How PureVPN is Giving Instant Access to Netflix Users?

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It is now extremely easy for internet users to watch US Netflix with PureVPN from anywhere in the world. Netflix users already love it for the amazing service and now that US Netflix can be accessed instantly, things could never have been better.

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services that has grown at a rapid pace in the last few years. So much so, that it has become almost synonymous with binge-watching. Not to forget the “Netflix and chill” concept that people now associate with the streaming service.

Netflix has an insanely huge content library. The streaming giant adds new TV shows and movies every now and then. Netflix currently provides all sorts of content, such as new TV shows, original content, Movies, oldies and classics, documentaries, and even a kids section.

However, there is a lot that leaves Netflix every month too; partially because the contracts and deals that Netflix forms with studios are limited, and in part, because it wants to utilize the precious, yet ever-increasing, storage space that it has on its servers.

About US Netflix

This may sound surprising to a few people that Netflix categorizes its content according to different regions; content that is available in one region may not be accessible at all from another region. There are many reasons behind this categorization.

When you access Netflix from the US, you get access to so many different shows and movies that are not accessible from anywhere else in the world. It is quite unfair, that users from around the world subscribe for the same service, pay the same subscription fee, but don’t get the same service in return.

Why US Netflix is Not Available Everywhere

For one, content producers often hesitate in releasing their content worldwide as they are unsure about its implication. What the US people find funny, may be deemed inappropriate, and even offensive, in some regions. In such situations, producers receive enormous backlash which causes their reputation to take a hit. Nobody wants that.

Another reason that makes way for geo-restriction is the inability for Netflix to get broadcasting licenses for each of its content, for each of the regions it operates in. If Netflix makes available certain content in a region that doesn’t allow it, the streaming giant can face a lifetime ban, losing its entire user base from that region.

How to Access US Netflix with PureVPN Instantly

PureVPN has made it extremely easy to access US Netflix. Just follow the steps mentioned below. Once done, you will be able to access US Netflix right away without any difficulties or problems.

  1. Sign Up for PureVPN
  2. Get PureVPN’s Browser Extension (Chrome or Firefox)
  3. Sign in to the PureVPN browser extension using your user name and password
  4. Select US Netflix from “Popular Websites”
  5. Start binge-watching US Netflix

Final Word

As an advocate for cybersecurity and rights for all Netizens, PureVPN believes that every internet user has the right to access any content that they want. Censoring content based on regions is unethical, if not illegal, and goes against the policy dictated by the UN in 2016, which dictates that every internet user should have access to uncensored information online.

PureVPN stands firm and believes that every internet user should have access to unrestricted content. It provides internet unblocking tools to users, allowing them to reclaim their right to freedom of access for their desired content. It also allows users to exercise their online right to complete anonymity and freedom of speech by making them invisible online and protecting their personal data and information from being tracked or stolen.

If you are an internet user who wants to unblock the whole internet for any reason, such as being able to watch US Netflix from anywhere in the world, all you need is PureVPN, which can take care of all such needs for you in the most efficient manner.

Always protect your digital identity. Be safe, use PureVPN.

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