The only guide you need on how to become an SEO expert?

How to become an SEO expert

As the demand for Digital Marketing is rising exponentially, many professionals are exploring career opportunities in the field. Amongst all, SEO seems to attract a lot of attention.

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A lot of professionals want to become SEO freelancers, and it’s pretty understandable. Given the limitless growth opportunity & financial success, it makes sense.

But the question is, How to become an SEO freelancer? How to learn SEO? Or some marketing skills will suffice?

In this blog, I have tried to answer all these questions. Hope you will find this helpful.

Let’s get going.

How to become an SEO expert?

How to become an SEO expert
8 easy steps SEO expert

Start from basics

There is no qualification bar to become an SEO expert. But, you must be well aware of a lot of SEO fundamentals. You need to understand what is SEO, How SEO works & other specifics.

You should have a good understanding of How different search engines, primarily Google, works. Collect as much information from the Internet as possible on topics like Google algorithms, Voice Search, Google Analytics & other SEO-specific topics.

SEO is a constantly evolving field, so you can’t just learn some topics & sit idle.

Identify & Develop your skills

Once you are familiar with the basic concepts of SEO, it’s time to take one step ahead. Two traits are vital to become an SEO expert in 2022, Content creation skills & Analytical skills.

Content is King & hence, having excellent writing skills can help you become an SEO expert quickly. But SEO doesn’t end at Content Creation. You should have fantastic analytical skills too.

Now I understand it’s not possible to be an expert in both.

E.g. I’ve been a technical writer for a long time. So once I decided to sharpen my SEO skills, I had to dive deeper into analytics.

I invested a lot of time in understanding how Google & Readers interact with my Content, what are the keywords, & How to do Keyword research.

This helped me understand users & Google itself in a much better way.

So being an SEO expert, you need to identify your skill & master the other one.

Take certified Course

I often hear people saying everything you want to learn is available on the Internet for free. I agree. But the issue is, this knowledge is scattered. So while you can learn from free resources, you might not have cohesive learning.

So it’s better to take certified SEO courses through professional trainers. Such techniques help you in mastering SEO & give you credibility.

There is a tonne of garbage SEO courses available in the market right now, so tread carefully. Stay away from such courses, or you’ll end up burning money.

Always find a course that helps you understand SEO from the basics & goes well deep into the subject. You can explore some of the best SEO courses here.

Understand Search Engines & their operations

When you become an SEO expert, you’ll be dealing with Search Engines, 24×7. So it’s critical to have a detailed understanding of search engines.

There are a lot of search engines, but you can focus on Google in the beginning as it’s the most popular one. Different search engines have various internal operations.

But, all of them have a single goal, to deliver the most relevant content to the users. So focus on how you can compel search engines to rank your Content above the competitors’.

Get a deep understanding of concepts like authority, trust, relevance & User Intent.

Learn about Crawlin, Indexing & Ranking

As an SEO expert, your job will be to improve the online visibility of your website. Great Content surely helps SEO, but it is not enough. You need to understand how Google finds the relevant Content & presents it to the user.

Learn about the concepts of

  • Crawling: A process where Search Engines locate & try to understand the Content
  • Indexing: A process where Search Engines organize the Content
  • Ranking: A process where Search Engines present the users with the most relevant Content

Once you understand these concepts, you can easily optimize your website & its content, improving your website’s visibility.

Know your SEO tools

Without SEO tools, you cannot get the desired results; it’s a harsh truth. So if you want to become an SEO expert, you must have an in-depth knowledge of SEO tools.

These tools can help you create quality content, search-relevant keywords, optimize your content for better ranking, & develop insight into the user’s intent.

Some of the best SEO tools are Semrush, Serpstat, Google Keyword, & Google Keyword Planner. These tools offer a fusion of all the above tools & can help you master your SEO.

So you need to understand & master these SEO tools.

How to become an SEO expert
Earn 6 figures by learning How to become an SEO expert in 2022

Develop your own Website

Now that you are well-acquainted with the steps & tools for becoming an SEO expert, it’s time to deploy what you have learned.

SEO is not something that you can learn by just reading theories; you need practical experience too. But as you are a rookie, if no one offers you an opportunity to work on their websites, it’s quite understandable.

You have the option of building your own website. Create your website, perform all the steps & tricks & tips you learned on it. Keep creating and optimizing Content, try different tools, & keep trying different strategies.

And don’t stop when you hit a roadblock; find a way around it.

Keep learning

SEO is a dynamic field that evolves every minute. You can not stop learning. No one can claim they know SEO in & out!

Algorithm updates, changes in the behavioral patterns of users & unexpected phenomena like COVID-19 will keep altering SEO.

So it’s important to learn every day, every hour.

Conclusive Thoughts

Becoming an SEO expert is not about reading some blogs here & some there. It’s not something you can learn in a day & make some quick bucks. It takes a lot of effort, time & patience to be one. Some people have been in the field for almost a decade & still, they like to call themselves in the learning phase.

But, if you are serious about mastering SEO, I can assure you immense opportunities are lying around.

I hope you find this guide to How to start SEO work from a home expert will help you through the journey.

Following are the SEO and marketing tools we recommend you give it a try:

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How long does it take to become an SEO expert?

There is no fixed time limit! But it surely is not a couple of weeks’ task. You’ll have to continuously work on mastering it.

Do I need to learn SEO tools?

SEO tools help you in creating optimized content for better ranking. Although they are not mandatory, they are surely helpful.

Are SEO courses helpful?

If you take them from certified agencies, they surely are as they add value to your resume.

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