Methods that are service oriented business can market themselves on Instagram

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Instagram is a platform that makes it easy for a brand to market itself, especially a business that offers products. After all, features such as shoppable posts will work well for products.

However, if you have a service-based business, it is more likely that you regularly wonder about ways to grow your brand on Instagram. For many, it is not their fault; they mainly have no idea about what they should post.

While it is an obvious thing that a business that focuses on products has an easier time in spreading their fame on Instagram or other social media platforms, you can get ideas to grow your base through creating interesting posts, and you do not need to buy auto like Instagram free for one post, or services that risk increasing false engagements on your posts. Read on for some of them.

Show the knowledge you have in an area

The golden rule of engagement goes like this, the more you show your knowledge within a certain area, the more people will see the value of following you, because they see your knowledge as valuable. Yes, products can show you have specialized in selling particular items, but giving helpful advice also does to a bigger extent.

It is also not that difficult to show people you know something. It starts by giving helpful tips, shortcuts or hacks that can prove useful to them in the future. Even though you might think that they might not be that useful, it is important to avoid the assumption that everyone knows about the tips you give. It may not be obvious to your potential or current customers.

If you are offering a service, you have the advantage of constant exposure in that field. That means you have also accumulated more knowledge than you realize.

In terms of Instagram, you can share tips through infographics or interesting images. If you present your facts in form of Instagram stories or a live video and showcase the tip, or share the tip in form of a nice image, it can also help people to be attracted to your brand itself.

Use success stories to inspire your audience

instagram post
Share Success Stories as Instagram posts.

You are a business owner, so it is important to include some success stories within your business. If you are in the service business, it gets even better, you get a chance to utilize your client’s stories. It does not matter the form that they come in. For instance, it can be a simple testimonial that is recorded or written, or you might use them as a part of a case study that you use to talk about tips of achieving success.

If you can share a before and after kind of image, it is particularly helpful. This is particularly popular in fitness and health coaches, nail technicians, dermatologists, seamstresses, and so on. Because images speak more words without necessarily using words, you can use them to show your expertise in your knowledge field. Just make sure to get the permission of a client.

Use quotes to inspire people

Quotes are among the most underrated types of content. However, they can actually help you gain new audiences and followers.

Chances are high that you have seen these quotes on your timeline sometimes, and they always seem to get great levels of engagement. That does not mean flooding your followers’ feeds with philosophical quotes while ignoring other forms of content, but they are a good idea to use once in a while.

Help them smile

woman smile mobile
Make followers smile with your posts – feel-good factor :)

If you can make your followers’ day brighter through sharing a joke, funny image or GIF, then do so. However, just make sure it remains kind and considerate, you do not want to land in trouble for using inappropriate humor.

When telling jokes, you also need to consider the people from outside your own industry and are following you, will they get the joke? The more relatable the joke is, the more people will enjoy it regardless of whether they follow you or not. There are endless content sources for making jokes,
whether it is related to waking up, meeting with people, or leaving work for the weekend.

Raise the curtain and show your followers a behind-the-scenes

In the same way that a business focusing on products shows the process of making their products or a tour in their factory or design meeting, you can also take the approach of showing the behind the scenes behind your business.

For instance, what do you do when you are heading out to meet a new client? 

What questions do you prepare for them, and what research do you perform before?

In case you have some before and after pictures, you can also use them to denote a sense of ‘in-between’, showing how you or your client got from one point to the next. In fact, this strategy is a great way to help you stand out from the competition because it highlights to your audience how different your business is from others.

Tell them that you offer the best solution to their problem

Instagram Visual Digital Marketing
Instagram Visual Digital and Social Media Marketing

All businesses seek to make profits, but they all do this by highlighting the problem the consumer is facing, and then offering a solution. In the same way, see our brand as a lifestyle that solves the problems your customer base is facing, not just the services you are giving them.

For instance, is your target audience enjoying a healthy lifestyle, or are they struggling with managing their weight? Are they having issues with transferring money? Are they spending enough time with their families? Do they want to travel, but lack the financial ability to do so? Every question that they ask is a chance to use images to portray possible solutions that you offer, and get them on board.

Final thoughts

Even though what you offer is not a physical item, the results are always there for all to see. This is because your business solves problems the client’s face. As long as you are creative and open-minded in your approach, it will be easy to find your groove and allow your business to shine.

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