Is It Essential To Have E-commerce Product Reviews On Sites!

eCommerce Product Reviews

Almost 61% of customers believe in online product reviews and like to read them before making a final decision regarding sealing the deal. This is because having them on e-commerce websites is essential.

However, consumer reviews for the products own great significance. Still, these are frequently underestimated by merchants that should not be done, especially if a merchant deals online with many products.

As per the market analysts and their in-depth research, 42% of administrators owning e-commerce sites integrated with customer reviews have reported augmentation in the order value. On the contrary, only 6% of administrators have reported decreasing order value with the customer reviews’ inclusion.   

The product reviews given by the users are truly sales drivers. These new visitors and existing customers majorly consider these things before deciding to buy a product from an e-store. Let’s have a glimpse over compelling stats based on the user reviews:

Why E-commerce Product Reviews Are Prominent From an SEO Point of View!

A myriad of positive recommendations favors reviews for e-commerce sites. The inclusion of user reviews boosts the conversion rate and influences sales positively. They can definitely evacuate the product regarding the doubts of potential customers and help them select the desired product. Stats reveal the vitality of reviews; here we go:

  • There has been a 4.6% hike in conversion rate with 50 or greater reviews per product, as per Reevoo research.
  • According to iPerceptions, 2011, almost 63% of consumers like to purchase products from those sites with positive user reviews.
  • Visitors, who involve in the conversation with the customers, question & answer, and review, are 105% & above likely to purchase the product while visiting (Bazaarvoice Q2 2011).
  • According to the U.S. survey, reviews that came from the manufacturers are 12 times better & trusted than descriptions.
  • As per Reevoo, an average 18% rise has been considered in sales via product reviews.
eCommerce Product Review and Sales
eCommerce Product Review and Sales

SEO Advantages of Including Reviews on Sites

The primary mission behind having reviews is to elevate conversions as well as amplify consumer experience. So, how could you avoid SEO benefits by just considering the conversation rate?

  1. Importance of Fresh Content: Put unique, informative & fresh content on the e-commerce site and update it regularly as search engine spiders prefer this approach. User reviews work outstandingly when several eCommerce websites follow the same standard and use the same product descriptions. At that time, user-generated reviews loaded with content differentiate their product page in terms of the results over multiple search engines.
  2. Uplift Search Engine Ranking for Product Names & Their Reviews: The reviews play a key role in the journey of total purchasing, especially for Internet consumers. Hence, it has been proved by a recent survey that 64% of customers like to read online product reviews before buying technology-based items. For example – a camera, MP3 player, etc. This means they will search with the product name + “review” or maybe related words like “rating.” Indeed, if you would keep reviews on the e-commerce website, then your chances would surely increase to pick organic traffic.
  3. Formation Should Be Done Correctly: There is value in well-formatted review content that provides help in the clickthroughs enhancement. The conjoining of start rating results also works to make a business stand out. Here is from the Distilled stats, Rich snippets bring a 10-20% rise in clickthrough rates.
  4. Targeting Through Long-Tail Keywords: Keeping extra content generated by the users in the form of reviews is an ideal way to improve the opportunity to get a fair search ranking via long-tail keywords. Besides this, reviews left by people tend to adopt the same language which has actually been searched while visiting.

Are Bad Reviews Values For E-commerce Sites!

  • Along with the positive reviews, we cannot ignore the value of negative reviews. Thus, it is suggested to use a blend of good and bad reviews as these help visitors earn trust when reading.
  • Stats generated by the search of Reevoo say that the availability of negative reviews boosts the conversion rate by 67%.
  • Customers who read negative reviews or pay attention to them are keen to buy the products.
  • 68% of visitors believe in the reliability of those sites with a score of bad & good reviews, whereas 30% of people think that site is fake if they do not find negative words on the product review page.

Don’t Go With Too Bad Reviews & Endeavor To Balance Them Effectively

  • The benefits produced by bad reviews depend on the ratio of positive to negative. Though the bad reviews make you more trustworthy, they compel the consumers to move to the next if the ratio is not proportional.
  • Suppose the product page of an eCommerce website consists of 16 reviews, where 2 or 3 are negative, and the rest are positive; it will definitely present you trustworthy.
  • Lightspeed research found that a number from 1 to 3 bad reviews is sufficient to deter 67% of shoppers from shopping for a particular service or product.
Product Review Services
Product Review Services


You can now understand how essential it is to put product reviews on the e-commerce site to entice customers and earn their trust. Always remember, both positive and negative online reviews are substantial for the product page, but they must be used in a balanced form. Hopefully, this post will clear all your doubts related to having reviews on the eCommerce website.

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