The Short Story of Family Will Writing

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Where there is a will, there is no possibility of war over the inheritance. (Pun intended!)

It takes years of savings, the right strategy, wise investment planning, and good money habits to accumulate a good amount of wealth.

However, the same wealth can become grounds for war if you haven’t left an unambiguous set of instructions regarding what would happen to your finance once you have stepped into the afterlife.

Don’t believe us? Let’s listen to this old story of ‘A Wise Man, 17 Camels, and 3 Sons‘.

Be all ears, folks!

An old man owned 17 camels. It was his entire property which he left behind for his 3 sons when he died. In his will, he wrote that his property should be divided as follows:

The oldest son should get half of the camels, the middle son should get one-third of the camels, and the youngest one should get one-ninth of the camels.

The sons were muddled as the results were coming into fractions. If they divide the property according to their father’s will, the elder son gets 8.5 camels, the middle one gets 5.66, and the youngest one gets 1.88.

Now, obviously, the camels cannot be divided like this. So, the sons turned to a Wise Man for advice.

“No problem!” said the Wise Man. “Add my camel to yours and see the scenario once again.”

“How many camels do you have now?”

“Eighteen,” they all said.

“Good,” the Wise Man said.

He looked at the eldest son and said, “Half of the eighteen is nine, so you take nine camels.”

Nine camels remained. Then he looked at the middle son, “Your share is one-third of total camels, i.e. six – so you take six camels.”

Finally, he looked at the youngest son, “Your share is one-ninth of the total camels i.e. two – so you take two camels.”

Now there remained only one camel, the Wise Man’s camel. Thus, he successfully divided the old man’s seventeen camels amongst the three sons as per the shared decree in their father’s will.”

Leaving a will like the old man is the last alternative anybody would think of in this present time. Of course, neither you have 17 camels, nor there is a wise man who would come to rescue your children!

However, having a will can save your family and loved one’s litigation, disputes, and unfair distribution of assets among your heirs.

For instance, you may want your minor son to have half of your savings for his higher studies. However, assume the situation if you don’t leave a will before moving to the next world and your property needs to be divided amongst your three children. In such a case, your minor son will get one-third of your savings against what you had wished. Unfair? Ain’t it?

If only sending a will in written form from heaven would be an alternative!

In the worst case, your children may not have even an idea about your finances.

Death usually comes unwarned and doesn’t give you time to prepare for your journey to the next world. Not everyone gets time to prepare a will in their last moments. Those who get are lucky as it keeps their children and loved ones protected, even when they had left this world.

In addition, don’t live under the impression that all the estate will be automatically passed on to your spouse after your unfortunate demise. Your children, and sometimes even relatives, can stake a claim to the property. That would be the last thing you would wish for when you had already left this world.

If you are still not serious regarding the distribution of your property, assets, and belongings; answer a question.

Do you want to pass on your wealth to your legal heirs fairly or let your loved ones fight with each other to get their shares?

Making a will is a morbid thought many of us don’t want to even think of. However, when making a will is just a few clicks away, you cannot cause inconvenience to your family members because of your laziness.

Yes, to your and your family member’s relief, Aviva’s Will Writing Service enables you to create a will in three simple steps. Easy peasy and free of cost! Just list your personal & asset details, allocate your beneficiary, and generate your will.

The world has become tech-savvy, and so does the will writing. Write your free Will and bury the hatchet in the first place for your loved ones. A clear set of instructions regarding how to dispose of your property in your absence eliminates disputes and saves your loved ones from going helter-skelter to lawyers and spending money and energy.

After all, where there is a will, there is a way!

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