How to Utilize Email Marketing For Your Social Media Efforts

Email Marketing and Social Media to take your business to the next level.

Some people say that email marketing is long gone and that it can’t be used effectively. However, there are still some areas where good email marketing trumps everything else. And social media is one of those areas.

If you have just started with your social media efforts, email might be your tool. Since email and social media are so closely integrated, there are many things that you can do to both get the most out of your social media efforts and your email campaign.

Fun and useful options like sharing or tweeting are just the tip of the iceberg regarding social media and email marketing.

Here are some excellent ways you can use email for your social media efforts:

1. Encourage your subscribers to share your content.

Emails are easy to share, and the content you put in there is not supposed to die in some inbox. Ask people to share your content through email, sending it to their friends and family. They could also share a link or a bit of the content on their social media profiles; all you have to do is ask.

“You could offer fun incentives for people who share or organize a contest that could bring rewards to those who share. Another thing you could do is make your content more fun, interesting and shareable”, – explains Larry Smith, an Email marketing strategist at Ukservicesreviews.

Be nice to people, entice them in all of your emails and create good, quality content that can be helpful.

2. Use specific campaigns.

If you are not seeing the best results from your email campaigns, you can always try using specific, dedicated campaigns. This means that you’ll be sending a designated email for each social media profile you have, explaining how they can find you.

These email campaigns should be done at separate times, not all at once.

Accurate emails are just as important; to make your job of proofreading easier, there are some tools like WritingPopulist.

3. Entice people to sign up with interesting offers.

If your offer is interesting enough, people will sign up for your email newsletter. You could offer e-books, free things, tips, or anything that you believe that your users will find useful. Sometimes a promise of the best deals and offers can be enough for people to sign up.

It’s important to be convincing and kind to people in the text that is trying to convince them to sign up. Make it fun and interesting for people to read. If they perceive you as a great company, you’ll get more subscribers.

Tools for creating good and encouraging text are always available online, you could use Studydemic.

4. Encourage your subscribers to tweet.

This is a great option; companies nowadays offer highlighted quotes from their content that you could share with just one click. Tweeting is a fun way to share your content, and it can stir up a lot of conversation.

5. Use your social media profiles to advertise email opt-ins.

Your social media profiles can be used to promote your email subscription forms. It’s a great way to get people to subscribe without being too pushy. Also, more people will likely visit your social media page than your website, so this is a good place to have a subscription opt-in.

Revieweal is a great tool to help you create engaging social media posts that encourage people to subscribe.

6. Add social media icons to your emails.

Adding social media icons to your emails is a bit obvious but if you haven’t already done it, do it immediately. More and more people are on social media, and that’s where you want to be. These profile links will help people find you easily and reach you.

7. Provide incentives for subscribers.

People are mostly reluctant to subscribe. They don’t like it and find it tiresome to have another business in their inboxes.

On the other hand, what people like are gifts.

This can be an extremely helpful strategy if you decide to implement it. People love freebies. Give them free e-books, gift cards or anything else that you find appropriate for your niche.

“Incentives will push people in the direction of subscribing. They’ll also create curiosity in people when they get an email from you; they will want to see if there is a gift for them in there,” – comments Lori Groce, a Social Media Manager at Ukwritings and blog editor at Bigassignments.


Even though some people believe that email marketing is somewhat outdated, it isn’t. You can easily reach people with email marketing and attract them to your company on a deep, personal level. If you want to leverage email marketing to achieve the goals of your social media campaigns, this is more than possible.

You can ask people on your social media profile to sign up with their emails, share the content in your emails, offer rewards for engaged subscribers etc. Finding a way to engage your audience is difficult, but it can be rewarding.

Article by: Freddie Tubbs is a social media strategist at Paper Fellows. He also works as a content writer at Oxessays and Essayroo blogs.

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