How to become a CEO: Ways, Courses, Education, Skillsets & experience required

How to become a ceo?

The Chief Executive office CEO is the top-ranking executive of any organization. For almost all company executives, there is nothing more valuable than the tag of CEO.

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I’ve come across hundreds of people having the same question: how to become a CEO? What education do I need to become CEO? & Where I can find the resources to be one?

In this detailed guide on How to become a CEO, I’ve shared answers to all of these questions. So if you are one who wants to climb the slippery rope of corporate culture & get on the top, this guide will prove a perfect direction marker.

Let’s get started with the basics.

Who is the CEO?

CEO or Chief Executive Officer is the top-most executive in any company, just below the directors in the “pecking order”! The CEO is responsible for all the key decisions in the Company that can make or break its fate. They are responsible for allocating all the available resources to get the optimum output & best results for the Company.

Depending on the Company’s profile & size, the task of the CEO may vary greatly. CEO of a Large-scale enterprise might be responsible for creating & executing strategies that will lead to the ultimate success of the Company.

On the contrary, the CEO of a small-scale company might be someone who manages the entire workforce & acts as a bridge between the company’s management & employees.

In any case, the job is complex & rewarding! That’s the reason why so many people dream of becoming a CEO.

Now, as you have a clear understanding of who a CEO is & what are his job roles, let’s take a look at the steps to become a CEO.

What are some of the common traits of a CEO?

How to become a CEO
Common traits of a CEO

Here’s the list:

  • Strong Leadership skills
  • Strong Communication skills
  • Confident
  • Ability to keep calm in a challenging situation
  • Skilled in getting work done
  • Strong decision-making skill
  • Easily Accessible
  • Out-of-the-box thinking
  • Extremely Focused

How to become a CEO?

How to become a CEO
Points on how to become a CEO.

Get a bachelor’s degree.

This goes without saying. CEO is a top-level executive position, so if you don’t have sufficient education, the chances of becoming a CEO are almost zero (unless you are the founder of the Company!

So the first step towards becoming a CEO starts with getting a bachelor’s degree. There is no thumb rule on which field you should choose for your bachelor’s degree if you want to be a CEO. But it’s quite understandable that if you have a degree in Business Administration, it will surely act in your favor.

Business Administration degree students learn the basics of any business like finance, economics & Management at early stages. Having this knowledge will surely make your journey toward becoming a CEO a bit smooth.

Apart from this, you can also choose some CEO courses that can help you become CEO. Reason? CEO is, by default, a leader of the whole organization. So if you have a certification that proves you have exceptional leadership skills, it will help you become a CEO quickly.

These courses blend the understanding of core concepts of leadership, along with business skills & corporate guidance. So for someone who wants to be a CEO, this course from edx will surely be of great help.

Get extensive work experience

As a CEO, you will have to take exceptionally tough decisions. So you must have an in-depth understanding of your field. The best way to do so is by building on-the-job experience & then climbing up one rung at a time in the corporate ladder.

After getting a bachelor’s degree, enter an organization of your liking at a lower management level. It’s a perfect place to learn the basics of management & how the Company ticks.

Once you have gained sufficient knowledge & experience, the next step is to leap into managerial positions.

Of course, this won’t be an overnight success. To become a general manager, you’ll have to deliver stellar performance with unmatched consistency, and you’ll need to show your leadership & Management skills that are essential for a CEO.

Once you are in the managerial position, it’s time to deploy all the knowledge & skills you learned for the Company’s success.

But remember, this can take years! So be patient & never take a step back.

You’ll find people who quickly rise amongst the rank by switching organizations. These organizations are often looking for someone from the outside with the necessary skills. So you can make a switch too.

You can make your own choice.

Get a Master’s Degree in Business Management

If you think the above step is taking too much time, there is a way to shorten your path to becoming a CEO. It is getting a certified Masters in Business administration from a reputed institution.

MBA is a course that can propel your corporate career way ahead of your peers. While getting an MBA degree, you are exposed to the real-life business conditions that prevail in the market.

You gain knowledge about multiple business elements like Finance, Project Management, Human Resources, Accounting & Macroeconomic trends.

The skills that you master during your MBA prepare you for all the hurdles you’ll face when you enter the industry.

E.g., this Masters in Business Management degree is designed to help students understand Business Operations & General Management. Having such a degree in your arsenal is a sure-shot way to beat your peers in the race to the chair of the CEO.

Final thoughts

Becoming a CEO is not everyone’s cup of tea. I know I am coming out a bit harsh, but this is the fact. Millions of executives around the globe dream of sitting at the top of the corporate ladder, but a few reach their goals.

But if you are exceptionally determined & focused, I am sure you can achieve this goal.

I hope you find these guides on How to become a CEO will help you in your long & perilous journey! But remember, once you finish the trip, immense success awaits you.


Do I need an MBA to become a CEO?

It’s not mandatory to have an MBA to become a CEO, but if you have an MBA, it will surely help you a lot.

Does having a leadership certification help?

Yes, of course. Such certificates prove that you mastered the art of leadership u0026amp; are now ready to lead your team.

Are online courses a good option for an MBA degree?

If you choose a certified institute for an online MBA degree, it will surely be a good option.

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