Generating Leads with SEO and PPC: A Step by Step Guide 2019

Generating Leads

Generating a lead is one of the most difficult task for any website. Most of the professionals are looking forward to new and improved tactics to generate leads. With enormous amount of traffic on the internet, there is opportunity to grab lion’s share from the market.

There are tons of ways in which you can do it. You can either spend a lot of money and get traffic on your website, or if you are serious about generating a lead, follow the tips mentioned below.

But the only problem is that how will you get that share if you don’t make a great start. Again, and again it was concluded that brands are hiring digital agencies to do all the crucial stuff.

For ages marketers are relying on content to attract and entice customers. However, if the goal is to attract the customer, it is difficult for the website owners to maintain a sustainable leads generation funnel. However, there are certain ways in which you can leverage the power of SEO and PPC to generate valuable leads.

Before jumping straight into it. One thing to keep in mind is that lead generation is an on-going process, which means whatever you learn here will benefit you only if you keep doing the things again and again.

Follow the tips mentioned below and see what is working for you. Not everything will give instant results, but if you don’t try everything how will you know which one is working right for you?

Understand the intent of the user

If you want to lead you need to first understand what your customers want? Known as customer’s intent, it is wise to know the intent of customer before you post things on the internet.

Here are few things which you can use as a guideline:

  • Aim for the solution of problems. And when you find the solution embed it in a long-tail keyword. Use ahrefs to check the volume of the keyword and makes the necessary changes based upon that.
  • Gone are the times when users preferred to buy things from their desktop computers or laptops, now everyone is purchasing from mobile. If your website is not optimized for mobile, soon, you’ll die a merciful death.
  • If you’re from ancient times, there is good news for you. A meta description is not dead yet. You still need to hire a content writer to craft all those beautiful meta descriptions and embed some SEO terms in them. Apart from that, you need to optimize your landing page to generate leads.

Reference authority websites

Time and time again Google prefer to rank website which is linked with high-end websites. If you’re willing to increase your rank and create more leads, you should link to authority websites. People want to read good stuff and Google aims to provide them exactly what they’re looking for.

If your website is linked with some authority websites it will give more reasons to Google to trust your website and rank it higher. Figure out the authority websites in your niche and try linking with them. Write a blog about specific niche that the digital marketing agency is offering and mention your brand as a sideline.

Your only target is to get a link. Either get a link on the blog, or preferably get a link of your website. Both the links are useful. Even if you can get one link it will help Google to analyze and raise the rank of your blog.

Internal Linking is not dead yet

Do you have some pages which are limited to 2 nd or 3 rd pages of Google search results? Now is the time to turn the tables around. Use the power of internal linking to raise the ranks of those pages.

The more internal links a page have, higher Google will place the page on the search result. By giving internal links you’re giving extra juice to those pages and the juice will be well utilized by Google.

There is a huge difference between page one and page two of Google. If you are not on either of the pages, it is best to abandon the page altogether. If you cannot do it, you can always work on internal links and raise the rank of the page.

The trick is to link to those pages of your website who are already performing well in Google. Find those pages from Google Web Master and link those pages with your under-performing pages.

Optimize those landing pages well

Most of you are aware of creating landing pages that generate leads. But what about PPC landing pages? Yes, if your PPC content is great but the PPC landing copy is not up-to-the-mark it will hurt the overall performance of the ad.

In a study by MarketingSherpa, it was revealed that around 44% of the visitors prefer clicking on the landing page rather than CTA on the homepage. So, if you have a PPC ad that is performing well, the wise thing to do is to create a PPC landing page to complement that PPC ad.

The good thing about PPC landing page is that there is no navigation which means the focus of the customer is purely on generating a lead. If the customer is on PPC landing page, it means that user is ready to buy from you. The only thing you need to do now is to create an attention-grabbing CTA button which will force the users to buy the product.

Don’t just let those sit on the sides. Optimize them to get leads. It is an asset and make sure you use that asset well.

Use Supplementary media to complement the SEO

When you have spent a reasonable amount of time to put together a 3,000-blog post. When you put all your energy in the blog post it is your duty to commit seriously to create high-value for that blog.

The content that you’ve used on the blog can be easily converted into smaller supplementary media. For instance, you can create an infographic or convert the blog into a PowerPoint presentation. Create a short video of the blog and impress people who don’t like to read a lot.

You need to realize that media, no matter what will always be in demand. If you create some supplementary media out of the blog post, everything will turn out well.

Let’s Wrap it all up

Starting a business is easy but to keep the business running is hard. To execute is easy, to spread the message is easy, but if you want to know what the hardest thing is, it is generating leads on your business. With stiff competition out there, it is getting difficult to get your brand out there and generate lead out of it. Use these tips to hack the digital media and secure the top position in Google search results.

If there are some methods which are working for you, feel free to share in the comments section.

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