Increase Your Worth with NAHQ CPHQ Exam

CPHQ stands for Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality. In simple words, this certification states that you clearly understand the concepts of quality and you are capable of applying them as well. The candidate handbook of NAHQ may help you a lot in understanding the different aspects of this exam.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you should download the candidate handbook from the official website of NAHQ if you want to participate in CPHQ exam.


NAHQ provided candidate handbook contains all the information about the exam and the application process. It is stated in the candidate handbook of NAHQ that a quality professional or CPHQ is an individual that has the knowledge and skills to apply quality and improvement to the healthcare facilities. So, it is definitely a great credential that you may have.

How to become NAHQ CPHQ exam certified?

There aren’t any particular requirements for the exam. If you are passionate about becoming a quality professional, you can freely participate in CPHQ exam. In simple words, there is no certain level of education or experience required to participate in the exam. All the healthcare professionals have an open chance to achieve this certification. However, you must keep in mind that CPHQ certification is only issued for 2 years and you’d have to renew your license after every 2 years.

Why NAHQ CPHQ certification is so popular

There is a wide range of companies that need accreditation in most parts of the world. These companies are in a great need of hiring the quality professionals that can help them pass the accreditation surveys. So, CPHQ is a major requirement in most of the healthcare facilities nowadays. Therefore, there are many healthcare professionals that are taking CPHQ exam to have the advantage of these rising opportunities. That’s the major reason why CPHQ certification has become very popular.

NAHQ CPHQ exam details

Leadership, information management, performance, and patient safety are the four major areas where your skills are tested during the exam. Performance and improvement is the most important part of the exam as it covers 42 percent of the exam question. On the other hand, the other topics are almost equally distributed. The exam is computer-based and it contains around 140 MCQs.

Tips for passing NAHQ CPHQ certification exam

The way you prepare for the exam is most important for passing NAHQ CPHQ exam. NAHQ authorities have provided a huge amount of preparation material so that the candidates may not face any problem while preparing for the exam. So, you should prepare with the help of this material to achieve success in the exam. Make sure that you watch the live courses so that you may understand each and every aspect of the exam.

The online education may also help you a lot in understanding several healthcare concepts. There are a number of books, such as guide books, available that can help you in this case. Study each topic covered in the book thoroughly to be well prepared for the exam. And finally, you should participate in practice exams to develop confidence while participating in the actual exam.

The practice exams would clear your concepts about the final exam and they will make it easier for you to pass CPHQ exam.

My personal experience

I’d love to share my experience of passing NAHQ CPHQ exam because I believe that it will provide you some idea of how you can prepare for the exam. HQ Solutions, CPHQ Review Course, and CPHQ Practice Exams are not the only resources that I used to prepare for the exam.

There were many other resources that I used in my preparation for the exam but these are the top resources that helped me understand each and everything about CPHQ exam. It took me around 3 months to be well prepared for the exam as I had a clear undemanding of its importance. That’s why, the result was really fruitful for me and I didn’t get confused during the exam. And that’s the reason, why, I passed the exam at my first attempt. Proper preparation is the key.

NAHQ CPHQ exam questions

You’d have enough time (3 hours) to complete the exam. The questions are mainly distributed in two categories. The first category contains 125 scored questions and the second category contains 15 pretest questions. The questions in the second category are unscored. But during the exam, you won’t have any idea about which questions are unscored.

The unscored questions are only included in the exam to measure the capabilities of the candidate in a particular domain. Later on, these questions may also be included as the schooled questions in the exam. The 26 percent of the exam contains the recall questions and the 17 percent of the exam is based on application questions. And the major part (57 percent) of the exam is based on analysis type question.

NAHQ CPHQ exam dumps

The exam dumps are helpful if you have a plan how to prepare for the exam. My recommendations are to stay away from the exam dumps unless you are sure about your preparation. Once you are confident enough to take the final exam, get exam dumps and check your knowledge. CPHQ dumps will show the blank spaces in your knowledge. And it will take you some time to take improve it. Thus, speaking about NAHQ CPHQexam dumps, I will definitely recommend. The thing is, find them on the websites you trust.


There are many companies that are looking to hire CPHQ professionals. So, if you are passionate about becoming a healthcare professional, you should definitely take this exam as it will help you start a flourishing career in the healthcare industry. If you have any questions regarding CPHQ exam, all you need to do is to send us a message and we’ll respond to your request as soon as possible.

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