How to Become A Certified Big Data Hadoop Professional?

Big Data Hadoop Certification

In a world filled with zettabytes of data, it has become imperative to have systems that can store and manage and understand the data generated daily. Big Data is, quite expectedly, the next big thing.

It is no surprise that major tech firms and IT organizations are adopting various Big Data analysis tools and technologies, such as Hadoop, Kafka, Spark, and the like.

Hence, professionals with the knowledge and skillset to work with Big Data technologies are being sought after by almost every major organization across the globe.

Professionals with Big Data Hadoop certification can use a unique approach to utilize data for accelerating business gain. A Certified Big Data Analyst can store, manage, process, and analyze a mass of unstructured data to create a well-organized data pool data and streamline the process.

Finding the right resource is essential, no matter which streams it is. And, when the field is something as massive as Big Data, it is easy to lose your way in the sea of certifications offered. To make things easier, we will be taking a close look at a few extremely focused and some of the industry-acclaimed Big Data certifications. here are a few with multiple advantages once certified.

Cloudera’s CCA175 Big Data certification

Cloudera Certified Developer for Apache Hadoop (CCDH)
Cloudera Certified Developer for Apache Hadoop (CCDH)

The primary aim of Cloudera Certified Professional Training is to enable students to design and develop data pipelines that are required for data ingestion, storage, and analysis. A Certification in Cloudera presently shares the maximum limelight in the industry of Big Data Hadoop.

Cloudera offers a plethora of certifications in the domain of Hadoop development, Hadoop administration, and Apache Spark. You can choose the right one depending on your professional development and the core areas of your career development. A Big Data Certified professional from Cloudera can embark on a promising career in the field of Data Development, Data Administration, and so on.


Depending on each certification, the prerequisites are different. However, the standard protocols entail prior knowledge of programming and the installation of software in virtual machines.

To become a certified professional, an incumbent is required to

  • Take part in a test of 120 minutes.
  • Accomplish performance-based tasks on the Cloudera Enterprise cluster.
  • Pass with 70% scores

What is the Cost

The basic fee is $400, and the on-demand training is $2,235. The instructor-led training is $1,395 and up depending on the location.

Accreditation body:

Cloudera University in California is the sovereign and autonomous body for conducting the tests and awarding certification to the incumbents.

Apply for the full course, or audit the content for free.

Hortonworks Certified Professional

Hortonworks University Apache Hadoop Developer.
Hortonworks University Apache Hadoop Developer

Hortonworks is an internationally acclaimed organization for offering professional Hadoop certification. Precisely, Hortonworks is a commercial Hadoop vendor that mainly offers Hadoop tools to enterprises and deploys enterprise set up. Hortonworks gives enterprises Hadoop tools that can be used to deploy in the enterprise setup.

These Hortonworks certification courses are primarily intended for Hadoop developers & administrators, Data analysts, and Big Data professionals Spark developers. In the corporate world, Hortonworks Certificates have huge acceptance.


The HDP Certification is intended for Hadoop Developers. Hence, an incumbent aspiring for the HDP Certification requires proficiency in Pig, Sqoop, Hive, and Flume, before you are allowed to take the tests.

To take the exam, the candidate has to

  • Gain access to an HDP 2.4 cluster and perform the tasks as per instructions.
  • Complete the test in 120 minutes.
  • Sit for the skill test in areas like data analysis, data ingestion & transformation.

What is the Cost

The cost of acquiring the Hortonworks Certification in Hadoop is US $250.

You can learn more about the course in detail, and apply online, here.

EMC Data Science Certification

EMC Proven Professional Data Science Associate - EMCDSA
EMC Proven Professional Data Science Associate – EMCDSA

This is one of the industry-acclaimed certification courses that enables candidates to gain adequate exposure in the Hadoop ecosystem. Some of the primary skills that are often addressed in training are random forests, data visualization, logistic regression, and even natural language processing. On the completion of the course, candidates will be awarded the Dell EMC Certification.


From beginners to professional experts, anyone can opt for this certification. Depending on your skills, you can choose your certification program. However, exposure to programming languages is considered preferable before taking up the training.

To acquire the certificate, the candidates are required to:

  • Sit for 90 mins an online exam
  • Complete 60 MCQ
  • Acquire 60 as the passing score

What is the Cost?

To participate in the video-ILT streaming program, the course fee is $600, whereas for instructor-led training $5,000 will be the course fee.

Accreditation body:

Dell EMC Education Services is the accreditation body of EMC Data Science Certification.

Gain more insight on this course here.

Big Data Architect Certification from IBM

IBM Certified Data Architect - Big Data
IBM Certified Data Architect – Big Data

IBM offers professional Big Data Architect Certification to enhance an incumbent’s knowledge of relevant technologies and leverage those to design large-scale data processing systems for the enterprise and come up with valuable inputs for making architectural decisions. It helps them deal with big data business problems.


The candidates are required to have the following requirements to sit for the exam:

  • Exposure in the data layering and the potential risk & challenges in every data layer.
  • Knowledge of functionality and technicalities of the data ecosystem.
  • Understanding of Network Systems & Cluster Management.
  • Exposure to Different Interfaces & Data Modelling.
  • Experience in Tracking the Overall performance (Query Performance, Workload Management, Database Tuning)

To acquire the certification, you have to:

  • Appear for a 90-minute online test
  • Answer 55 MCQ
  • Complete at least 33 questions to score the pass marks

What is the Cost?

The cost of acquiring the certification from IBM is around 5000 USD.

Accreditation Body:

IBM is a single and autonomous body to conduct training & exams.

Get the details here.

What are the benefits of learning Big Data Hadoop?

Big Data Hadoop Certification Training - Simplilearn
Big Data Hadoop Certification Training – Simplilearn

We are all faced with similar queries whenever we decide to learn something that does not seem mainstream now. Big Data is the future, and the world will be processing it all using Hadoop. It is already expected that by 2025 the world will be dealing with 175 zettabytes of data, and, if we don’t have a system in place to handle that amount of data, we might as well go back to the stone age.

So, here’s why you need to learn Big Data and Hadoop:

  • To manage the massive data load that the world will be facing, making it is imperative to have Big Data management and analysis systems in place, with Hadoop’s help.
  • To become a professional who will be in demand.
  • To stay ahead of the competition, especially since IT is continually evolving and Big Data is just the next big step.
  • To give your career the necessary boost right away.
  • To be seen in the crowd of applicants whenever you are approaching any recruiter.


Now, if all these do not convince you to get yourself enrolled in the Big Data Hadoop certification course, then you are probably ignoring reality. But, if you are looking for the perfect class to get yourself prepared for these industry-acclaimed certification programs, get yourself enrolled in Big Data Hadoop Certification Training Program.

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