Trends and tips you must know for the Future of SEO

Future of SEO

The world that we knew before 2023 transformed entirely after the pandemic struck. Prioritize changed, businesses transformed the way they were operating, & lifestyles changed. But the one thing that stayed constant was Digital Marketing & SEO.

And the trend is going to continue in 2023. As businesses rapidly adopt Digital Infrastructure, SEO will lead the way in 2023. So what does 2023 hold for SEO? What will be the top SEO trends in 2023? What are the SEO tips for 2023 & What does the future of SEO look like?

I am going to answer these questions in this detailed blog.

So let’s get started:

Future of SEO
Top 8 SEO-trends 2022 that will dominate your industry

First-party Data hubs

This is one of the major trends that businesses can’t ignore anymore. Google is pushing hard to eliminate third-party cookies that businesses use for collecting data. As the whole process will be accelerated in 2022, businesses will have to create their First-party Data hubs.

If you are wondering what a First-party Datahub is, let me clarify this first. In layman’s terms, it’s a collection of user data that a business gathers. This data can be extremely useful while creating targeted & tailored digital marketing campaigns.

As this data has immense potential to help businesses convert maximum leads, it becomes imperative for businesses to have a structured first-party DataHub. So if you are planning to get maximum results from SEO in 2022, the first thing you need to do is build a First-party Datahub.

Voice Optimization

With the introduction of smart assistants like Alexa, voice search is rapidly gaining popularity. This is because voice search ensures ease of use & flexibility for the users. And this trend will pick up the pace in 2022.

So it becomes vital to optimize your website for voice search. As the competition is comparatively low here, you can benefit from the earliest entry.

Here, you can check out this detailed guide on Voice Search Optimization by Search Engine Journal. It offers a deep insight into how you can boost your website’s visibility by voice search optimization with a few simple tricks.

Page Speed optimization

We live in a world where everyone wants results quickly. No one wants to wait for anything. The same goes for your website. If your webpage takes more than 3 seconds to load, users will bounce to your competitor’s site.

Moreover, Google pays a lot of attention to Page Speed. The introduction of the newest ranking factor, Core Web Vitals, is a testimony of Google’s interest in Page speed.

Broadly, Core Web Vital covers three topics:

  • How much time do the largest elements on your webpage take to load?
  • Movement of the elements on your webpage while loading.
  • How quickly do the elements on your page respond?

Google wants to deliver an exceptional user experience to its users. It doesn’t want to send users to websites that take ages to load. So if your webpage loads quickly, Google will rank it better & higher on SERP results.

So optimizing your webpage speed in 2022 will be critical for the success of your SEO campaign.

Optimize for Mobile

Mobile devices are taking up a big chunk of global internet traffic. As people are more intent on using the Internet on the go, search engines are ranking mobile-friendly websites at the top. E.g., Google utilizes a Mobile-first index for ranking any website on SERP.

In this process, Google considers the mobile version of any website for ranking. That’s why having a mobile-friendly website will be critical for ranking better in 2022.

There are multiple ways to optimize your website for mobile. This, you must utilize responsive web design that performs well with all devices.

In short, if your website offers an excellent user experience, Google will rank it higher.

Focus on Search Intent

This old yet efficient technique will stay in the trend, even after many years! In the past few years, Google has evolved a lot. From a mere search engine, it has become something that offers a solution to its users’ problems.

When the user looks for something on Google, Google presents them with a list of websites with the most relevant content related to their search intent. So if your content matches the users’ search intent, your website will land on the top of SERP.

A simple way to do this is, to find the content that’s ranking on Google with your keyword. Then, try to incorporate similar content on your website. For more details on Search Intent, check out this excellent piece of information by Yoast.

Semantic Search Optimization will be critical in 2022. It’s more or less similar to matching the user intent. It deals with creating content in context with the users’ search query. You will have to create content that offers specific answers to your users’ search queries.

Here is a list of a few things you can do to optimize your Content for Semantic Search:

Future of SEO
Few things you can do to optimize your content

Offer answers

Look out for the exact questions your users are posting. Then, later, create content that specifically answers those questions. For, if someone is looking for a pie recipe, your content should have a detailed guide on that particular topic.

Include Structured Data

Structured Data includes specific information about a particular product or service listed on your website. E.g., if you are looking for a pie recipe, Structured Data includes cooking instructions, the time required & ingredients.
Such data will help your user get detailed information about what your website includes.

Refresh your old content

People often ignore this critical step while doing SEO due to a lack of awareness. But do not make that mistake. Your existing content has a greater edge over your new content. Let’s understand this.

There is a practically infinite amount of content on the Internet, so adding something new & getting attention through it isn’t easy.

On the contrary, your existing content is already ranking somewhere in the background. So why not leverage this already popular content?

The best to do so is to refresh your two or more years old content. Apart from generating more traffic & revenue, it has an added benefit. It boosts your Return On Investment in older content.

Sustainable Content

Sustainable Content or Evergreen Content is known as in trend in 2022. As we already know, content is a vital part of any SEO campaign. Without effective content, no SEO strategy will get you results.

So you must create content that can be regularly optimized with changing SEO trends. You can achieve this by creating Evergreen or Sustainable Content.

But what is an Evergreen Content? How can you create it?

Well, the content that’s relevant even after 6 months, a year, or two is considered Evergreen Content. You can create such content by focusing on some basic topics in any user’s niche or common questions.

Check out this guide on Evergreen Content by Digital Marketing Institute for more information on the topic.

Final Remarks

No matter where the Digital World goes, SEO will be the dominating factor in Digital Marketing. So now, that you have understood new SEO trends & what 2022 holds for SEO, it’s time to get started!

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Is SEO relevant in 2023?

SEO will decide the success of any Digital Marketing campaign in 2023. So every business needs to focus on SEO.

Should I focus on Search Intent in 2023?

Yes, Search Intent is still relevant & even more important in 2023 to offer better solutions to users.

Is voice search optimization important in 2023?

Very! People are moving towards voice search quickly. So it’s important that your website is voice-search optimized.

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