Top industries that drive the on-demand economy

Mobile Apps for providing Services

Traditional businesses are no more the source of blasting revenue. The brick n mortars stores are taking the form of digitized stores. The fancy apps are now an important tool of marketing and users like to reach the store with no efforts.

This all may be called as the entry point for Uberization or the effect of Uberization of the services. According to business reports, on-demand services attract a huge number of consumers.

Around 22.4 million customers are reaching the on-demand services and push the industry larger than $57.6 billion. The on-demand apps development is highly effecting the industries where the user needs to have some product on his door without much fuss.

Few industries are looking at the new trends as foreign material in their traditional business model. But the trend is not looking to move with no profit, instead, it has spread over like an umbrella over a range of industries. Here in this article, we will discuss the number of top service industries which are driving the businesses.

On-demand app development

It is built over the idea of replacing the old method of marketing and putting focus over the lone medium of reaching out to the customer. It brings the customer into the circle more easily by luring him with the attractive offers and deals. The on-demand services can be divided into two parts:

Apps for products:

These apps are built for the customers, and customers order the service at his door. These apps are availed free to download with multiple offers for first uses. The basic model is to deliver the product.

Apps for services:

The other kind of service is to avail the customer with a service on his/her device. Such as Netflix and Amazon prime video which offers the subscription to watch web series.

Here, we will discuss a few industries, which are offering on-demand services:

Food delivery:

Food has always been the most beneficial business. We human can leave anything but not food. So no wonder why the food industry has adopted the model so widely. A person can search for the food and order the food on the doorstep.

No need to dress up and go out formally, when you can have it with your ease. But an idea to hire an app developer nowadays outclasses the presumed development of on-demand services. Earlier, one used to visit the grocery store to purchase the grocery.

Prepared meals used to stay available at the restaurant, with no home delivery options. You had to check for the availability of a table in the restaurant. All these are the talk of the past now. The traditional models have been disrupted heavily by On-demand services.

All because of the comfort of the customer. Not only, you order the food from your comfort zone but also you can make a list of grocery and orders the complete monthly grocery of your home online.

Now, you can keep your schedule intact. There would be no need to dress up and head to a dine for your beloved food. It can be instantaneously ordered at one tap on your mobile device. Furthermore, if your family wants to cook, the same platform would make you available fresh ingredients at your home to prepare mouth-watering or delicious dishes. This industry has come a long way in terms of technology.

Here’s a list of some nascent business models relied on on-demand service apps development:

1. Instacart (Grocery Delivery)

  1. Cooked Meal Delivery
  2. Open Table(Online Restaurant Table Booking System)
  3. Postmate, Doordash

2. Transportation and Travel

The expedient development of the on-demand economy caters the need of the consumers in the market. The adaptability, convenience, and enriching user experience make on-demand app development more like a companion for them. Here, in this series, the important aspect of human’s daily routine, transportation and travel fortify its place.

The today transportation sector has come up with highly needed on-demand services. Some of the premier companies like Uber and Airbnb. These models provide hassle-free transportation facilities to the customer and end their hustle-bustle during prime hours.

The innovation has not yet carved out an actual picture of a hassle-free model of consumer or business services. To intensify the convenience, a new business model has embroidered the need for a mobile application development company.

Now, people can lease their car to save fuel or, through carpooling platforms, plan a route together. Let’s point a few business visionaries who racked up interest to participate in this on-demand economy:

  1. Uber (Cabs on demand)
  2. Lyft (Ride Sharing app)
  3. Zoomcar (Rental Platform for cars)
  4. Luxe (On-demand valet parking)

3. Healthcare Industry

In the current economy, there is an unbridled tussle between technological development. In a series of unprecedented challenges continues to exist in global healthcare. It lightens up the need of the potential solution to quench their needs. As a result, the industry has transformed with the exploration of a new option, On-demand health application.

It bolsters up the role of a mobile application development company in today’s market. Technology’s readiness to support the rapidly evolving new global health care vision is efficacious.

The urgent need for on-demand services in the healthcare industry has now met with various providers. Prior, the patients had to visit hospitals or medical clinics. They went frustrated with endless queues to meet the doctor. Sometimes it becomes so erroneous in case of an emergency. On the other hand, medical stores are available in limited hours.

But the evolution of the on-demand healthcare services paved a way to solve these problems. Now the appointments can be easily booked with the doctors and medicines can be ordered in seconds. Today, prominent applications are furnishing people’s medical requirement. Some of them are:

  1. HealthTap (Doctor appointment Booking app)
  2. Doctor On-Demand
  3. Pillpack (Online medicines delivery app)

4. Homecare Services

There is no doubt that human problems aggregated with the span of life. Some of them are interrelated with the need for technological remedial. In this series, home care services are better placed in a similar situation.

Today, the customers are reluctant to turn pages or dial the phone numbers for home care services. They need an instantaneous solution just at one tap. With the sense of current need, On-demand home care services are available in the market.

These services enlisted skilled individuals to render home care services. It’s important to yield an idea to hire app developer. It can be explored through some active on-demand models in-home care services.

  1. VenturePact
  2. Mopp
  3. Wischen

The wondrous upsurge in on-demand services, the investors, is attentive and aggressive toward investing in the on-demand economy. It reenergizes the spirit of consumer sovereignty as well as a healthy market’s competitiveness. In the coming years, it would comprehend more possibilities for a mobile application development company.

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