5 Easy Techniques to Improve Your Business Communication

Build business communication skills

Business communication is powerful enough to make or break your company. It is so indispensable that not making any move to attain effective communication is just too risky. Enhancing both your internal and external business communication is an investment you should not put on the back burner.

Here, we will dig deeper into the crucial role of effective communication in improving the performance of your business. Also, in this article are some of the most helpful yet easy techniques to improve your business communication.

Essential Things about Business Communication

Clear internal and external communication is vital to elevate your business. Effective communication helps you grow by enhancing business processes, improving productivity, minimizing errors, and more satisfying relationships with your employees, business partners or investors, and customers.

What is Business Communication?

Business communication is the process of sharing information between people within your company (internal) and people outside your company (external) such as customers, investors, or third-party vendors.

Effective business communication is when everyone is aligned and moves toward the organization’s goal. It aims to eliminate silos, keep everyone informed, improve business practices, and minimize errors.

Why Do You Need It?

Business communication happens naturally, but how effective and clear – is the question? Unclear communication is so detrimental to any business. That is because such a scenario negatively impacts business activities, for instance, executing decisions, meetings, reaching agreements, developing marketing messaging, and so on.

Accordingly, you need to assess the current state of your business communication to know how to address issues.

How It Supports Business Performance?

Effective communication supports business performance by, foremost, improving organizational practices. Clear business communication, especially in today’s fast-paced, short-attention spans’ world, should be every business’s top priority. It is key to the successful accomplishment of business goals by eliminating ambiguity.

Benefits of Clear Business Communication

All your communication affects your business operation, overall efficiency, and revenue. Unclear business communication can hinder your business’s full potential. Neglecting and continuing working without establishing clear and intentional communication, you run the risk of losing money in terms of lost productivity and costly errors.

  • A Rise in Customer Satisfaction: When you strive to be intentional and direct with all your business communication, you eliminate ambiguity and confusion. It dramatically lessens misinterpretation of your message, first internally, then next externally to your customers. And the rise in customer satisfaction will ultimately lead to an increase in revenue.
  • More Trustworthy Relationships with Customers: The more organized and efficient your business is, the more customers will trust and patronize you. Consistent messaging and effective communication foster trust with your customers.
  • Productive and Motivated Workplace: With effective business communication systems in place, your employees or team are more purposefully engaged. Connected employees will have more confidence and are more likely to be productive at work. Effective communication promotes a more motivated and healthier workplace.
  • It Is Easier to Find Room for Improvements: You can benefit from transparent feedback with an effective communication system. It ensures equal and unbiased opportunity for everyone to participate, thus playing a crucial role in preventing or resolving problems.

Tips To Improve Business Communication

Improving business communication is not hard, but it requires effort and dedication on your part to carry on. Here are easy tips you can start implementing now.

  • Know Your Audience: People will not pay attention if your message is not relevant enough. When communicating, you should know who your audience is and tailor your broadcast, delivery, and tone accordingly.
  • Focus On Your Message: Structure your message in such a way that it’s easily digestible and not confusing. You should also mind your delivery, carefully choose your tone, and be consistent.
  • Stop Using Jargon: Do not use jargon when a simple word or phrase can do the job. Always aim to be clear and concise, especially in written communication.
  • Keep Sentences Short and Concise: Get to the main point. Elaborate if necessary, but never be redundant.
  • Communicate Effectively At All Levels: Be nonpartisan when it comes to business communication. Endeavor to connect, listen, understand, and be understood by everyone from entry-level employees to top management level.

Keep in Mind the 7 C’s of Successful Business Communication

The seven Cs is a checklist that can tremendously guide you in achieving success in business communication. It will help you communicate in the most understandable way possible.

  1. Clear: Be clear when communicating to eliminate confusion or assumptions. Do this by thinking first about your goal, your message, and your audience.
  2. Complete: Effective communication implies that nothing is missing in your message. You should provide all relevant information so that your audience will know what to do next.
  3. Concise: Always be brief and go directly to the main point when communicating. Try not to be redundant.
  4. Concrete: Be concrete with your message. It means that your message is solid, and your audience has a clear picture of what you are trying to convey.
  5. Coherent: Make sure your communication follows a logical order. Everything should be consistent, connected, and relevant to the main topic of your message.
  6. Correct: Correct communication means error-free spelling and grammar. Your message should also fit your audience.
  7. Courteous: Your communication should be courteous at all times. It should not include insults, but instead, be empathetic. It should be friendly and honest.

Clear Communication through StoryBrand Framework

To communicate effectively, you need to implement an intentional strategy. If you need help with this, you should consider the StoryBrand Framework. With it, you can be sure to eliminate confusion and be more effective with your communication.

What is StoryBrand?

StoryBrand is a proven framework that helps clarify your (brand) message so your business can grow. A StoryBrand consultant will help you create a narrative that expertly connects you with your audience.

How StoryBrand Makes Your Messaging Clear?

With a well-laid-out workshop and thorough coaching, StoryBrand ensures that you get your marketing plan and messaging right.

Why Adopt StoryBrand?

If you want to clarify your message every time, be it internal or external communication, you need a solid strategy. StoryBrand is a proven framework that is simple yet will help you build a strong brand.


Effective communication is crucial for the growth of your business. To establish clear communication, you need to have a system that works. Start with implementing the 7 Cs of Communication.

Moreover, consider adopting the StoryBrand Framework as it is the easiest, safest, and most efficient way to refine your business communication.

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