Why and How to Update B2B Buyer Personas?

When, Why and How to update your B2B buyer personas

Buyer Personas play a significant role in designing a user-centric application. We all know it. They provide us with insights that aid us to gain comprehensive knowledge about our customers and their behaviour.

They help to focus only on the features and technologies that the users wish to get in touch with, and thus, build the mobile app they want. They also cut down the sales cycle and improve the chances of conversions, ultimately resulting in higher success at the investment of less time and effort.

However, these benefits do not remain available throughout time. Just like an app, the associated buyer personas also change. This implies that business leaders and mobile app developers have to revisit the stage of looking into how to create B2B buyer persona questions and update their processes as per the answers received from the end users.

But, the question that arises here is – When and Why to update your buyer persona? How to determine if it’s the right time to update the personas?

Scenarios to consider while updating your B2B Buyer Personas

While there can be various situations when you look forward to updating your buyer personas, here are some of the common scenarios to consider:-

1. You do not have any new information about your users

In the competitive market of today, you can’t target your audience based on the information obtained years back. You need to be updated with what your customers think, do, and expect; implying you are required to update your customer personas.

2. Your Business model has changed

Every business model targets a specific audience and thus, it is necessary to update your mobile app buyer personas when you look forward to bringing a significant change in your business model.

3. Your Product has changed

A change in the functionality of your app product also brings a significant change in the audience you have been targeting, since every customer has a different set of needs and expectations. So, in a scenario like this, it is mandatory for the team head to bring the team on board once again and look forward to updating the existing buyer persona.

4. You demand better communication in the team

When it comes to making any change in the application, the whole team most often comes up with different ideas based on their outlook of the ideal customer. This creates confusion regarding what to do and how.

An updated B2B buyer persona, in this context, can make it easier for the development team and business clients to see what the users need in reality and look forward to providing them with the same services by investing in collaborative efforts rather than going with their definition of users needs and struggle to agree to each other at any point of the development cycle, eventually leading to more confusion and delays in project management.

5. You are planning for Rebranding

When it comes to marketing your business product/services, there are various techniques popular in the market. Each marketing approach comes with its own set of guidelines, including the type of customers it will target and the extent of engagement.

Now, when you look forward to rebranding, i.e, bringing an entirely different image of your business into the market, the technique employed often changes. This results in a change of the type of customers to target, their behaviour, and other factors, which again make the developers look ahead to updating their B2B customer personas.

6. You collaborated with other Company

In many cases, the company that has designed the buyer persona and the respective mobility solution merges with another company. In collaboration, a different team with different ideas and perspectives comes together, which results in the evolution of newer methods to target the audience and gain higher profits.

This approach, formed by collaborative efforts, does not fit with the existing user persona and thus, demands the need for updating the persona such that it goes with the newly emerged idea.

7. You created User Personas based on the short-term goal

Lastly, many mobile app developers confine their efforts to short-term goals only. As a result of which, the user personas they build do not seem productive after that time span. In a scenario like this, it is necessary for them to update their B2B buyer persona while taking the bigger picture of the market into consideration.

So, here are some of the situations when you can look forward to updating your mobile app users’ personas. Now comes the question – how to update your buyer persona.

Well, the process is the same as you followed earlier, i.e,:-

  1. Discuss with your mobile app development agency and come up with different types of questions to ask your customers – ranging from their geographical demographics, behavior, needs, and challenges.
  2. Pick a segment of the trustworthy target audience and record the answers given by them.
  3. Present the data obtained in different forms and look forward to understanding the pattern behind it.
  4. Based on the pattern, make a blueprint of your mobile application and ask your hired mobile application development agency to turn the blueprint into an actual application and launch it in the market.

So, this was all about when and how to update your B2B buyer personas. In case you have a query or wish to add something significant to this article, do let me via the comment section below.

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