Continue reading to learn how to boost your email conversions.

Understand your target market

The last thing you want to do is blast off 1,000 generic emails to unsuspecting recipients. First, you will receive a lot of unsubscribing hits. Second, many of the emails will get deleted. Third, you might get put into email jail by your email client for spam.

People are overwhelmed with messages. They will only open what they feel is relevant to their needs and wants at the time. So, it is critical to understand what intrigues your target market. You can start by segmenting your recipient list by location, age group, and interests. Your recipients want to see that you care about their specific needs. Before you hit send, make sure your message is targeted.

Don’t send an epic novel

No one has time to read anything longer than a few short paragraphs. This is especially true if they are not a buying customer. They want short blurbs telling them exactly what you have to offer. In the old days of email marketing, you might have sent a newsletter.

Today, people want just one focused message. They don’t want an epic novel. If they are interested, they will visit your website for additional information. If you choose to send an electronic fax, you still need to make sure your message is concise.

People react to the simple messages that are relevant. Plus, most emails are now read on mobile. People are reading emails in transit. This is why you need to get to the point quickly.

Make it enjoyable

Readers don’t want to have to squint their eyes or pull out their glasses to read your content– that is just too much work. So, get used to large and readable fonts. The most reader-friendly combination is white text on a black background. Your emails should always be easy to read.

Focus on authenticity

Your recipients are no longer impressed by wild advertising claims about the latest and greatest product on the market. What they really want is authenticity. They want to know that the email was sent from a real person, not a machine or a robot.

While it’s understandable to use an automated system– especially if you have thousands of customers, you still want your emails to look similar to what you might write to a friend. This is how you can get their attention.

Your readers want to feel as if they have a valuable role in what you’re doing. Get them involved and engaged. It helps to treat them like your buddy because they want to participate and respond. If you can make them laugh, even better.

Email marketing is one of the best methods for reaching out to your prospects and customers. Plus, if you follow the tips above you’ll receive a boost in your conversions.

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