I hired an interior designer on Urban Clap. Here’s my review

When you’ve invested a good amount of money into your home, you also want to showcase it and ensure it looks its best! A few months post purchasing my new home; I had finally saved a little so that I could decorate the interiors.

But my shoestring budget and tight deadlines at work were stopping my new home interiors project from going underway. I couldn’t find the time to look for a good interior designer within my budget or make it a DIY project.

Even when I contemplated doing it myself, I soon realized doing up the home needed a good interior decorator and I had no idea where or how to begin. Even with the few ideas I had, it was hard to put them together as well as look for the right resources. That’s when my friend recommended connecting with interior designers in Mumbai on UrbanClap, as she had just tried their services.

Eager to decorate my home, I initially just downloaded the app to figure out whether it would work for me. As I browsed through the screens, I was ecstatic to see that they had verified interior designers in Mumbai, possessing many years of experience and fitting my pocket.

So I put my bets on UrbanClap and thankfully was not disappointed one bit. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised! So here’s my review in case you too are interested in finding a good interior designer with a few taps of the phone.

Worked within the budget

Usually, the budget is not discussed with your designer until the end when you might end up paying a huge fee to the designing firm. Contrary to the above pattern the app asks you for your budget preference in advance and gets the user connected with professional designers within your price range. Hence I could sit back and relax as the designer did her magic without worrying about being overcharged later on. The icing on the cake was that the experienced designer was okay to work on a lean budget and could help me understand where every penny was being spent.

Saved time & money

Most of us may have experienced it- buying a furniture item that looked great in the store, only to realize it doesn’t fit in with the home décor or is too big once you get it home. Hiring a professional helped us avoid such costly mistakes. The designer’s trained eye was able to make quick decisions on what needed to be altered and what could remain the same. Finally, since I was on a tight budget, hiring a professional helped get the best value out of time and money spent.

Bedroom Design - Urban Ladder
Bedroom Design – Urban Ladder

Professional advice

Upon researching we figured that UrbanClap deals with only verified professionals, has a stringent quality and D listing process. Hence I got a qualified interior designer within the budget. With enough knowledge as well as experience to back it, the designer was able to give valuable advice. She also was able to come up with an immediate plan of action and could assess several things with her trained eye which I had not even noticed at home before. For instance, converting an unused area into an enclosed seating place.

Access to trusted contacts & resources

I could sit back and relax as the designer understood the lingo of architects, carpenters, etc. and was able to communicate to them clearly what we needed. Plus, she already had her list of reliable connections such as – electrician, plumber, etc. who were required while changing the look of the home.

Living Room Interior Design
Living Room Interior Design

Loved the end result

The final result was commendable and I couldn’t believe it all got done on such a tight budget! Thinking outside of the box is what designers do on a regular basis. Being a professional, she could create a design which fit in perfectly with my home decor. Keeping a few things as it is and changing few of them – the result was just ‘WOW’!

Thanks to UrbanClap I could get access to professional interior designers, even on a smaller budget. Getting a good interior designer is no longer a luxury, and someone with a moderate budget too can get their home redone with a professional.

Urban Clap - Just Like Family
Urban Clap – Just Like Family

What’s more, the professionals we got via the app were also very warm, just like family, and we felt safe working with them.

UrbanClap Service Experts – #JustLikeFamily.

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  2. I think you should hire an interior designer because they will actually be able to create a realistic 3D rendering of your new space. This eliminates the risk of not being happy because you can actually visualize what your space will look like. It is often hard to convey your vision to a contractor, but interior designers are more adept at turning your vision into reality. There are lots of affordable online interior designers these days that can turn around projects, including mood boards and full 3D design concepts in a couple of weeks.

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