Idea – Walk when you talk

The recent “Walk when you talk” commercial is the fifth sequel of Idea cellular’s brand campaign with their brand ambassador Abhishek Bachchan. All Idea campaigns revolve around the basic motto- To communicate a message to the masses of India. They did this having themes like providing education to all, importance of a democratic government in India to this recent commercial’s message linking health and fitness with the use of mobile phones.

Idea - Walk When You Talk
Idea - Walk When You Talk

This Idea commercial tries to contradict the myth that technology has made man lazy. It tries to convey that when people walk while talking, it helps them maintain their health and hence prevents them from going to a doctor for health-related problems. This is the positive angle of looking at the benefits that technology can provide. This commercial ends with the punchline which has been used in earlier commercial – “What an Idea Sirji” thereby trying to build on the legacy created and take it forward in this commercial.

The Idea commercial “Walk when you Talk” is a little complicated in terms of execution as not many people may not be able to get the message properly (in terms of linking fitness and technology by talking over mobile phones). They could have perhaps used a simpler way of communicating to the audience the relation between walk and talk.

But overall Idea commercials have been innovative and good in communicating a social message to the audience of India.

The following are the videos of all Idea commercials:

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  1. This idea is very good.. infact people now have started walking while talking. Good for everybody’s health :)

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