Is Panic Button a New Superhero of The Smart World?

It is by our willing suspension of disbelief we have accepted the existence of superheroes. We loved them for what they do. Yes, they save human lives. They protect people from all the wrongdoers and wrongdoings.

Superheroes make this world a better place to live. However, superheroes exist in a parallel universe of fiction and not in the reality. Technology has made another superhero out of many of its invention – smartphones. Today, we live in a smart world dominated by the smart devices across the globe. Moreover, even a smart world has a superhero. No, not the mobile phones, but the Panic Button.

The panic button is an incredible innovation which is meant to save human lives when their safety is in jeopardy. Currently, Panic button is available only on Android devices, but it certainly create wonders. It just works like panic alarm, but with mobility. When somebody is in any critical situation, panic button can be put to use to alert someone. One of the core requirement of Panic button to work apart from a smart device, the contact details of a person to be contacted during the time of emergency is also required.

Let us get the facts right before we get to know what can this superhero do. An integrated panic button in a mobile phone is designed to improve your safety, but it is only resourceful when your contacts are in the position to help you. Moreover, it is crucial to have independent access to the device for using Panic Button. It prevents false alarms and misuse of the technology.

Govt. of India mandates panic button in every mobile device

Knowing that crime rates, in particular against women, are high in India, the Govt. of India have taken the initiative to promote the usage of Panic Button. Indeed, it is a step towards the technological advancement as Govt. announced: “No mobile can be sold in the country without an inbuilt panic button and global positioning system (GPS) from January 1, 2017, and January 1, 2018, respectively.” This decision followed after brutal gangrape of a paramedical student in Delhi. For global manufacturers, this sounds like an impossible task to build dedicated mobile phones for a given country.

There are plenty of mobile app development companies that are effectively developing mobile apps working as a panic button. However, with the integrated panic button, the purpose is solved in much easier way.

Panic Button Utility

The panic button is a very sensitive tool, but using it smartly can create wonders. When we talk of panic buttons, we speak of a holistic idea of the security and not only a mobile app.

Technically speaking, every business can benefit by integrating Panic Buttons. There are various places where panic buttons can get installed within the organizations. This includes;

  • Embedding buttons over certain desks and in building lobbies
  • Cashier counters in banks
  • Interview rooms of HR dept.
  • Business rooms where most of the financial transactions take place

The core element of Panic Button is its placement of location. Because the real idea is to inform the network about your critical situation in a way that adversaries do not get to know about it.

So, the primary placement principle is that it should be out of the casual observer’s sight.

Types of panic buttons

There are two types of Panic Buttons; wired, and wireless.

Wired Panic buttons require much of cabling works. One of the advantages of wired panic button is its reliability but the downside is cost and difficulty involved in wirings.

Wireless panic buttons make it easy to install and integrate into different systems without any location issues. Again, for the accuracy purpose it essential to perform regular checkups because it uses a short-range radio transmitter to communicate the alert.

Panic button in case of Medical Emergency

Panic alarms can also be a useful holdup alarms in case of medical emergency, burglary, personal safety, etc. Medical panic button, often known as a medical alert, can be implanted in any of the wearable devices like a bracelet, watch, necklace, and others. In the case of emergency, it sends the wireless transmission alert to a home console. Which in return dials the alarm monitoring staff and informs them about the severity of urgency. Depending on the gravity of the situation, alarm monitoring staff can summon friends, family, or emergency services.

Panic button in case of personal safety

Events that jeopardize life does not occur daily or once a blue moon. It is possible that such event may occur once in a lifetime. However, it is during such times; this panic button comes handy. During the case of a road accident, theft, or, rape, and vandalism, Panic button can be out to best use by turning your smartphone into a weapon. Making it easy to use the panic button as a self-defense weapon are mobile apps for personal safety. There are many such apps which provide dedicated 24/7 central monitoring team which pinpoints the GPS location as well. It sends an alarm to your friends and family whom you have already mentioned contacting in case of emergency.

The road ahead…

The panic button is bound to stay longer in the smart world, but one can expect plenty of changes with regards to accuracy, reliability, and its approach. To take the maximum advantage of panic alert technology, going through a dry run of panic alert is necessary. You can try out with the same with selected contact after informing them you also need to check out alert responsiveness and speed so that during the catastrophic times you can rely on it.

Published by Shahid Abbasi

Shahid Abbasi is a marketing consultant with Peerbits. The company is one of the top mobile development companies. Shahid likes to keep busy with his team, and to provide top-notch mobility solutions for enterprises and startups.

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